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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Milwaukee's Quiet Library Award 11 23 2013

Milwaukee's Quiet Library Award 11 23 2013

With all of Milwaukee's News Magazines, patches and monopolizing Newspapers, there is one award that they have not sought to award.  "The Milwaukee's Quietest Library Award!"

Why can't they touch that one?  Because it isn't something they believe in.

The worst case was the Public Library on South Kinnikinnick were a mentally retarded little black girl was pushing around a shopping cart full of books and being extremely noisy and rude.  Not a single Librarian did anything to correct that behavior!  Any Librarian that cannot keep a library quiet should not be paid!

The second worst case was at the Mequon Library where a woman brought her mentally retarded boy to find a movie to rent.  Now I am  hunter and I can smell when a deer is nearby.  This child smelled as if he never learned how to wipe himself and his bed was e coli feces laden.  Makes me wonder what his mother did for a living.

The Whitefish Bay Library is also always very noisy, the children of the rich cannot think in quiet?  Often their is either a high shelf drinker or someone who feels their social status is greater than the rest of the community talking very loudly to the circulation manager.  Or even a Librarian herself talking loudly on her phone! And kids running around because they have to see this and have to see that?  Product of George Bush Hitler's can't keep up Ritalin.  She/he can't tell them to be quiet because they are part of her/his same tribe!  Tribes are loyal to tribe members in all manners.

At what was billed as the quietest section of the Milwaukee Public Library Downtown one man stood and talked loudly to the librarian for over an hour an a half.  They were both queer.  Part of that same tribe.

If you want to improve reading ability and education standards it starts with quiet libraries!  Contrary what an ethnic librarian or librarian of an occult religion believes herself to be.  She doesn't dare speak a word to noisy children?  Let the human beings of the community be their day care in one form or another?

When I was a boy I was taught to be very quiet in the library! Contrary to what George Bush would have you believe in his honor, "If you can't keep your child quiet at the library THAT CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND."  But the fact is that thanks to medical fraud parents cannot leave children like this alone because they will never be humanly responsible.  So if you cannot take that child to the Library take it to the park instead and tell it not to lose hope, that it can grow up to be a professional athlete? 

"Milwaukee's Quiet Library Award" will never be Awarded by someone that cannot keep his/her child quiet!

Anybody get it?  My sister tells me that, "I have my own thing going on there."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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This tribal filth could literally make millions of dollars and bite off your sons ear in full public view while doing so, and yet you would never read of how they should be properly punished for something like that.  Why not?  The tribe gleans a portion of those proceeds!

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