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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to end the Pro-life argument 11 13 2013

How to end the Pro-life argument 11 13 2013

Figure out who “their” fathers are through DNA trace testing and charge them for the crimes of their offspring!
~In addition to the children themselves being charged for their own crimes!
You could actually completely remove bad political power structures form our economy in this manner!
You wouldn’t have a population control issue either!
There could be no better form of population control than weeding out the family lines of child molesters and drug dealers!
Psychiatry today is Eugenics mal-practiced in medical fraud!
We aren’t allowed to make statements about racial equality and now 46 million Americans are on food stamps, 10 % are Gay and 5% (1 in 20) are mentally retarded (includes autism).

Do you know what “they” believe the answer to the world’s problems is?  Head hunting a thinking human being and creating a zombie out of them!
In other words, “Never mention the issue of our countries problems by exerting your right to free speech and wait until the newt head race orchestrates a financial and environment condition leading to genocide BY the Newt Head Race!”  The earth will still temporarily have the newt head race.
And no one likes the Newt Head Race including themselves!  A Newt Head wakes up every day and believes it is someone else!
It then becomes psychotic, (completely outside of scientific understanding and governance by the law; they are Diviphrenics) when someone breaks its delusion of self and proves it’s a Newt Head (Diviphrenic!)
That is how the Newt Head starts every day of its life! ~ Believing it has the right to force human beings to surrender their individuality!  Individuality is what makes a human being a human being!  For individuality is created from human reason and human conscience!
The father of the Garden of Eden would say, “Newt Heads we have had enough!  Do away with yourselves!”
“Newt Heads we will pour a bottle of wine into an alcohol fuel compiler and put the empty bottle in your coffin with you!”

I am looking at a row of apples, one is a male that likes to sexually abuse and sexually dominate other males- how can I say that one is equal?
Sorry Newt Heads your parents were drinkers and drug users and you were not born equal to the rest of us!
This is indeed consistent with the Universal Bill of Human Rights created by the United Nations!

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And to be fair to religion, we needed more people like Jesus Christ and less like the Romans!
If Jesus Christ, a Jew, were an omnipotent God then you would not have been able to kill him!  Hence he was a human sacrifice!  And he did indeed experience pain just like a human being does as witnessed by the phrase, “Father why have you forsaken me!”  An omnipotent God would not experience physical pain; somehow you also neglected that issue when you sexually molested boys in the Catholic Faith and also in the FDR Boy Scouts.  FDR had to have had a defective hippo campus because his family line was in the Opium trade and likely his parent’s use of that or other drugs created the birth defect.  Hence the false human reason that a human being should surrender his individuality!  Can’t make a profit from alcohol if he doesn’t!  FDR’s call was for Americans to use their arms and drink; thereby surrendering their individuality to the wealthy of the Newt Head Race while becoming poor Newt Heads themselves!  His answer to not being able to form his own thoughts because of a defective hippo campus was to hunt down and lobotomize any human being whose thoughts he did hear.  If you can’t form your own thoughts you must hear someone else’s?
On the flip side I cannot allow a male that likes to be sexually dominated by other males to be considered a man either!  Nor is that which seeks to sexually dominate another male!  (Same goes with women in some sense too!  Can you really think of a good mother as being someone that likes to sexually dominate another woman (and vice versa) (and sure if you go by comparison to bad mothers you can make the argument but that should never be a standard of argument!)
You have an right and OBLIGATION to PROACTIVELY exercise your free speech, you will never believe what the personal consequences to you are when you don’t!  The Newt Head race will steal your ability to exercise your free speech and use that ability against you!

Mystery Song of the day Sung by me and related to this Article

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 13 2013 at:

The Bible states that if a mother does not come running forward crying and saying "That is my child," that an unwanted baby is to be killed right away.  To go against this Bible based Religious concept is a violation of the separation of Church and State!  Got it?  Religion covered that one in the Bible even though the Catholic Church negligently got it wrong?  Religious scholars unable to understand the religious text their religion is based upon?  Who knew?  That Bible was written by Jews (likely Irish) and is not subject to the whims of Roman Catholic Mafia bootlegging Lead Wine false interpretations!  I wish that Pope Francis could read this right here!!!  Right here Pope Francis!  Right here!  Come on sissy!

What was the Roman Catholic Churches rational for Pro-life?  They don't cost much to feed and they make good slaves, sex abuse victims and they keep the non-bastards worn down, they also eventually make great clergymen? ~ Hence a projection of self pity?

Pro-life?  The use of the phrase sounds like you are being the greatest humanitarians of all time when actually just the opposite is true!  An untenable network of Diviphrenics has populated the earth and is in the process of ruining it; because of you!

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