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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Army Counter Intelligence What Does that mean Subtitled the Hidden Schizophrenic the Diviphrenic 11 12 2013

Army Counter Intelligence What Does that mean
Subtitled the Hidden Schizophrenic the Diviphrenic 11 12 2013

FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) utilized the stated Eugenics belief that in order to meet the needs of the industrial age the individual must surrender his individuality!  That violates every fiber our Constitution was written on.  Oddly enough what Kennedy stated is a bit of a translation from that, "Ask not what you're country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  I am 47 years old and thought that was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard until today, right now!  Why?  Because when you ask what you can do for your country your individuality is then taken from you by the State???  "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you and those like you can do together for your country," might be more appropriate.  For those of us whose professional employers told us we did not have verbal ability.  Very wrong, I can quite readily recognize the words spoken from the mouth of an idiot and see very little use in responding to them!

FDR pledged that we could not let up for even one moment if we wanted Progressive (Eugenics based) Government!

The presence of true intelligence destroys a mindless industrial age because it defeats the military industrial complex.  Hence the rise of Counter intelligence operations in the United States military during WWII?  FDR, the heir to a wealthy opiate trade family, stated that one should try anything!  What is that the evidence of?   Someone that cannot see the ramifications of their actions!  A grasping at straws approach that maintains family wealth while at the same time running up $17 trillion in national debt!
Targets for Army Counter Intelligence operations could indeed mean anyone who was a threat to a mindless work force!
Adolf Hitler was anti-smoking!  Cigarette production became an extremely large industry just before WWII! Was counterintelligence ordered to further screw him up?  How does one that abhors smoking as a human health risk also put people in the gas chamber by the millions?  What Army Counterintelligence technology could have been used to screw him up and make him even more of a horrific mad man?  We already know that the United States brought back to the U.S. those from Germany that were scientists involved in high tech research.  They were not prosecuted instead they were given jobs and might have even been your neighbor.  From viewing pictures of a documentary, narrated by Roger Moore who played the James Bond Character, I have speculated that some were of the Bush family!
We know that Adolf Hitler sent SS men into the U.S. and that they met with and interviewed Nikolas Tesla, and that he dies a day later.  Tesla had indeed tinkered with technology that could displace the electrical synapses of a human brain and screw someone up!  Hitler did not bring him back to Germany???  Tesla had already devised a particle beam weapon of electronic warfare!  They are capable of negating the electrical synapses of human thought Ie INTELLIGENCE!!!!  They use electromagnetic frequencies or radio wave technology!  Marconi himself was an Italian Fascist that back engineered radio wave technology!  Marconi declared to the Pope that he had invented the power to the wield the power of God in his radio wave technology!  In the Bible the first thing we learn about God is that he is one who mocks others thoughts in their heads while they are trying to work, “You are a stiff necked people.”  He said to the Jews of that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are Counter Intelligence apparatuses in place the world over to drive the truly intelligent people insane?  They are transmitters about the size of a vacuum cleaner and could and likely have been mass produced by the millions.  Here is what the one I saw looks like:
So you don’t believe that there is a lack of intelligence in our world today?  Just think of that radioactive waste in the water that is coming from the Japanese Nuclear power plant; this is likely going to cause an environmental disaster in Alaska and the west coast like you have never seen before!  And that is about the same metaphor of how the Japanese waged war on the United States in WWII!  They put bombs on balloons and let the air currents bring them over!  In this case we have radioactive waste coming over in the ocean water currents!  Now all the drug taking freaks headed out West to California, what happens when they head East because of radioactive poisoning?  That is where your right to keep and bear arms should never be compromised!  You are not going to want to let them stay at that extra cot; because as in the prior article today they will be making your son were a dress, sleeping in his bed with him and telling you it is normal.  You might want to stock up on razor blades and give them one and tell them bloodletting will cure their radioactive zombiness just like it George Washington’s sore throat.
Speaking of which; where is the armory?  Civilians will need armories like we used to have so we can go and grab another 1,000 round ammo can!
There is no such thing as being bisexual; being bisexual really means you are Gay!  It is a little bit of a misnomer.  The term should be more like I am Gay but also willing to dress in children’s clothes to please the opposite sex.
If there are any families within the alcohol industry they might know where these cornucopias are installed.  They might also know who is scheduled to man them, in an effort to not let up for one single moment on FDR’s Progressive~Eugenics~ Psychiatry government.  These considerations might have become a function of religions management at some point.
An Italian American once told me that German American immigrants spit on Italian children.  I was shocked to learn of that behavior.  But what special operations motivation might Italians have contributed to during WWII?  I actually blame German American Protestants and their ilk for much of our problems today in America.  They also hated the Irish!
Joseph Kennedy was FDR’s campaign manager; that is Irish bootlegging Mafia!
The gestalt of all of this Progressive~Eugenics~Psychiatry Government explains why we have no manufacturing sector and $17 trillion in debt!
Do Military Industrial Contractors have a free ticket to U.S. printed dollars?  That is the only way you ring up $17 trillion in debt.  Have you ever heard of a Defense Contractor going bankrupt and the management of that company being jobless?  Because of FDR it never happens!
And it would be a criminal activity to become a military contractor that abuses the human rights of Americans; when before there was no industry for that!
(Off topic, “Every son of one of these knows the rule is to never contradict the lame brain.”
Research Analysts have an 85% divorce rate today.  I bet that number was close to zero before FDR became President!  Hasn’t Army Counterintelligence screwed up the human population enough already?  No one can find anyone of the opposite sex to be compatible with because of FDR’s Eugenics/Psychiatry!  And the rest of them have a 30% divorce rate!  That is 1 in 3!  Not only that but because of counterintelligence operations 10% of us are gay, 2% have autism and 3% are mentally retarded.  Remember all this from a man who thought it was a good idea to repeal Prohibition.  That $17 Trillion in debt is going to have consequences that are unbearable!  What happened when the Nation tried to sober up?  FDR the son of an Opiate trade family stepped in and repealed Prohibition and laid the groundwork to medicate anyone who expressed concern!  He even made a call to arms with his campaign speech.  And it wasn’t a call to arms to fight Nazi Germany, in fact he believed in just the opposite initially!  He stated we would never prevent Hitler from reaching his goals.  In fact his brother Theodore who was President before him wanted to graft Nazi idealism onto the American public!  And I don’t believe it would be fair to the world’s population if some were allowed to drink alcohol and become dead heads while others starve to death; in another great depression or dust bowl.  (Will genetically modified grains bring on another dust bowl?”
You can think of those voices in your head as being caused by a mentally retarded person taking their thumb out of their mouth just long enough to harass you!
Somehow the meaning of this fraudulent disorder has transitioned since it first occurred.  Initially it was women who were sterilized! The goal being to end all their hopes of mating with the males who were also sterilized???  The males who were sterilized were said to be men that all the women wanted to have sex with.  And indeed the goal of the sterilization of Eugenics was to create a race of physically stronger men in the United States.  That tells us that those men who were sterilized were highly intelligent and yet not of great physical stature.  Do you see the results of counterintelligence operations today?  What I read about schizophrenia is that they look younger than their pier groups and also they are of a higher intelligence than average.
These are the core two types of schizophrenics that have separate and distinct personalities!  No one of our modern day and age has sorted this out for you but me!
1.       One of the mentally retarded person that takes his thumb out of his/her mouth just long enough to ruin your day.  These should have their own terminology because they are not really being split they are intentionally splitting and partaking of what was split; they are splitting themselves or splicing into themselves that whose human soul they were imprinted with.  They might be called Diviphrenics for Divi (Divided) Phrenic (minds).  Why because their minds will always be divided!  Their minds were never not divided, they were born that way!  But they were not born divided they were born with the inability to form a self based on their own memories and learning- ie from a defective hippo campus most likely caused by alcohol!  They search for a mind because they have none!  Hence the people who are termed schizophrenic and hear voices are indeed victims of the Diviphrenic!  And a Diviphrenic’s children are born and raised that way even if they do not have the mental defect!

2.       The second personality of number 1 above comes from one that is displaced from a human soul.  You have to remember that most schizophrenics do not experience symptoms until their living environment changes like going off to school or away to work like somewhere in Chicago!  Russian Kirlean photographers were able to determine where the soul left from the human body and in what order upon death.  The Russian body energy photographers confirmed that a soul can leave the brain and fingertips while a person’s heart and genitals still have soul energy left in them!  (Think of this in terms of zombies and the psychiatric-ally medicated.)

The last place for the human soul to leave the body is the heart and groin!  This is the reason that human beings are sexually molested by the Diviphrenic in number 1 above!  That which sexually molests them is desperately attempting to become human like them; when they never can!
The difference between a real schizophrenic (A DIVIPHRENIC) and an artificially created one is that the real one has the core personality of a mentally retarded person and must sustain that personality by actively the artificially created one from using their own personality!  And this is what the University of Wisconsin Eugenicists Van Hise told to FDR that formed his new deal policy, “One must surrender his individuality!”
In all likelihood the number 1 the Diviphrenic (the actual schizophrenic) does not have the healthy brain structure to ever become normal!  Whereas the number two the artificially created one did have a healthy brain along with human reason and a human conscience before the number 1 the Diviphrenic came along to steal it from them like the Easter basket thief!
The Diviphrenic can be thought of as a beast that shops for souls!  And the Diviphrenic can not really use that stolen soul as a number 1 could!  They can’t really think with that stolen soul but they can use it to talk very well with!
“To convince us we really don’t have all the problems we really do in society; including them!”
~That is what they are best at!
~If you can’t provide a solution you convince everyone there isn’t a problem!
~If you can’t provide a solution you convince everyone that you are not the cause of the problems!
Hence the diviphrenic the actual schizophrenic who always was and always will be created the artificial schizophrenic in medical fraud!  And that fraud benefits the children of the alcohol bottle and alcohol bottle wealth, but no one else in our society.
Alcohol causes it!  We know that alcohol also causes a break with reality called alcohol psychosis!  This is the Diviphrenics in our society passing your normal red blooded American son or daughter the drinks and hoping that their hippo campus will get screwed up, it is done in conjunction with the voices both mental and artificial technology created in order to zombify someone on psychiatric medicine!  That someone is a person the Diviphrenic was imprinted upon all his life!  Interestingly enough in the Bible those passages that mention slavery do so under the justification that the slave owners must be obedient to God.  And what do we know of God in the Bible?  It was thought to be the Jew Jesus Christ.  So in effect those of the Diviphrenic archetype need a scapegoat below them and also to make a scapegoat of the one who is above them in intelligence!  And that is the nature of Christianity.  ( A bit off topic with religion, but well worth it.)
They can steal the human soul by finding ways of preventing the owner of it from using it; but they cannot use that human soul to the benefit of society because their stolen version does not link back to the human reason and human conscience developed from the memories of the life’s experience of whom the soul belongs to!  It is like someone stealing a tool they don’t know how to use; all they can do is look at it and sell it!  The part of the brain that functions normally in a human being is defective in them, that is why they need to steal that individuality in the first place.  It is like stuffing an Angel food cake into a mud pan.
It does them no good except of the thrill and confidence of speech it gives them in the accomplishment.  “The person who would understand why what I am saying is wrong is no longer of mental capacity. Hee heee heee!”
One more very good metaphor on the creation of the split mind and flawed uptake by the Diviphrenic:
“In effect they care a car that floats along with detached wheels that don’t have any lugs or lug nuts!”
Do you wake up with inflammation in your groin, ovaries and lower back that happens immediately after you start hearing those voices?  That is them too- trying to prolong the soul theft as is consistent with what Russian Photographers learned about where the  human soul is strongest the heart and GROIN!  They also cannot stand your freedom and mobility!
This has likely been going on since the Democrat FDR (And I have been a Democrat all my 47 years until I read that) came into office.  That Diviphrenic never wants to have to be made to regress to their core self; so there is an extremely strong motivation to keep your soul from you!

They can’t think with it because their brains have a DEAD WALNUT  as their  hippo campus; located in the center of the brain. (Can the circulatory path be thought of as from the heart to the hippo campus.  Hence in brain development the alcohol first flows to the hippo campus and thereby the oxidative damage prevents normal brain development in relation to it?  In effect any humanity or (can be thought of as being how immunity is passed on) …In effect any humanity is wipe from them in conception and in womb development!  You really don’t want to stunt somethings growth as it is entering its initial life’s phase of growth and human development; as alcohol does!  You don’t plant seeds in a garden and spread tar on top of them?
The Diviphrenics have and actively would mentally and physically disable human beings!
Also they figured out that they can heal themselves (if you want to call it that) by torturing human beings for their souls!  And this is your Protestant Kings religion come to American with the Englishman Franklin Delano Roosevelt!   Why does a tortured human soul heal them?  Because their souls are in depravity of being human!  Hence anything human they can gleam gives “energy” to their detached wheels!
Countermeasure to the pain that accompanies the voices:
When that voice hits you imagine that your face is actually changing into that of the person whose voice it is!  Then imagine the pain that has accompanied the voice actually belongs to the body of that face!  This is what I call the John Edwards technique;  he was a television psychic medium who polled the audience, “Is there somebody who has lost a relative with a bad back?” (Use your mental voice.)
“Is there somebody present that has the intelligence of a thumb sucking imbecile?”

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