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Friday, November 8, 2013

Kathryn Stalbaum Missing 11 08 2013 Update # 3

If she ran away we deserve the truth and not a cover story!  If she ran away every parent needs to inform their child of the bad things that could happen to them in today's drug and prostitution country.  And no waiting 10 years to write a book and tell us. We should have known already; the news should be telling us!

She has been found safe in Chicago.
I will still leave this mumbo jumbo up.


Kathryn Stalbaum Missing 11 08 2013

They took her because she is a German red head.  Red heads are known to have a greater tolerance for pain.  Hence they likely have plans to use her as a prostitute.  The Milwaukee Newspaper doesn’t call them prostitutes it refers to the matter in terms of those that are in the business and being involved in human trafficking.
At first she will think it is okay.  That her life is much better.  That she is given everything she needs.  But what this will transition to is her living in constant fear, she will have any human will beaten and sexually abused from her.  And when she presents enough of a problem to them she will be traumatically sterilized (think of the movie where the pimp was called Ramrod and he used a coat hanger and given an overdose of heroin; so that it looks like she committed suicide or that her death was an accident!  She probably has already been given heroin and that is why she was taken.
And indeed some of these young girls are given a whole new identity and are housed in luxurious apartments in the suburbs!  You can tell what they do because they have more money than what the jobs they claim to do on the side indicate!  The rent on those places is sometimes $1200 a month and even if they work in health care they cannot afford that and living expenses!
A German relative of mine told me that he wanted to see the Ginger race being bread.  He thought that race was going extinct.  Ginger means red head.
Sometimes young women like this are taken off grid!  That means they are indeed given a whole new identity!  And who would do this?  A faction of organized crime in our Government.  It can be thought of as the Satanic influence of the temple/church teamed with legalized tribal gambling and corporate interests that should have never been allowed to form businesses.
And some do indeed run away from home because of incest and abuse and end out in California and Seattle Washington.  Because of the reversion from psychological trauma from both male and female abuse they end up being gay too! 
I have just read that Red Heads are picked on more around the world.  It is stated in the bible somewhere that the red headed race conquers the world at some point???  I cannot be sure of the origin of the gene.  But many Irish have it.  I also believe that some Irish have been victimized through the centuries because they have a more human soul.  The gene is said to be more prevalent north of the 45 degree line.  There is more to history with regard to this!!!  I know that Northern Ireland was indeed infiltrated by the English and they were horrific to them.  The Red head gene has the highest concentrations in Scotland, Ireland and then England.  So I would say those might be pure bread humans?  Because they were a target of genocide they might also be more likely to be targeted for oxidative death of the hippocampus from alcohol- as a birth defect.  I seem to remember seeing paintings of red heads being tortured by the English Monarchy.  Noses broken and reset; something like that.  Limbs broken and reset.   Both Germany and Great Britain were extensions of the Unholy Roman Empire as well as Egypt!!!! Egypt and Israel were stated to be one in the Bible and it was concurred by Rome????  It wasn’t really concurred in my point of view, it was more like the wealthy sided with an invasion force to maintain satanic wealth.  That is how I see invasion wars being based.  So indeed if there is ever a war the way to end it rather quickly is to put the wealthiest Americans or world citizens on the front lines!!!!  That would indeed create world peace!  If I were President I would make that a law!
And what can the story of Jesus Christ, a non-duplicitous Jew and self proclaimed good shepherd of his people, be said to amount to: Wisdom versus the envy of the wealthy.  Do you not get that feeling when you read the Bible?  Face it some very wealthy people are extremely offended by intelligence!  Why?  Because of their money they believed they were smarter!  When they realize they aren’t they transfer and project that self hatred onto the up and coming who were raised by responsible parents!  The term is, “The Devil hates the truth.”  And they would do anything to level the intelligent down; including using the vondoon technique of zombification AKA psychiatry!  They raise their children differently; and even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stated the wealthy do not raise their own children!
I have speculated that the Red Headed race might have been bread by the Egyptians to defeat men just as the Roman women did?  Less tolerance to pain means they make great prostitutes with opportunity to do harm?  I guess my dislike for red heads, and I myself am Irish comes from two beady eyed ones I went to high school with.  I drove one to a basketball game once at Nicolet High School and then he went and sat with someone else and pretended not to know me.  And then there was another one who I washed dishes with who was very snotty.  This one was Jewish and wouldn’t listen to a thing I told him but then acted like he was my supervisor by telling me to do just what I had taught him to do! Then there was an Italian one too who was the village mental retard, for some reason those Village Germans had me washing dishes with him too!  And also some aunt of mine would just seem to stare in my eyes and it gave me the creeps.  Stuff like that.  But if I ever had a red headed son he would not be that way!  He would indeed by the most dear thing ever; I would raise him to be pragmatic with a sense of problem solving ability.  And the desire to achieve knowledge and learn by asking questions to yourself about what you see as a means or framework for thinking!  And same with a red headed daughter if I had one; she would be the most sweetest thing ever, but with strong moral resolve and justice.
I believe the German word for red is Roth, I am told it is pronounced Rott!  Rothschild therefore would be a red headed child.  In ancient India Indian literature there is mention of the God Rati.  I believe they are to be said to be the origin of life or something like that.  I have read that the blacks believe they came before the whites.  And also that a recent Egyptian mummy was black!  Meaning the Egyptians were black.  The fact that Egyptians couldn’t stand red heads means that red heads might have preceded them?
My grandmother had dark hair, her last name was Roth.  But she had a neighbor that lived downstairs form her.  They did not get along.  My grandmother ended up hearing voices in her head.  They did have a fight once.  But that women that lived below my grandmother had red hair.
Needless to say I have had an interesting interaction with red headed people.  And off all the odds of them one of my neighbors is one.  She came from the mafia village of Menomonee  Falls and bought the house after the German beer baron Weber moved out!  Her last nee last name is a German name same as a brewery in Minnesota.  She's married to a Latvian and they are known to have stuffed Jews in the Gas Chambers as fast as they could in WWII!  They hired him to work at the Veterans Administration as a human resources Ax man!  One of my other neighbors is a likely heiress to the Miller Brewery in some way, I believe.  She works in the psychology and statistics department at UW Milwaukee and her husband is a lawyer that worked at that high power Milwaukee Law firm but now finds ways for hospitals to save money.  That Weber fellow was always filling out scratch computer sheets like testing sheets too!  Read into that all you want.
Do you know what else I believe?  I believe that when Prostitutes are not having sex for money they are used to harass the souls of men through the use of Nazi German American technology used for Satanic means.  The Nazi’s stated at the Nuremberg trials that they did everything they could to create a nation of dependent minded of 80 million by the use of radio TYPE technology.  The U.S. military has admitted that we have the technology to make people hear voices in their heads and have had it a very long time!  The CIA even did experiments on black prisoners down south with drugs that gave them a mental stupor and a shuffle feet walk.  And one more thing, when I look at those who have Parkinson’s disease it looks to me like they have been poisoned.  The likely exposure would be from tobacco. Even ingestion of a little bit can kill a man!  And byproducts of it have been used to create insecticides!  Indeed the pine tar that is added to it can cause a rapid miscarriage likely by creating an undulating fold in the placenta.  We get this from England!  And the English probably have had a breeding problem because of it, the English soaked all of their naval ropes in Pine Tar.  If it causes miscarriage it can also cause what I would term satanic mental retardation; that is mental retardation with strong verbal ability; gleamed from interaction with the demonized soul that hears voices in its head.  Think of a bunch of Tea Party hags in Great Britain at a séance going around the table and saying, “The minister’s cat is a furry cat.  The minister’s cat is a pretty cat” with the shock line being, “The minister’s cat is a pitched bloody cat.”  That is a new term for you if you haven’t experienced it while working in corporate America, The Shock Line! It is where people talk about you until they get your attention and know you are listening and then say something nasty!  The Shock line!
So if they were tortured by Germans they then headed West to colonize Scotland?
Facts about red heads unverified in terms of motivation
They were tortured in 15th century Germany.
They were burned alive by the Egyptians.
And seen as vampires by the Greeks.
It is a regressive gene. Which means it is kind of put on the dusty shelf of the DNA of human being; and not usually READ into conception.  Interesting way to consider it, a gene being read or not read into the genetic code of a newly conceived human being.  I have to ask if it is triggered by alcohol.
Most of this seems irrelevant but this is the way I have always thought.

The idea is if I keep writing those voices are going to have to stop.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 08 2013 at:

Update #2

And what do the Germans out in Waukesha want?  They want our Lake Michigan Water after they have contaminated their groundwater with Radium!  They won't tell us how they did it.  Nor will they say they have taken measures to prevent that radium contamination from spreading into Milwaukee's groundwater table if we were to give them more water to; do things like water their very expensive lawns.  The fact is they can't prevent the spread of radium into our groundwater if we just give them more water!  If we give them more water it will spread that contamination.  Sure they will give the wheedle and deedel reasons.  But the fact is you had a responsibility to your community!  Even if their was a train derailment; you should have been out there with the cranes and the dump trucks removing soil like they have to when a gas station is ended or a factory is torn down.  It is like saying we poisoned our water so you need to give us yours.  The answer is NO!  And indeed Waukesha is the wealthiest Republican county  in Wisconsin!  They also likely rigged the election results to get our whistling Walker in office; he himself was from Waukesha!  Now I love Waukesha Lakes but I could never afford to live on them.  I guy once told me that the people that live on Pine Lake are billionaires and make a tobacco lawyer look like a pauper!  The same thing that has to happen with our national energy policy has to happen with Waukesha water; independent measures of adult responsibility.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret is readily disproving the myth that has been created that solar energy can never meet our energy demands!!!!

There has been no accountability as to the radium in the water in Waukesha.  It is like a fat Mooch guy with a bucket chicken sitting on the toilet and yelling at the rest of us to go buy him another bucket chicken so he don't have to get off the toilet!

Does the entire Waukesha County need to be quarantined?  Have you indeed created a mutant wasteland like we see in the apocalyptic science fiction movies?  I think when you screw up the environment of an entire county, when you contaminate the water supply that you get deported and go back to wherever it is you came from! You don't get to relocate in the United States so you can pull the same thing on us again!  You leave!

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