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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jesus Christ Killed a Homosexual 11 21 2013

I could never understand why they crucified Jesus Christ.  But it has just become apparent to me from the Book of Matthew starting at Chapter 4 verse 7.

Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.’”e 8Then the devil took him up to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their magnificence,
10At this, Jesus said to him, “Get away, Satan! It is written:
‘The Lord, your God, shall you worship
11Then the devil left him and, behold, angels came and ministered to him.

That last phrase then the devil left him.  That reads a lot like the passage of the Bible were an Israeli tribe brought home strange wives and then decided to do away with them.  It is a euphemism for killing them! "Did away with them," and then "the devil left him," would both seem to be euphemisms for killing.

We know that Jesus Christ was very strong because he carried his cross with him.

We saw it in the Story of Sodom and Gomorrah and from my point of view we are seeing it today with the goal of increasing gay rights!  What am I getting at? Empirical evidence from the Bible of how when a generation has it too easy and drink they degrade to homosexual sodomite lust.  Likely the lack of sexual identity is caused by alcohols mental retardation influence on conception.  In that whatever your identity consistent with the soul of your sexuality was becomes gone via the same pathway as memory and learning is destroyed from cell oxidative death in the hippo campus due to alcohol.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation of babies in the Western Hemisphere.  If the Catholic Church wanted to get its P's and Q's right concerning its Pro Life movement, it would ban it from Mass and use all its power to see it banned.

"Then the devil left him?"  It is like the Mafia they only leave through death!  "And the Angels came and administered to him?"  To me that means that he put up a fight and won and killed the devil, but was injured.

There is another phrase in the Bible that states the Devil was defeated at Mount Calvary!  This could be the mountain Matthew 4 is speaking about?  To defeat the devil does not mean that you are sodomized and left dying, it means you fought with him and won.  We don't defeat the devil by prostrating ourselves to them.

And I don't believe JC would be the type to lure a homo up to a mountain in order to kill him.  But I do believe JC would have protected himself against such action.  We don't get to be men by not.  Which brings up another comment of Jesus Christ from the book of Matthew, to be fishers of men!  That plays right into the phrase Son of Man!  JC was looking to build an army of men!  He was looking to gather forces like Paul Revere did?

And who was that Devil?  Was it a son of a wealthy Jewish Sanhedrin?  The Bible also tells how Jesus and his disciples took a sword to the son of a wealthy man and cut off his ear!  So they had indeed become militarized!  But they were already outnumbered.  They should have always been prepared to fight invaders to the death?  But what man of peace is?  It is not the nature of a man of peace to comprehend the defective brains that form the basis of hell in War!  Once you are in it it is too late, that is why you have to be vigilant to protect against the conditions precedent that cause it.  And here in the Bible we know what it was.  The Devil had no soul!  It tried at first to Sodomize Jesus for his!  Then they believed they could crucify him for it.  What does not have a soul is also synonymous with having a defective hippo campus!  And the lack of improper sexual identity consistent with your anatomy is the first sign of the soulless.  We do no surrender our individuality by Van Hise FDR New Deal Eugenics Psychiatry to those who were not born with one!  It should have never been made a legitimate concept.  The only reason it was is because FDR and Joe Kennedy sank the country into a hopeless depression by looting the stock market with the short sale, repealing prohibition and taking us to war.  Absent all that they would not have gotten away with the concept of surrender of individuality!  Individuality cannot be surrendered.  It is not like the little boy is walking with his mother and see's a Watch plaid little pony riding suit in the window and says', "Mommy, mommy, I have to have it!"  One person's individuality cannot be worn by another.  That devil taking Jesus to the mountain is indeed a sign of the mental illness and mental defect that they Defective Hippo campus experience every waking moment of their lives.  It's caused by oxygen deprivation death to the hippo campus.

After that was Jesus on the run?  He was indeed wanted. We don't hear why their was a warrant for his arrest.  Nobody wanted to come forth and say he killed my homosexual son that tried to rape him?

And of Pilate saying he saw this man had done no wrong?

The Law of the Bible is that all homosexuals are to be killed.  The Romans and Sanhedrin did not recognize it otherwise Jesus would not have been crucified.

Perhaps this flaw in human history can be corrected once and for all if it is stated in law like it is in the Bible that any male who rapes or attempts the rape of another male has to be killed!  If that were respected then Jesus Christ would not have been crucified!

It was after that that we first see Jesus use the phrase, “I have come to rule by sword!”
Is there a scientific basis why monkeys that grabbed each other by the long tale and sodomized one another did not evolve?  (What we know as the homosexual today?)  Yes!  It causes the spread of disease that could contribute to brain defects!  (Off topic to remember; Whiskey is said to have first arrived in Ireland in 600 ad from the influence of Monks.  It does not appear that it was mainstream until a long time after that? I think that you would be fair to substitute the word queers for monks or even Fairies.)

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