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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aron Rodgers 11 05 2013

Aron Rodgers 11 05 2013

Congratulations, what we are to believe is only formerly the Roosevelt Opiate trade, just got a new customer!

And I am not saying he will take them if prescribed only that opiates are usually prescribed for sports pain injuries.

Brett Favre was a victim of this too!  But can it also be said that everybody wanted those pain pills just like Favre took that he said he loved?  Do you notice that he has not been the same since?

They are talking about bringing back Brett Favre as quarterback???  The next thing that will be likely to happen is that he ends up in a wheel chair for the rest of his life?   Brett buy a lawn mower and start a business.

And in terms of Arron Rodgers becoming injured on the football field. I don't think that is how we are meant to get ahead in life!  And I have to ask the question if money wasn't involved would the game be played to cause injuries?  And the answer to that depends!  My father taught me to play with sportsmanlike conduct.  If you have a bad kid in grade school playing football they do intentionally play to cause injury!  For example when I was young I was once tackled by being pushed hard on the lower back above the waist!  Now that is the kid who will go on to pursue and athletic career!  I really don't believe they even have any place in American schools!

So if the game is played that way for both money and the fact that there are bad kids among us maybe that all has to change rather quickly!  We take the money out of the game and the bad kids out of our country.  What do we do about them?  It doesn't seem to matter what we do because they come back to haunt our economy in every way and along with that the future of humanity!  It is really a fraudulent and self serving creation of Eugenics in response to children that were born with down syndrome equivalent do to alcohol and their families not wanting that the business of alcohol that created the family money being barred!  All well and good with wanting to keep a family business going but when you have to violate human rights to keep it going you need to be segregated from the rest of us and leave this country!  And we really can't let you go somewhere else because of the threat you could build an evil empire there that comes back to haunt us here?

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