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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tavern League Children are the Worlds Problem 11 27 2013

Tavern League Children are the Worlds Problem 11 27 2013

Kidnappings, murders and mental illness are all caused by tavern league children.  When split (schizo) mind (phrenic) it prevalent it means the standard of success is less than man!

We can also fairly blame mental retardation, environmental disasters and contamination and Alzheimer's on them.  As well as lack of competitive education standard achievement and our National Debt!  As well as homosexuality!

Religious fraud, War, overpotentiated (blame English Imperialism and desire for domination of the U.S. and the free if that isn't a word in the dictionary) military coupled with the lack of proper direction from "Son of hag."  If Jesus was son of man in means tavern league children were son's of hag!

The creation and spread of infectious diseases are their fault too!

We should not have to put with "Son's of Hag!"

We can even blame the crucifixion of Christ, a model Jewish Rabi, and the conquest and fall of Israel and slavery in the U.S. on them!

Financial fraud, prostitution and gambling!
Pharmaceutical deaths and medical fraud and negligence are their fault too!
Evaporation of our manufacturing jobs and the productive U.S. work force!

Bullying, harassment, violence against women, drug trafficking and organized crime are them too!

The assassination of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln!

Single parent homes!
Unequal pay!

Car accidents and related handicaps, the national costs of all handicaps!

Fraudulent Constitutional interpretations!

Cannibalism (witch doctors and medicine men and mouth fermented hooch), plague and workplace accidents!

Lung, breast, ovarian and all cancers!

Diabetes and heart disease!

What was the Jewish religion?  Geographic management of people by a village smart elder man called a Rabbi?  (at its best case)  It was defeated when JC was crucified, but might have been corrupted by Israel/Egypt alliance and building of pyramids through slavery.  Can be thought of as small groups or families concentrating wealth and power and selling out their parish?  We have the Constitution as a form of Government today!  It pretty much defines what are Godly acts versus ungodly acts and human rights!

 High divorce rate.  (back to the list of problems caused by tavern league children)
Heroin and narcotic trade. 
Child pornography.

I wouldn't be surprised if Americans figured this out and "Roundjunning ups" started to happen!

If a home has a bar in it the parents and the forward family lineage are tavern league children.
 Most village halls have records of home architectures.
A generation of learning disabled children who will constitute the meek that will inherit the world?  Inherit means you came from wealth; that is the wit of Jesus Christ!

Joe Kennedy the man who was FDR's campaign manager that helped to repeal Prohibition and was also the father of John F. Kennedy had his own daughter Rosemary pithed!, ( or the equivalent of it!  Chemical pithing is also a form of political censorship the world over.  And indeed children that are born looking like they have been pithed are caused by tavern league children too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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