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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I CUBED or the Observation of Lesbians 11 06 2013

I CUBED or the Observation of Lesbians 11 06 2013

What did I see?    To me they looked like they were indoctrinated by through trauma conducted by males to seek the comfort and safety presented by what looked to be a suckling imbecile infant state!
Or to be more concise their sexual activity resembles INTROVERTED IMBECILIC INFANTILISM!  I CUBED to be concise!
It looks to be mal adaptive.  And ‘mal adaptive’ is not normal.
The vocal patterns are consistent with that too, muted high pitched Wah Wah sounds; as sound common in their speech.
In summary personal trauma has FROZEN (I cubed) them in a state representative of suckling like a loving mother does her newborn.  In effect a behavior of those forced to withdraw norms that lead to mature adulthood.
We weren’t meant to sexually gratify our same sex!  It is an act of submission caused by dominance.
What can it transform into- hatred towards and victimization of the traditional human being!
They have either seen horrific things done to human beings by adults in their circle of family when they were children or experienced horrific things in the first person at a young age!  A young woman once told me, “I have seen bad things done to people.”  What does it mean in terms of what caused them to be gay; there was no justice when their should have been!  Money and wealth bought justice and made criminal activity a legalized institution to their benefit!
They themselves are a byproduct of a legalized institution of driving human beings insane!  That is where they get their empowerment to defy human norms!
The infantile nature is evidence of a defective hippo campus; adults weren’t meant to seek to suckle in order to be happy! We find happiness through valid achievements!
When I watch a same sex pair having sex I see a willful defiance and mocking of human procreation; via infantile expressions!  It looks to me to be a mal adaption (meaning not normal) to being dominated!
You might say that behavior is normal in black families with 10 kids.  But I don’t believe that is normal behavior.  What it means to me is that family was allowed to have too many unsupervised (meaning un-parented) children!  Just because something has become common does not mean it should be considered normal.  Indeed in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin there were wealthy families of five children, the father of which was a Customers Man (a term for Stock Broker)  the youngest of them were forced to suckle (just what you think I mean) the oldest!  Now what is that child going to do the first thing after he becomes an adult and has a son; to his son?  Where else does the oldest brother learn it from? And it could also happen if the father is a sheet metal worker with five kids.  Again what it really means is that family had at least one too many children than they should have.
It creates an odd sense of empowerment with regard to the rest of us in them?  In effect a monster unleashed upon the rest of us because of what was considered normal that occurred in their homes!
I don’t want them to legislate with regard to the rest of us!  It will lead to more Eugenics of the normal human being!
In summary the activity, expressions on their faces and sounds resemble INTROVERTED IMBECILIC INFANTILISM!  I CUBED.  I don’t want people that do this in the closet making those concerning the rest of us!  Why not?  Because it would just seem to me that introverted imbecilic infantilism would be an element of those laws in some way that we should not have to endure!  Some nature of what they considered normalized would indeed be insufferable to the rest of us.
And to be sure the acts of male homosexuals probably resemble much the same as the lesbians in my humble point of view.
Did you find this better than what you see on Dr. Philips or Ms. Walter’s view; if so just check one of those boxes below that you find appropriate to your reading experience.  I have no way of knowing who you are or who reads my articles.

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