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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prayer in Government Office News Today 11 06 2013

Prayer in Government Office News Today 11 06 2013

Two men objected an Atheist and a Jewish man.  And thank God for the Jewish man! That prayer they were saying said that Jesus Christ gave his life for us!  He didn't!  Jesus was Jewish!  He did not die for all the sins of the Catholic or Anglican Churches!  He was arrested and crucified by the will of Procula who said that he gave her a terrible dream!  Jesus, a Jew, didn't die for all your sins, past, present and future!  That would be abdicating that it doesn't matter how you behave in life!  And that is indeed the core of the Roman Catholic faith as it is taught today!  It is essentially pagan witchcraft to take a scapegoat to imprint your minds on and then kill him when you have had enough listening to his thoughts!  That is also the nature of the Protestant Church of England -Lutheran division which has the core belief that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you ask to be saved when you are about to die!  So who are people that need to have a scapegoat and propagandize the use of that scapegoat as was done in that Government meeting?  They are people who were extremely likely to be born with a defective hippo campus due to alcohol!  The hippo campus is responsible for learning based on one’s OWN memory processing!  Anyone that has a defective one cannot do this!   And that is indeed who Jesus termed Satan!  That prayer that was said has no business in any United States Government function because it is a direct violation of our human rights that have a hierarchy over religion in our Constitution!  Your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come first.  It can be thought of listing the winners to a model derby car.  The first one is the winner and therefore deserves a lot more merit!  That is how the Constitution was meant to be interpreted.  The number one car does not yield a piece of his blue ribbon to a car that came in the 25th place!  That prayer they said is a direct violation to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!  This prayer would have been appropriate though" "Jesus was a strong minded man that fought corruption!  Jesus fought an invading force bread from lead wine to his wits end.  The teachings of Jesus and not the martyr of him should guide us.  We as Americans do not martyr human beings for our business or individual purposes.  May he guide us in all our days to come!  Something of that nature would be appropriate and not that a person may be killed for your sins! 
The prayer they said abdicates killing a Jew to redeem yourself from sin!  So you think so what!  I am not Jewish!  What if you are in some way and didn’t know it?  What if it didn’t matter what religion you were when the pagans came to take your soul?  That is what our Constitution is designed to protect us from!  That prayer was from the Roman Catholic Faith!  The Romans believed themselves to be church state in one!  In other words they rose to dictatorship/godlike by doing horrific things!  Like setting people on fire to keep the others in fear, like the Emperor Caligula who lived at the same time as Jesus Christ…Caligula’s favorite torture being to string someone up and chew of his live testicles! And Roman Emperors did indeed consider themselves God!
Those that did not have the ability to form their own soul relied on a scapegoat they called the Son of Man.  Jesus was called the Son of Man.  I just read that there were ~18 son of mans before him!  The Son of Man being a God to the sons not of man!  And the sons of God are indeed therefore lesser than what we consider human.  Can you imagine a man made mentally retarded through lead wine consumption talking in a groggy voice and calling you a Son of Man!  Son’s who are not of man know exactly what they are today as they did in ancient history!  Some of us grew up with snotty resentment from them all our lives!  The son’s of men is bullied today just as Jesus Christ was bullied!  Ideally, there would be no son’s of God in the world whatsoever!  I believe a worldwide ban on alcohol would eventually make that happen!

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