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Sunday, November 24, 2013

State University System Serving to Propagandize Alcohol 11 24 2013

State University System Serving to Propagandize Alcohol 11 24 2013
A University System that promotes alcohol as a function of the concept of the Opiate Franklin Roosevelt and Alcohol Joseph Kennedy State?  Roosevelt, who repealed Prohibition, great family wealth came from the Opiate trade with China.  And Joe Kennedy was his Campaign Finance manager, Joe and Roosevelt’s son then bought the rights to market foreign companies’ hard liquor in the United States.  How can you argue the repeal was anything less than that a way to keep the wealthy-wealthy by dumbing down the general population?  And what do college kids face when the enter college?  Drinking!  What if you raised the drinking age to 40, or later, much later than the average man and woman are done conceiving children?  Better yet when it is proven that you can no longer conceive children then you are allowed to drink?
Hasn’t alcohol been found to be detrimental to education and learning time immemorial?
Young women going off to college, getting drunk and raped by drunks.   Young men and women diagnosed with the “Surrender your Individualism” labeled split (schizo) mind (phrenic).  Eugenics movement Van Hise being the main inspiration for FDR’s New Deal???  Medical fraud first promoted through the University of Wisconsin Madison!   No one was ever supposed to be able to see it!  How alcohol causes psychosis from oxygen deprivation to the hippo campus which is then opportunized by those who were born that way and have been that way all their life!
49 million Americans are on food stamps?  Make dreams and wish charities for those born with birth defects related to alcohol which pays your own professional sports salaries.  It is relevant the because the professional athletes are spawned in college sports.  I would like to see just one of these odd birth defect kids say, “I wish you died a long time ago so that I wouldn’t have been born this way.”  The logic being that the highly paid individual in the public spotlight makes his salary in some way related to MASS  (Sunday firm pun intended) alcohol sales!  Or better yet, “If you had never been born I would not have been born with birth defects!”
That million dollar dumb jock is the cause of your birth defects and 49 million Americans being on food stamps!  How many fatalities are related to the alcohol that he promotes every year?  He is also the reason you were born queer!
Give a vet a guitar program?  Give him a microphone with a digital recorder too, so he too can sing about how his dreams would be to meet a famous male professional athlete????  No veteran should ever be allowed to drink alcohol.  Why not?  Because it causes a memory defect in the hippo campus that leads to worse symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder as well as the inability to accurately think about your life and societies problems!  A vet with a bottle of booze is a time bomb just as a person with a low IQ is.
They put a teenage girl that will likely always be in crutches hobbling up all smiles to sit next to the sweater of the dumb jock whose salary is paid by what caused her to be born with the birth defects in the first place.  And here’s the kicker, “EVERY YOUNG TEENAGE GIRL THEN WISHES SHE WAS THAT GIRL HOBBLING IN THE CRUTCHES!”  ~ Because she gets to sit next to the professional athlete!  It’s all well calculated propaganda!
And the odds are extremely high today that babies of young women will indeed be born with some defect.  Of course it is all because of what I write here.  My ability to write like I learned how to do in grade school is the reason that infants are born with birth defects today???  That is the nature of scapegoat religion; whatever is the problem it is not the stooges fault, it is the fault of someone all the stooges decide they can blame.  And that very bad nature in itself is caused by alcohol’s effect to cause oxygen deprivation to the hippo campus the train track hub of memory and learning in the human brain. 
Can’t learn?  Easy solution, get angry at those who can!  Can’t go to college because you can’t learn?  Franklin D. Roosevelt has a solution for you too!  He paved the way for professionally paid sports with the Special Olympics.  Have a fear that you scapegoat is going to live out in a cabin in the woods and you can’t get to him?  Frankie had a solution to that too, “Massive numbers of boy’s sexually molested in the Boy Scouts.”  They are not likely to desire to head back in the woods!  Isolation is not the answer they harp of television.  How many Chinese people did the Roosevelt family poison and create genetic birth defects related to Opium in?
News flash that thing running around with its boner sticking out getting every woman he can find pregnant is not one of us; that is primate behavior.  Made more likely and acceptable because of alcohol.  Men do not want their sons to grow up under bad circumstances!  That is how a man thinks. “I am not going to bring a child into this world in a bad home or in the presence of bad people. Or with single or no parents whatsoever!  Or in sex abuse foster homes.  Or and here is the kicker “A drug culture family.”  Contrast that to the President who couldn’t have enough young women brought to him by the County Sheriff?  Or Hitler’s minister of propaganda who had young women brought to him too.  I will not have my son growing up in a drug culture home or community!
If I said he was dumber than a farm fence post my neighbor would be sure to come over the very next day and tell me that, “He is the smartest man she(he) ever met.”
There answer to me is to get a semi attractive blond Italian girl to scamper around town and make scenes with her boyfriend???
John Kennedy started to negatively address the issue of Ivy League Universities not creating graduates with the ability to contribute to the United States.  Most young men and women would never know that there was a child that was born with a defective hippo campus that has been that way all his her life and does indeed have very good verbal ability, and that they will meet up with them in college.  Surprise, the human being is their prey!

What is the point?  We had a big problem in the United States after the roaring twenties and in medical fraud it was falsely addressed by our University System.  In fact it made a nationally indoctrinated black religion that violates all human rights out of the issue.
How long before the “National Lizard Party” forms its own lobby group to lobby for, “Lizard Peoples Rights”?  In terms of proper punctuation the clause is not the question, it is the object of the question?
I understand full well if none of this makes even a drop of sense to you, but I wrote it anyway!  My pen has bile as ink?

Paranoid drivel or the writing of someone that truly cares?

If I were President this country would be done printing debt!  Think about that term, "Printed Debt."  You first heard it used to describe economic policy here and what does it amount to?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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