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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nuclear Waste storage near lake Huron 11 27 2013

Nuclear Waste storage near lake Huron 11 27 2013

They say that underground rock has been that way a very long time. Have you ever tried to drill a hole in a soda bottle?  You are likely to crack it.  So you find a bit that does it better and don't crack it, but when you take it out of the dishwasher where it was exposed to heat energy you see that it cracked.  (same applies to trying to make a cup from a soda bottle.)

And when you were a boy did you ever try and make a toy boat to play with when you were taking a bath.  No matter how hard you tried at first it leaked because of water pressure and dynamics.  Then when you were older you replaced a plumbing pipe in the house and just when you thought you were done because you used pipe dope and tightened it very tight you turned back on the water pressure and realized it was dripping and you needed to tighten it more.

And what is the effect of drilling down and cavitating out bedrock that has been stable because it was solid.  As you drill and or use dynamite are you not likely causing some hairline cracks you might have paid a statistician to say are insignificant when they really are not.  And when you put a radiant energy source down it in what do you think happens to that bedrock?

I always believed that Canada was a much better environmental steward than the United States.  I guess the beer is finally catching up with them?

Just look at the evidence I presented above and you will see that it is not a 100 percent consideration and therefore has risk.  Most people don't know how to appropriately analyze risk.  In this case it means that those factors above will likely lead to one of the greatest catastrophes North America has ever faced.  You would think Canada would be even more concerned as it see's radioactive seawater from Japan make its way to the Western Canadian coast.  But that is not the direction of responsible thought they are taking!  It is like something has deadened their senses as to responsibility?  And this from the country who has a drug user boasting about his drug use and openly defying the public!  One might say he is putting his life in danger by his own actions?  Honest to God isn't that what a normal person believes and why they would never act that way?  But that from a world culture that indoctrinated labeling and victimization of those of us who priorly considered ourselves normal?  We are starting to see who is who and who at an adult age waves their pacifier at us and thinks we should put up with it?

Canada did you ever consider that if you pollute the Great Lakes it might be considered an act of War?  Now I don't want to take over your country because I think that heretofore you have done a good job of it, but I have not studied your economy other than to have known about some of your natural resource policies and free health care.  And what if there were a flood of irradiated Americans that overwhelmed your border in an effort to escape contamination and find clean water.  And they were partially mentally incapacitated and maybe had violent cannibalistic tendencies?  Also if their is pot coming to the US from Canada (tunnels or other border infractions) that above might a be a consideration for you to.

Does not radiation create heat where it was not before?  Does not heat cause brittling?  Now that word might indeed be used to describe your former Government leadership; Great Brittling!

And what does an underground pocket do when it is heated or absorbs radiant energy?  It expands doesn't it?  And when it expands it cracks just like that glass bottle analogy above.  And then add in the water dynamics articulated.  That creates a time bomb effect.  

Please don't do it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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 This was the start of this article from earlier today.

I wanted to write another article about how new technology should be used to capture radio energy from all nuclear waste and turn it into electricity instead of burying it very near to the lake Huron in Canada.  The argument was made that it has been a stable rock formation for so many hundreds of years.  Create new caverns and add even a small amount of stored weight to them and that dynamic is changed dramatically!  And what effect does radioactive emanations have on nearby stone? If it did not have any it could be put in stone containers and kept on the surface.  Also we can never safely ensure that radioactive waste can be transported!  Think Exxon Valdez with radioactive waste.  The Great Lakes are our Water supply.  Canada was indeed owned by Great Britain Charles Sumner wanted it handed over to the United States for Great Britain (England) aiding the Confederate South in the Civil War against slavery!  They hate freedom and they always have!  The way they could indeed destroy it in the U.S. would be radioactive contamination of the Great Lakes.  Waukesha Water is contaminated with Radium and they want to take Great Lakes water and discharge waste water; how can we be assured that discharged water won't contain radium too?  Radium is highly radioactive!  All English nationals in the U.S. and Canada should be deported and headed back to Great Britain?  And what do they do when they cannot stand being overcrowded with the likes of themselves?  Some containment measure will be warranted?

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