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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obama Meets with Health Insurance Executives 11 16 2013

Obama Meets with Health Insurance Executives 11 16 2013

Commentary on excerpts from Associated Press, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 11 16 2013

"(Insurance) Executives feared that allowing other options would leave the marketplace with older, sicker people."

I really don't understand why an Average American should be taxed in this manner by those irresponsible in our society that have indeed chosen to compromise their own right to Liberty!!!!

"They (Insurance Executives AND Obama) discussed the possibility of insurers doing more to directly enroll individuals instead of having them use the troubled website, but no decision was made."

This is what would allow them to upsell on price and downsell on policy provisions.  It has to do with a verbal contract not being enforceable against a signed written contract.

And indeed the policies were canceled by the Insurance Industry not Obama.  Were they likely cancelling the policies of the sickest people while at the same time Obama was closing the gate on them from the other side?  Does that not amount to genocide?

Every family that has ties to an Health or Life Insurance Industry employee must be severed from both the doctor hospital industry, the funeral cemetery industry and religious industry!  If not a criminal network exists!

CGI Federal is said to be the main website Contractor.  The employees of that company should be questioned and possibly arrested and charged with participation to defraud the United States Government (taxpayer.)

The insurance industry also promoted a bold faced lie when it declared, "concerns that young healthy people might renew canceled policies, leaving sicker and older people on the new insurance marketplaces." ~ We already know that the main gripe of theirs was the pre-existing condition!  So it appears that statements of fraud were openly made to the President and the American public.

What this also means is that a business has been made by the health insurance industry by charging the healthy premiums to compensate and earn profit from what they receive in premiums and have to pay to cover the sick (less Medicare payments).  There are many reasons this is an illegal activity; and hence the Health Insurance companies should be liquidated with the proceeds going to a rebate to the American Public (Excluding Tea Party members.)  To me it reads like a crow bar was used to pry its way into our economy and make a business out of our health.

It is like a woman named Silvia (last name church Italian) sold raffle tickets at a Church and decided she could also create a health insurance business in the same manner!  And spoiled Sylvia can't make a business out of it if she has to accept the sick into it (The sick are defined as having a Pre-existing Condition!)  Sylvia just wants them to die and not be able to visit a Doctor because they have not purchased her Health Insurance product.  (Sylvia is was born a blue faced baby, don't ask me how I know, I have lived in Whitefish Bay the Wealthy suburb of Beer Town Milwaukee all my life!  And I worked as an Equity Research Analyst In Chicago (but that wasn't living))

In Iceland they might just throw people like that in jail!  So what would the appropriate disciplinary course of action be?  If I were President I would outlaw the industry and liquidate all their personal assets!  And I can find very accurate and specific legal precedent to do so!

It makes you wonder if Sylvia looks to new generations with regard to who she could make sick and deny coverage too and who she would not.  Brings up another point!  Those of the Tea Party can afford to buy million dollar life insurance policies for themselves whereas the average American can only afford one that will pay for the cost of burial and funeral expenses when they die!  That also amounts of Hobo's forming a business and fraud.  And I can also find Constitutional precedent to make that whole industry go to the tar pits from whence it came!

But Sylvia doesn't like it when I read the Constitution?  Sylvia doesn't like anyone having the ability to read and understand the Constitution!  Why?  Per her goal above she wants the opportunity to talk to convince them of something they should not be subject to being convinced about.  Knowing all too well than any verbal assurances she makes to a consumers questions won't hold up in  a court of law and can't be proven happened!!!!!  And that is the key to her money!  "Can't be proven happened!"

We could make this country the greatest place in the world if we evicted them and their ilk but no one would accept them and if they did they would only seek to come back at us in revenge like Great Britain always has!  Being a true and honest American also means that you are Irish!  (Maybe not in Barracks case, we still don't know what money put him in office.  But if you put two and two together and see that he came from a Financial district of Chicago where the Insurance Industry buildings tower over Mrs. Oleary's cow, you can tell who might be pulling the strings on his wiry arms?

Barrack himself was a smoker; you can see the effects of it on his face today!  Who would make a business that would charge healthy people for the doctors visits of the cigarette smoker and hepatitis drinker?  That is what it boils down to!

It is turning out to look like another case of Government fraud whereby they are elected with a promise knowing all too well that they can never achieve it because it has already been planned that they will take the fall!  That is a boxing term!  When the house has the betting odds stacked against them the boxer is paid to take the fall!  Makes one wonder about all Professional sports!  Arron Rodgers does not look to be in too much pain!! He was just on the television the other day playing a guitar!  I can tell you that my shoulder gets sore when I play the guitar!

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