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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Asian Carp in the Chicago River 11 30 2013

Asian Carp in the Chicago River 11 30 2013

The invalidity of the chemical companies amazes me!  In the United States they can think of a Zillion different ways to zombify someone whose soul that they have stolen; but when it comes to finding a chemical that will kill off all those Asian Carp and not be a risk to human beings they have no idea.

And indeed somehow we can smuggle drugs into the United States by the tons!  They even built tunnels that were over 2 miles long to do so.  But the point is, if you ever watched those nature tv programs you would see how jungle tribe members figured out how to create a chemical that was an effective nerve agent on fish and brought them to the surface.  From my memory of watching the program the chemical was said to dissipate naturally after awhile and become harmless.

They can lobby for legalizing marijuana while at the same time they have children????  And yet there does not appear to be a supply of this chemical to use to kill those Asian Carp with!  And indeed you go to a health food store and you can buy all kinds of hemp products.  And a college kid will even tell you that they have created the chemical that your brain releases when you are dying to make you feel euphoric! 

So if you can't patent and sell a product it doesn't get made?  If it is reliable and works well what is the sense of trying to develop it?

Somehow I would get some.  And indeed I would ask a scientist how much would be needed for the volume of water and flow.  And indeed I would add it in the shallow and stagnant parts of the River first and then add it up current!

My father told me stories of how when he was in Germany during WWII some of the guys took some hand grenades and through them into someone's pond.  The fish came to the surface and they cooked and ate them.  Now you can't do that with the carp by using percussion grenades because the hydraulic shock wave might indeed dislodge eggs and semen which could become a worse problem as they might make it past whatever barrier they might have there.

But what you can do is take two boats with a metal electric stun net between them and head up and down the river with it.  You will need to have a way to quickly transfer the fish from boat to dump trucks.  And you are going to have to kill off everything in that river in the process because the carp are so numerous.  But I don't believe any other fish have a good habitat with those Asian Carp in their anyway.

Also those large transport ships should not be coming through the St. Lawrence seaway anymore if this is what happens because of them!  They are either banned or they come through clean.  And how do you get them to come through clean?  Those bilge systems have to be serviceable from inside the ship.  Also there must be some way to brush off the hull.  Perhaps it rides over a shoe brush type mechanism that extends to it like a car wash mechanism?  Of it must be part of the boat it itself much like an convertible top on car is raised; except under the boat.

But if you completely damn off that river on both sides of the Carp then you could use the hand grenades; but their might be bursting plumbing pipes and buildings full of ugly people falling into the river.  Okay so I would look bad for that one.

What a hypocrisy though!!! In the financial capital of the midwest; supposed to be such a benefit to our natural resources and agriculture.  Where the bigger think tank members who are supposed to invest in technologies that benefit our environment reside and make million dollar incomes.  They walk by that river every single day and don't have a concern or a clue!  What are they doing in the United States?  They are about as foreign to our nation as those Asian Carp are!  These people could care less about the environment!  One would be hobo gave another would be hobo a job!  Hobo's don't have the ability to think responsibly and we see the results of that in the Chicago River!  Chicago is packed with more filth as that river is with Asian Carp!

When I worked there I would think.  It is too bad this river is not clean and people could swim in it!  And indeed that was the goal of the clean water act that was passed a very long time ago.  Do American politicians know how to comply with laws?  Apparently they take great glee in figuring out how to defeat laws they are required to comply with.  "When you were in office how did you comply with the clean water act?"  I would ask if I could get at them!  But we already know the answer a bunch of glazed over generalities!

What if we built a quarantine zone around Chicago and did not allow any food coming in or out of it until they caught and ate all those Asian Carp?  That is the kind of medicine I would like to force them to take!

What happens when they are required to think responsibly?  They have a glass of wine and allow themselves to forget about the problem.  They allow themselves an escape from the reality of responsible thought.  And of course if you bring up the topic after they are done drinking; you will be snapped at!  Just like those Asian Carp flying out of the water!  To bring up a topic that requires action by politicians or other self declared professionals is like being attacked by flying Asian Carp!

You have no credibility with me and you never did!

Somehow drug dealers figure out ways to ruin American lives every day in Chicago and that is a respected action from one type of tribe to another?  Don't mess with what the other tribe is doing no matter how horrific?

Men would not have allowed the Asian Carp situation to go on as long as it has so far!  That financial district should be dis-empowered.   Do you know what it is going to end up being?  Those skyscrapers in the Ghost town of Detroit remind me of straws that siphon away American integrity and value just like the smoke from the pipe of a rich and spoiled 5417 kid!  And what is that Occupy Wall Street movement?  Go visit your father at work day, camp where you are not supposed to and do drugs in your tent paid for by your Wall Street fathers siphon money?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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