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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Foreign Relations 11 27 2013

Foreign Relations 11 27 2013

We should cut all foreign and trade with foreign countries unless they adopt the United States Constitution!  If we are all of one mind on issues then their would be less incidence of war.

Why would we ever give money to foreign countries that do not have our Constitution?  Because those that are doing so do not believe in our Constitution!

Also why would we ever buy from a foreign country instead of making it ourselves?  Because we no longer have the capability to make items; why not?  Because to make them here would indeed be in support of equality in the United States!!!  To make them here means the management does not make more money than the worker; it can be done and it does indeed lead to equality!  For management to make more than the worker it means they will source those jobs overseas!!!  Anyone get it?  I haven't quite articulated the way I want to.  We can manufacture and create jobs in the United States but to do so would require us to meet greater workers rights standards per our Constitution and also met our environmental regulatory standards.  But if we did that the management could not become advantageously more wealthy; hence it is not done.  And honest to God if you are making 24k a year and your supervisor is making 100k a year and you are his only employee, something is wrong there!

There are those among us that like working and creating with our hands.  And then there are those who cannot even use their hands to type on a keyboard and they make well over $100k a year.  The person that works with his hands should never be lower in hierarchy than that which doesn't.  It has to do with the pathway to becoming a responsible man in the physical world being learned in a certain way; versus the son of a hag?  It plays on the insult in the Bible of calling someone "Son of Man!"  It also plays on our United States history phrase "All men are created equal."  It means a child is not fed with a silver spoon to his mouth until he is 21 at which time he gets to manage people.  A human being being defined as someone that possesses a human conscience and human reason.  When we look at problems such as environmental contamination you have to say a human being did not create that!  When you look at birth defects you also have to come to the same conclusion with regard to the cause of them; a human being did not have oversight or management of that; something without a human conscience and human reason did!

What am I getting at?  We have had the wrong type of management at our manufacturing and industry in the United States!  It can even be proven using brain scans that they are mentally defective and vicious.  Might have happened through inbreeding and alcohol.
But in order to create jobs in the United States that playing field will need to be leveled.  I was always a believer in the concept that a worker migrates to management of workers like he was. In contrast to the FDR principle of one must surrender his individuality for industry.  A level playing field would mean  employee rotation through all parts of a company?  And that does indeed mean equality.  Also it means that more best processes are discovered and adapted.  Everyone knows that manager is really hired to make workers work harder for less money!  In a new right economy he would have no place in our world.  And the truth is that he should have likely never been born to be what he was in the first place; that temper, meanness and viciousness is indeed a birth defect to the hippo campus.

And what eventually happens is this personality strives for personal success without a care for what gets in his way such as nuclear contamination of our water supply.  Sure he will claim in his defense that professional people are in all those positions of responsibility!  It isn't true!  If it were true we would not have every single problem we do today!  Every single one of our problems is causes by that which does not belong in authority and does not want us to question their authority!  For to question that false authority amounts to questioning their existence!  He puts his arms out in front of the door to the corporation and says "He's not in here.  He's not in here!"  And indeed he is right, there is not one man in them!  These are the sons of hags!  They are so in love with the delusion of themselves that the problems just keep piling up and the liability to humanity accumulating!  When a problem occurs it is always the low level employees fault and not the management that was responsible for them!!!!  Get it?  So here I am coming to counter my own argument about the worker being promoted to the manager.  And the only conclusion I can come to is that they are both flawed today!  Not only that the wrong types of people are promoted to management.  There could be a law put in place whereby a manager cannot earn more money than an employee?  What effect would that have?  More effective management!!! Right??  Get it?  That manager is going to work a lot harder so that employees don't fail!   Why?  So he can enjoy the comforts of sitting back in his chair with less work because he is a manager; but he should not earn any more money than the worker!!  Anyone like my argument?  I do!  FDR did indeed want to cap executive pay at $25k.  I would propose pay equality in the United States and that everything we need be made here.  And that communities can vote on what can be manufactured in their area.  For example it should not be up to a flawed banking system with leap frog incompetence about what businesses are funded and which are not.  (What and which??  Interesting phrasing.)

We could indeed turn this economy around on a dime!

And indeed if we made a list of all crimes committed by Corporations including death by pharmaceuticals we can indeed find that Corporation that we are lead to believe is actually a person, guilty of murder, hence the Corporation considered as a person and legal entity is to be executed!

It has been a legal shield for the irresponsible and human rights abusers.  It might even be called the league of hobo's.  These are people who speak in broken sentences and improper grammar and can't type on a keyboard!  They distract you from any notion or consideration of them as ineffectual by the use of personal insult!  They were designed or allowed because the created employment in the United States; that is no longer the case.  Some 46 million are on food stamps today!  These are people who did not have their potential developed because that birth defective minded manager came into power in the United States and drained us!  Then the mentally defective manager wants to look around and make the statement that the lower classes are not equal to him!  You caused it buddy!  It is a self fulfilling prophecy of the climber?  He knows he is not equal and hence needs to create inequality as much as he can so that he can feel successful in life!  And that is it exactly!  In order for him to feel equal he needs to create inequality!!!!  That concept is against every fiber our Constitution was written on!  And sure I could make a list.  But I am not the one elected and paid to do so!  Yet it appears that many like me do the work elected officials are paid for!  That work being thinking!

The Corporation needs to be executed.  That Corporation that considers itself a person has committed so many murders and crimes against humanity that it must be executed!  But what a minute?  What if the person behind the Corporation was and has always been as irresponsible as the Corporation????  I have never before considered that translational logic.  The actions of the Corporation really being considered as the direct actions and effects of those who work at them because the Corporation is indeed a person.  It doesn't say anything good about the people represented by Corporations.  Are they really a breed of people that have defined themselves to be irresponsible companies?  The vice versa being a true interpretation?

But when we give money to foreign countries isn't it really like we are trying to defy our own U.S. Government and Constitution because we do not believe in it?  Is our banking and financial industry (Tea Party) therefore guilty of treason?  That argument and case can clearly be made!

Giving aid to foreign countries has lessened the integrity of the United States!  It should have been done in this manner.  If you want to trade with me you must have my higher standards concerning humanity.  In contrast to tribal type agreements?  Between those who believe in tribes and not democracy and freedom.

I would rather live in a neighborhood comprised of those that play by the rules than a neighborhood comprised by those of the mental defect.  And to be honest with you that would be my goal in the United States; that every neighborhood and citizen must play by the standard of humanity rules.  That should be our future and what stands in the way of that should be eliminated; so that humanity has a future existence and does not become extinct.

We had the opportunity to lead the world through integrity and instead we have been lowered to a much lesser standard!

And the way it works is if we do not have the natural resources in the United States then we must innovate to overcome that.  And that is not a principle that is consistent with our current management culture in the United States.   That is ignored in favor of maintaining the flow of money.  Instead of trying to dig a new well or innovate and form a new tap we keep the old money flow taps going no matter what the harm is?  Extremely bad concept for humanity! Some of those old money flow taps are going to be needed to be closed for good!

What you will find out is that human beings can have recreational fun without alcohol.  It might take a few generations for the ill weed to fade away, but it will happen and has to happen.  Just because you can't be in the company of men without the presence of alcohol does not mean it applies to everyone or should apply to anyone!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I wanted to write another article about how new technology should be used to capture radio energy from all nuclear waste and turn it into electricity instead of burying it very near to the lake Huron in Canada.  The argument was made that it has been a stable rock formation for so many hundreds of years.  Create new caverns and add even a small amount of stored weight to them and that dynamic is changed dramatically!  And what effect does radioactive emanations have on nearby stone? If it did not have any it could be put in stone containers and kept on the surface.  Also we can never safely ensure that radioactive waste can be transported!  Think Exxon Valdez with radioactive waste.  The Great Lakes are our Water supply.  Canada was indeed owned by Great Britain Charles Sumner wanted it handed over to the United States for Great Britain (England) aiding the Confederate South in the Civil War against slavery!  They hate freedom and they always have!  The way they could indeed destroy it in the U.S. would be radioactive contamination of the Great Lakes.  Waukesha Water is contaminated with Radium and they want to take Great Lakes water and discharge waste water; how can we be assured that discharged water won't contain radium too?  Radium is highly radioactive!  All English nationals in the U.S. and Canada should be deported and headed back to Great Britain?  And what do they do when they cannot stand being overcrowded with the likes of themselves?  Some containment measure will be warranted?

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