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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Unnecessary Forms of Employment 11 30 2013

Unnecessary Forms of Employment 11 30 2013
When the employment amounts to demonic possession of the employees body facilitated through harassment?
An odd desire to be one with a human being because for some reason that is your only connection to humanity or your life’s energy is bolstered through it?
Let’s try to put some analysis to this.
Who would do this?  Someone that was a little boy and raised to be “passed” around loved by male gypsies? (Look up and reference all cultures that had gypsies) It highly equates to homosexual desire by the fatherless or attachment by such.  A mental illness caused by an improper father/son relationship!  A perversion of the concept of work!
A game of not “hot potato” but “sweet potato” whereby the goal is death and absorption (I think that should be spelled absorbtion; which lends me to believe grammatical rules are in place for this same concept of control.  To me it looks like the inverted the b to the p to make it more complicated.)  …and absorption of his/her life’s energy.
And indeed this has to be where the Type A’s get their personalities from!  Do you see how it causes that same vicious resentment?
And this equates to what I saw with two boys kissing, one Jewish (Surname from Norman 1066 who conquered England, derived from Norman Origin; Origin means repulsion of man, who was up to that time my best friend; and one who had a German surname (Origin from the Brag. places in Switzerland and Germany.)  They wanted to draw me into that.  And they weren’t the only boys to want to either; English surname boys in the Catholic School “Holy Family” who were drug dealers also did too!  We should never have to put up with any of this!
It also equates to what an Italian man, (Who I was employed for and was very active in the establishment of the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee and had ties to New York) told me of how he liked to tie up his boys when they were young and rock them back and forth.
And that’s the HIDDEN reason the women seem more desirable?  Because, they too, as little girls had dirty old men passing them around and loving them?  First a little sit on the lap. And then a little sweet talking in soft tones, then a little caressing and then they are isolated and he takes off her clothes……… (and the same with the boys!)
It would indeed lead to young women being more promiscuous and open with their bodies or rather lack of respect to personal identity.  The papilloma virus leading to their vaginas becoming fibrous and sterile, also cancer of the ovaries and hence the Pro Life movement! (Why does that word papilloma start of sounding like Papal as in Pope? I will figure that one out later.) And yes there were boys of the pure English Surname’s that were like this, gay, in Catholic school too!
And this might be the (illegible word) Kuru Camaraderie we see (illegible phrase) on television arguments?  I also saw an instance of this of a high ranking U.S. Senator winking to a man he was questioning about a White Collar financial crime involving the Stock Market.
In other words, on television, they argue but like how closet queers would!
Corporation word origin “of the body rationed” or the Unnecessary Form of Employment being “Cooperation of rationing the body.”
Anyhow, you know rather quickly when you are not one of these but in the presence of them.  Was that also your experience working in the Investment Business (read Slander of Tea Party; what is called the Tea Party today really Slanders the historical Tea Party!)  (backtrack sentence train of thought pickup…Was that also your experience working the Investment Business- like you wandered into some freak gypsy tribe? 
I call these “Sangy Boy’s”.  I dare you to pass this around and read it, “Allan was a Sangy boy!”  The word Sangy being what I saw a boy the men were loving as a woman in some movie of gypsies; maybe it starred Anthony Quinn?  I will touch on Tinker Gypsy’s versus Murphy’s later! 
A maladaptation originating in the Roman Region of the Roman Empire or India; India Indian’s said to have the negro gene?  (I have also written about how the negro race had to have been responsible for original species differentiation but have not had time to type it.  Meaning it was a negro man that first learned to be better than apes and establish the human race!  Has something to do with Kinked hair providing a shield to an evil form of light but also a detriment to learning!  I will never have time to type that and many others like it!)
But what of the odd un-manlike resentment or chip on the shoulder?  A chip on the shoulder being a coin put on a little boys shoulder in payment or tipping for?????  10 chips on the shoulder making him the highest ranking General?
And when I think of gypsies I equate it with Greeks, India Indians, Italian Pedronis.  But there are more and I would have to research it better to be more fair.  It terms of all those Pedronis that were found dead on the streets out East overnight; what man could stand the sight of little homosexual boys calling to them for sex?
And that indeed might be a humorous pickup line to use with a woman, “I’ve got a coin for your shoulder; I do!”
These are also Roman English nationality “boys!”
Is there a difference between anti-homo speech and anti-religious speech?  These look like two bad lines that travel in the same direction and wield the same anti-constitutional “shields!”  The Bible say’s all homosexuals are to be killed!  To quote the Bible is not a crime!  But to utilize the Bible as an affront to sexually molest gentiles would be!  To use the Bible as an affront to enslave human beings would be too!
Congress can make no law concerning religion!
As an adult male I have my own body and it is my mind!  I respect my body and my mind.  Neither are something a human man will willingly share against his will with other men; a man would die first and take you with him! (Think about that in terms of the motivation for mass shootings by young men that you don’t seem to get!)  Nor should he have to share his mind; nor should he be dunned for it!
These people who desire this need to be diagnosed as having this disorder with the cause of it; and treated or segregated from the general population!
The statistic is that of girls who have had sex before age 15 with well over half of them it was unconsensual (the proper spelling again is nonconsensual but I purposefully broke the English rule to make it the intensive case.)  The number has to be higher as they were indeed sweet talked as illustrated above? A nun told me that statistic.
So your childhood was stolen because you are one of these “Sangy Children” and you will never get it back?  Or they sold their boy in this manner and moved to a larger home?
This statement might “rile defeat” the type A corporate personality; “I see the chip on your shoulder.”  And if that don’t work place a penny there?
Do you know why they don’t object to mentally retarded, autistic and Down’s Syndrome children?  Because they all sit on their laps and pet the same way!
(BTW that penny on Athony’s shoulder is why I’m no longer a member of your club.)  Another sentence that could be used to diagnose me as thinking with invalid references would be, “And back then I would have been like, “So Bethany it wasn’t your fault!”
A “Chip” on your shoulder has this occult implication with regard to gambling; and the Native Americans have really embraced the concept!
“Your all queer ain’t yah!  Hah, hah, hah.”  For some reason I wrote that.
“The adult society of former boy queers!” “Hah, hah, hah!”
Somehow this gypsy type behavior equates to an evil woman bitterly spiteful and resentful of men being in your family?  Isn’t that the personality of a beast woman; getting pissed at her son and selling him to a queer for an hour!  And what do we know about children put up for adoption that end up in foster homes because of the Pro Life movement?  That is exactly the misery their lives become!  EXACTLY!
Now what if the only way you could be employed in the U.S. was if you got on the couch with a queer.
Someone raised like this would have a very odd and exclusionary sense about work!  Hence they could not stand to be in the presence of the man who was capable of blue collar skills.  (All men should have them before they become men!!!) They could not stand to be in the presence of the “Working man” hence rather insidiously they would
1. Outsource his jobs to China.  (More about Banking relationships and a world interlocking directory in the Financial Industry that has achieved this through treating countries without human rights standards as if they were on par with the United States!  And how the largest importers, based in the United States to the United States have something common in historical nationality.  Think of Franklin Roosevelt “Rose a Velt” and his family money coming from the Opiate trade with China!!!  Ask yourself how happy a worker would be if you doped him up with Opium every day?  He would work himself to death!  And who would enjoy seeing this happen to a human being?)
And 2. They would have an exclusionary sense about work and form Unions!  To only allow closet childhood queers like themselves in? Out of a projection of self pity?  Hence, again, all the jobs went to China because they didn’t like or couldn’t handle working with men!
Okay let me prove that point!  How many people that paid dues to unions actually kept that job and received retirement from it versus those who didn’t!!!!!  That is a wooden stake right through the devils heart isn’t it or in the heart of the devils argument would be better phrasing!
(W/R Unions; Congress can make no law concerning religion!)
Male bonding as childhood homosexuality to grow to be slaving and also resentment of men?  And of lap girls that grow to be adults? ~as adults they use the concept of love as being sex and lust as a weapon to defeat the lives of real men.  To use those forces to play on the emotions of their souls like unraveling a ball of yarn?

Here is a song they will never play on your radio:

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Murphy Clan sided with King James and were dispossessed of a lot of their property because of it.  Oddly enough, the Puritans sided with King James too????  I know the Murphy clan believed in the Bible and that was Consistent with King James belief.  So indeed we have the earliest sense of the Anglican religion monarchy taking hold in the defeat of King James?  I will have to do a little more research on King James!  But to be quite honest with you I don't have time for this stuff.  As important as I believe it is!

The Murphy family sided with King James and were dispossessed of their land because of it and also the Puritans sided with King James!

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