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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dream 11 20 2013 Anti-Semitism and Financial Fraud

Dream 11  20 2013 Anti-Semitism and Financial Fraud

I dreamt I was working at Rocco’s and trying to tell him I wanted to quit.  He looked at me with eyes full of resentment and animosity towards me attaining a college education.  Then I remembered the resentment and animosity from the Jewish Professors for the questions I asked in business school.
Prior to the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission JP Morgan controlled information and therefore common stock prices on the stock exchanges.  It is the same way today!  Only that what causes prices swings should never have caused them!
Joe Kennedy made his money by pooling his money with others and betting against the American economy by taking short positions on stocks.  He made a killing in the stock market crash that preceded the Great Depression!  Same way today only the managers of mutual funds make the money and they do not have the first person talent and capability to be investing your money.  They may think they do, but they were raised in an entirely different atmosphere than any honest American was; they were raised in an Anti-Semitic home!
Semitism being defined by knowledge from the descending holy spirit; holy spirit really means pure human spirit.  So Antisemitism would mean utilization of that information in ways that;
1.       Are not beneficial to the human race.
2.       Are hateful and insulting to the source of the Semitic knowledge.
3.       Would use Eugenics based Psychiatry to zombify the source of Semitic information.
4.       Deny the source of Semitic information it really is the source of Semitic information.
5.       Create more anti-Semitics through the promoting a cause; abused and addictive substances.
6.       The promotion of drugs and alcohol is therefore both substance abuse and anti-Semitic.
7.       Nor properly tithing to the source of Semitic knowledge is also anti-Semitic.
8.       Attempting to overload the source of Semitic knowledge with the soul of the Semite being used as the source of information to develop special needs children that are beyond human capability to be taught and beyond the human capacity for dealing with frustration is also antisemitism.
9.       Attempting to control the Semitic being and pretending the Semitic being is also yourself, consistent with covetous control, is also Anti-Semitism.
10.   Developing and using technology based attempts to split and psychiatrically medicate a source of Semitic Information is the worst form of Anti-Semitism.
Reading of the life of Christ is synonymous with knowing what it truly means to be a Jewish Priest of that era without being one.  And God or Lord was indeed a name given to Jewish Priests.
The goal of Semitism should be that there is no need for Semitic information because there are none of the anti-Semitic archetype.  In a world with no anti-Semitism everyone gets along peacefully because there are no “leasters” created.
In a perfect world there are not Hermits of Herman or Owls of Miss Horton’s Convent to wake you up in the wee of the night.  They do so because that is when they feel most vulnerable and lonely?
“The day is just starting and your scared and feeling abandonment already?”
A source of Semitic Information should never have to resort to Mowerism because Anti-Semitism is depriving him of his own dreams!  Such leads to unclean buildup!  That is why God of the Bible states that after a man and women have sex they are unclean for seven days afterwards!  Probably has something to do with semen having the ability to etch or peck its way into the ova.
The body of a Semitic should never be subject to any substance abuse items whatsoever!  It really means the body of a human being should NEVER be subject to them!  The goal of Semitism being one big happy family of equality; without any that can’t keep up and drag us backwards as a human race; like a heavy anchor caught in a gravity vortex of a tar pit while still attached to your boat.  Anybody read my book, “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”
The initial creation of Catholic Priests was an attempt to appease the souless Anti-Semitic women; such as Procula.  To give the mentally voided and retarded a sense of control and therefore happiness in life.  “If I can’t be one I should be allowed to control one?”  The reality is that she and her offspring will never be happy because it is not her penis.
The Roman Catholic Church was a false offspring of the Jewish religion; a modification of it whereby sacrifice and demonization where legitimized by a Catholic father?  No; the reality is that there were 16 son’s of men before Jesus Christ which means the entire Jewish Faith was anti-Semitic!
The concept of the split soul (schizophrenic) is also the greatest evidence of the existence of the Anti-Semitic in the United States; and it became a legal institution in conjunction with opiate trade family FDR breaking the ban on alcohol.  Before the symptoms those who have had their souls split by the Anti-Semitic was very rare!
A blue collar worker spitefully antagonizing a young man with derogatory use of the term “College Boy” is about the equivalent with what a man might have faced over two thousand years ago when they called him, “Son of man.”  And Ivy League white collar college hazer’s are the equivalent of the blue collar working in this cognitive terminology.

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