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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How the Health, Casualty and Life Insurance Businesses Benefited from FDR 11 27 2013

How the Health, Casualty and Life Insurance Businesses Benefited from FDR 11 27 2013

For this article I will not delve into a complete set of reasons but focus on how alcohol  and the War resulted in the rise of these industries.  And it is very simple to figure out.

Without alcohol we would not need as much car insurance or have to pay the rates that we do on those policies.  Hence that is more money for the Property Casualty markets.

Without alcohol there would be less workplace accidents and disability and that would have meant less profits for the Health Insurance industry.  What would you rather have your hand or money from an insurance policy.  That one is not to hard to figure out.

Alcohol makes every illness worse and also leads to poor decision making.  Hence a rise in health and life insurance sales.  It also shortens life through the related diseases.  Hence the businesses that are often related to life insurance such as funeral and cemetery services and related contracts also benefit.  Also the money kickback and interlocking directory benefits.  Interlocking directory; I think that is the right term.  Related party transactions might be more appropriate or intercompany or company division to company division sales.  Increased family business to family business sales too.  It is an element of controlling money and people.

A good way to look at it would be to just look at the cost of alcohol to our economy and compare it to the sales of these industries!  And if one were indeed an astute analyst and knew where to quickly find that data he could compare it to the Prohibition period and make Projections on how less that False Tea Party industry profits would be today.

And how many that did not serve in WWII worked in the insurance industry?  It is like that industry created a great boon that would start when the war was over for them who sat at home and waited.  And indeed many former veterans came come to work in that Insurance industry.  And it cannot be said they are sustainable industries because some of them were aggregated into larger businesses and combined with banks that went bankrupt in the mortgage crisis.  So the taxpayer ended up paying those profits and they are indeed booked as an increased liability of our national debt?  It can be thought of as money we owe that we did not earn as a country.  And it is indeed a function of our loan, banking and financial industry.  Did you benefit from that $17 trillion in debt?  I mean really your lifetime expenses were really covered by your earned income.  You did not borrow to create skyscrapers or large buildings that have a high vacancy rate today.  You did not borrow to build factories that are abandoned and pose great environmental liability and the jobs shipped overseas!

Had the real "Beefy" of FDR's ideas actually had been approved it would be a much different story today.  Like limited corporate salaries to $25K a year.

And if Lawyers were only allowed to make $25K a year would we not have a more just legal system?  There would be no incentive to lie and therefore the criminal minded would no longer be found innocent and freed up to create more crime and fraud, and organized crime activity.  Have we really benefited as a society from what we are told are top legal school graduates?  No!  Just think of that bloody glove incident.  That case happened a long time ago and it is really a prime example of how are legal system has been flawed by a dumbed down populace that does not understand what those decisions mean to them! They have failed to ask themselves what if I was the victim of that crime.  And the reason for that failure is because of the inequality they feel already.  A person who feels equality puts himself in both sets of shoes (plaintiff and defendant) equally! And good God what has alcohol done to the judicial process?  It has made it a bad cloudy hangover!  Judges and lawyers should not have been able to drink!  Decisions are made on the basis of, look at where I am on a map right now and where can I have said I got here from!  Instead of I am on a map today and I got here because of the founding fathers; where do they stand and why?  And I see rather easily where you are on a map and how you did not come from where you say you did!

I have done very little reading on FDR, but I can still draw a pretty good analysis from what the effects of his boldest policies have been.  And maybe that is a great blessing to me.  Maybe it is good that I have not delved into detailed analysis and become lost in the forest for the trees.  Same goes for legal code.  And indeed I did take law in College and I can tell you that had I been given more time or the opportunity was called for I could have indeed determined why a lot of those laws are flawed based on more sound legal principle.  Law classes are kind of like that.  For a student to start to argue with a professor would deny the class 95% of the lectured material.  But you know what, those arguments should have happened then!  But often the responses are temperamental based dismissal of argument for lack of valid depth in preparation to adequately address the issue.  And I understand that too as I do not really like answering questions myself.  Ever go for a drive and at every left hand turn someone starts chirping about something from the point of view that they are not phrasing questions with enough information?  Well it isn't exactly a valid comparison.  A question in class is indeed on topic and therefore should be answered competently. But then again who can really think on their feet while public speaking at the same time.  Witness Mitt Romney!  He is the prime example of the inability to do that.  And what is the point?  Questions require depth of thought and most of us stand up there like we are naked and been rubbed bloody red raw with steel wool from radioactive radium exposure.

Got a little off topic and it is time for something else right now.  But first what did those industries lead to?  A pooling of money to invest!  And indeed we see in Wisconsin that pooled sums of money are indeed a great temptation for fraud!  As in the money went there as it states on paper when it really went in my pocket and I blew it!

Basically anytime I see a very rich person promoting change or legislation I have to question their motives.  And I do not have time in my lifetime to do that with every rich person that was President of the United States and what the negative effect on our democracy has been from the decisions made from the perspective of someone who leapfrogged the personal development most men experience.  In other words the way to analyze there actions is, "It looks this way on the surface, but what shoes is the person who abdicated this standing in."  That is how every politician and public figure should be scrutinized!

And consistent to what I stated at the beginning of this article; I did not do justice to the title of the article.

One might say that disabled soldiers legitimates disability insurance for non war time? One might say that War is indeed the greatest marketing for Life Insurance Policies there could be?  One might say one sees destruction images in War and buys more Casualty Insurance.  One might say one hears stories of drunks in accidents and sees workers who are dead head accidents waiting to happen and therefore buys more casualty and health insurance.  And without alcohol would there be as much communicable disease and as great a need for health or life insurance.  No.  And if there was not the rise of industry based on the surrender of individuality would there be as much of a need for health insurance.  And honest to God would you rather not have to worry about disability insurance?  Most of us who have parents that don't drink didn't think we were walking accidents waiting to happen!  There is a big difference between the responsible and the irresponsible that is not reflected in premiums.   And when you sum it all up the responsible finance the lives of the irresponsible who live much better off because of it?  That doesn't make any sense to be.  That should not be a valid reality!  But in a shift of sense it will always be because the responsible can only lead the irresponsible because of the difference, but they should not have to support them with profits leading to income greater than their own.  That violates the principle of equality!  Nor should the irresponsible mandated to be financed by the responsible be allowed to legislative concerning the responsible!  In other words concern yourself with yourself instead of waiting to receive from what you consider God?  And as we pray for you we also help you recognize the severity of your own faults?  Good God you didn't have valid parents did you!

I read a little hear and there and expound upon it.  And sometimes when you have trouble hearing your own self think you write in homonyms and wrong words that sound about like the word you were not allowed to hear yourself think?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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