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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prisoner Abuse: With regard to a point I started to make in that last article titled I CUBED 11 06 2013

Prisoner Abuse

With regard to a point I started to make in that last article titled I CUBED 11 06 2013

If you have people like that in prison gang raping other men it means that they will never be reformed to live in civilization again and should therefore be killed!

You already had your due process and that is why you are in prison!

And for that to happen to another prisoner by a prisoner or group of prisoners is far more than the equivalent of cruel and unusual punishment.  And that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

I think if I were a warden and it happened in my prison my heart would tell me that the ten who committed and the guard or guards that oversaw it do not belong on this earth.  And I am not sure that the prisoner who was a victim should be freed because of it; more along the lines of a prison should be a place where people are removed from society and not subject to torture!  And that is torture!  If torture is occurring in prison there needs to be a separate court system to handle abuse in prison?  For example the abuser is found to never be a good member of society by example of their behavior while being punished why keep them alive?  We should not even reward good behavior in prison we should punish bad behavior!  And indeed the death sentence should be the next level?

You can't rehabilitate a person by exposing them to those who can never be rehabilitated!  Nor can a person that can not be rehabilitated conceive of valid rehabilitation programs!  They only amount to more of an undermining of our rights!

But it can never really be this way because we have so many people in our society that cannot be trusted to do anything or be responsible and not evil when they have authority!  Abuse of the public trust is so rampant that the sense of striving for idealism's has long been abandoned because of those who betray the public trust!  ~We have a whole hidden culture of those that deny their own personal identity!

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