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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Commentary on $1.35B trove of Nazi-looted art found in Munich closet by Matthew Schofield

Commentary on $1.35B trove of Nazi-looted art found in Munich closet by Matthew Schofield

We were told that Adolf Hitler destroyed all that art???

But when you look at his profile what do you see?

The picture is of Adolph Hitler looking at works of art at a "chamber of horrors" a forerunner of the Nazi's traveling "Degenerate Art" exhibit, in Dresden, Germany 1935

The coldness you see in the profile of his eyes is the same as "Mo" from the "Three Stooges" and he was Jewish.

To me it looks like the eye's are not properly connected to the brain like should be in a human being.

All those Nazi Germans were said to be very fat too!  They had big barrel chested frames like apes!  That was indeed the goal of FDR and the American Eugenics movement that preceded WWII!  That bigger men were indeed more idealistic and that it should be strived for.  The argument was made that the smaller sized man could not survive when worse comes to worse.  But that is the exact opposite of what is true!  The smaller man can plant seeds and farm just as well as the bigger man to support his family!  In fact he is likely smarter, based on my personal observation from life's experience.  It seems to me when a big man works at a corporation he does not act like he has the intelligence to actually be there or belong there making those important decisions!  And indeed I attended many a luncheon table with Corporate Chief Executive officers when I worked as an Equity Research Analyst back in 1991~1993.

You notice the eye defect more in Hitlers profile than in his front on look?  Fetal alcohol syndrome children have eye facial features that I believe can be found to be statistically more of a resemblance to apes than humans by making measurements between certain distances on the face, and eye, with regard to dimensions and proportion!

That photograph is a great poetic metaphor because it puts Hitler in his place as being subordinate and looking up to someone painted to mock what might be considered a great thinker- having a large forehead?  But in this painting that large forehead has indeed been flawed!  And that was indeed one of the early forms of psychiatry- lobotomy!!!  Do you notice that the man in the picture tries to think but his left hand is limp?  There appears to be a scar on his right temple and also between his eyes.  Between his eyes is indeed where they Indian Indians paint their third eye.  The man can indeed form the guise of a  thinker by putting his right hand on his chin but the rest of the painting tells us it was a defeated effort as the posture or pose is that of a simpleton?  When I wrote like this in Art History class in college at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee- I got an A!

I have yet to see much example of Hitlers Art???  Oddly enough we are finding the art he said to have ordered destroyed and yet not his art?  I would only want to see it so that I could analyze it like I do all art; what does it tell me about the artist or what was the intent?

There are over 1500 works of art found!!! That is far too many that would have escaped destruction.  Do you remember that Hitler was very quick to execute those who disobeyed him.

Per the article, "Much of the collection is thought to have originally have come to Dresden art dealer Hidlebrand Gurlitt beginning in 1937 through Nazi Progaghanda Minister Joseph Goebbles,..."

The man on the left in the following picture, James Cox,  standing next to FDR looked so much to me like Hitler in the small resolution jpeg image I thought it was actually him. FDR was President at the same time Hitler was in power of Nazi Germany.  They both believed in Eugenics!!!!,_Ohio_-_NARA_-_197236.jpg

There is a lot more to this tangled web that needs to be unwoven! And I can remember seeing Goebbels or a name very similar to that on the label of a American beer can!

In summary I would like to see all of those works of art, all 1500!  They should print some coffee table books with them in it!!!!!

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