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Monday, November 11, 2013

Kuru Social Behavior 11 11 2013

Kuru Social Behavior 11 11 2013

That is when two or more people's conversation amounts to rude remarks meant to be heard by someone human they are jealous of.

Which brings up another point with regard to professional sports, if players are not playing fairly or exhibiting good Sportsmanship the player that objects can not walk off the court because it is his livelihood!  So the least common denominator behavior becomes the accepted standard?  Have you ever seen a player object to what a teammate did and become so disgusted that he walked off?  Wouldn't it have been a good thing for the sport?  "That is not how I will teach my son to play the game?"  Maybe the reality of it is that those who walked off a long time ago are the only ones who know the meaning of sports?  And we may have been very good at them but would have never considered it an option for earning an income to raise a family?  Because we thought a person should contribute more to society than that?

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