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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do Gay's and Lesbians believe in equality for those who do not believe in equal rights for gays and lesbians 11 18 2013

Do Gay's and Lesbians believe in equality for those who do not believe in equal rights for gays and lesbians 11 18 2013

How many American men would have gone to war in WWII if it was really for them fighting for gays and lesbians to have equal rights such as marriage?  Would your father have gone to WWII for that?  Mine would not have!  And neither would I.

Why do I bring it up?

Because is it an issue that could take the United States into War someday?  Russia has made gay and lesbian propaganda illegal.

Shouldn't we be legislating on matters that do not have the potential to cause foreign conflicts and not on ones that do?

A worthwhile poll  would be how many American straight men and women would risk their lives for gay rights?

And if you wouldn't risk your life for them as a group and you openly stated that being your opinion do you believe that they would discriminate against you in our economy?  You D@m right they would!  Whether it is in television, radio or the art world if you would not go to war for them I don't believe you would make it in those businesses in the United States!  Is it right for the Gay and Lesbian community to have a monopoly and discriminate against those who would not risk their lives for them in a War?

Alexander the Great was gay.  Don't know why I mention it.  Oh yes I do.  I don't believe that bisexual is an accurate term.  To me it really means you are gay.  You are either gay or you are not.  Anyone that is straight might want to know you are gay before they enter a relationship with you and it should be required that you tell them!  To me it hints at an undiagnosed mental problem; some issue that has not been addressed.

Can gays and lesbians prove that they are not part of the occult that would create the mentally ill and facilitate them hearing voices in their heads?  I believe they are part of that.  But also I believe that many people are gay of certain religions.  For example I could tell you how two boys I knew as a boy kissed each other; one of them was Jewish.  Is that a hidden custom among Jewish children?  Is that why this is entering our politics?  What would the United States stance regarding WWII have been if that was the case?

I really don't like to write any of this type of stuff.  I would rather be working on other writing projects.  But the voices seem to be less distracting when I write about Political issues; so I do.

In the Book of Matthew in the Bible it tells of how Jesus had wandered through the dessert for 40 days and forty nights.  Then a man took him up to a mountain and told him that if he prostrated himself (it means bent over a barrel) that he would give him everything.  Now I believe that Jesus came down from that mountain alone.  And I have to wonder what happened up there.  Did Jesus kill that man I ask?  After Jesus came down from that mountain he started looking for disciples to be "fishers of men."  Was Jesus trying to gather an army to win with words and peace?  I believe so!  What would make me believe this?  Well in terms of an army- we know that Jesus disciples carried swords because one cut the ear off of a rich kid with it.  But we don't hear much about that.  Jesus and his disciples were outnumbered if that is the case.

In that above example from the Bible Jesus was told that if he became gay everything would be given to him.  I don't believe Jesus or any modern United States citizen should ever have to deal with that kind of discrimination!  And I would like to know the demographics of all gay people in terms of religion and nationality; I believe that some patterns would be found.  For example I once heard it said on the radio that it is quite common for Italians to have a gay son in the family; more so than other nationalities.

I take pride in being a man.  I don't consider myself macho.  And I am not a mean person or a racist.  In fact I believe I am exposing the worst form of racism known to the human race- the splitting and stealing of a human soul.

Should a young American man ever be drafted to go to War for Gay rights?  No!  So therefore it should never have come up in Politics.  Sometimes you don't know what your opinion is on a subject until you ask yourself the responsible questions an adult would ask about it?

How can a straight gentile prove he was discriminated against in our country today?  You can't but don't let it stop you from believing in yourself!  And indeed the more you are dunned for your human soul by voices the greater your belief in yourself should be!

We can thank Bill Clinton for this one.  Today I wondered what Bill Clinton's father was like.  Someone told me that he died when Bill was a boy.  Maybe Bill should come out of the closet before he spouts his mouth off again on national health care issues?  We would have been better off if he had a father?  Should it bother you that opinions that might come to haunt us were made by someone who did not grow up with a father?  I think it means more than you might want to admit to in an argument.

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