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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Satanic American Health Care Economy 11/10/2013

Satanic American Health Care Economy 11/10/2013

1.       “The Make a Fetal Alcohol Child's Dream Foundation has provided you with two complementary tickets and transportation to a game a Miller Park.”
2.       “Your neighbor has made a prescription for you.  His son Benjamin will bring it over!”
3.       “We have to charge you a higher interest rate on a loan because you didn’t take the prescription your neighbor made for you.”  (Can you see the Tea Party trying to transform its business  model?)
4.       “We had to send Steven home from school today because he would not kiss with Chauncey or Tyrone in the new sex education class.  You need to have a talk with Steven about equality.”

What are the above three examples of?  The mind of the beast in our economy today!  None of the 'speakers' above should have ever been allowed to work or own money; they should have been aborted at birth.

Contrast that to this; “You can’t touch those matches because you’re not an adult.”

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