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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Divine Rights of Kings is both Invalid and valid 11 28 2013

Divine Rights of Kings is both Invalid and valid 11 28 2013

A King can never be a King by virtue of birth alone because he may indeed be a fetal alcohol syndrome child.

But there is legitimacy in the doctrine of the divine rights of kings when a waif culture covets the minds and thoughts of specific human beings!  Hence a people have indeed chosen to not be ruled by themselves!

And you can either chose to rule by personal responsibility or accept the rule of Kings.  But you cannot make that decision because you cannot apply it to everyone!  It would be an act of War to declare that everyone is to be dependent minded to a King!  Hence it is more of a negative statement being made about those who would be desired to be ruled by a King in that they cannot govern themselves?  And sure you might even call some of your Kings Saviors like Jesus Christ was to you.

The point being the bad precedent is set where that which should never have control and power over a people comes to power because he believes it is his divine right.  When this is really a spoiled child that money bought and raised that will never have a concept of what is best for humanity and the survival of the species in the long run.

And those who are dependent minded should have learned a long time ago the dangers to humanity and that they do not belong in power.  But in being dependent minded they are also worship false idols and hence become them themselves!

Bottom line it is a denial of admitting to themselves as to what they truly are?  And that indeed can be said to be the source of all the worlds conflicts.    A mental defect whereby they view the achievements of others as being their own because to think otherwise breaks a delusion and causes great pain.  And that pain would in turn lead to learning, growth and personal development.  And they don't  believe in that because they have already been defeated from consideration of the idea!  Helpless and hopeless!

Anyhow it can't go on too much longer the world over or there will no longer be any water that isn't radioactive!  And everyone will die because you were a coward to be and act like an independent minded human being!  You didn't want to be one, you weren't one so in effect all of your actions will have the ultimate effect that none of us will be around anymore!  You hate yourself because you have no self so you claim to be something you are not and then promulgate for the rest of us with stubborn undue confidence and that leads to the end of all life on earth!

The Divine right of Kings is valid because some people want to be ruled that way and can be ruled in no other way.  The Divine right of Kings is invalid because we will never be able to objectively determine who should be King.  How can those who want to be ruled by others rather than think for themselves ever be trusted to determine who a leader of them or the rest of us should be!   And there is this hidden type of rule but it is abused in that the stronger minds are indeed oppressed.  So in effect it is a doctrine of the hatred of intelligence!  If I can't be it I will destroy it and dis-empower it!
And hence you ruled by violence when you should not have been born?  To abdicate that you should be ruled but then resent the mess you got yourself into because you never developed the ability to chose a good ruler because you only desired to be ruled.  Again the sentences are not the best as I am prevented from hearing myself think by that which can not think for itself and desires to be ruled but cannot stand the circumstance?  You really have a mental illness and one that has never been documented!  You are much like the bird that never had to leave the nest and resent your life as a dumb cluck.  And hence you attempt to destroy the forest for its successful nests?  No United States Citizen should ever have to put up with a coven of dumb clucks nesting in their head!  And the only thing that will marry you is another dumb cluck.  And what are the odds of two nested dumb clucks marriage not ending in divorce?  One more point for those of you who have the distraction free time to do the research; what was the divorce rate during Prohibition?  And what is the comparative divorce rate in places with low per capita consumption of alcohol.  The idea being that alcohol causes regressive personality traits?  And a marriage of two dumb clucks gets along well if they have a scapegoat from a voodoo religion to vent their dumb clucking on?  But then the question really becomes; two dumb clucks should not be allowed to marry.  It is like two dumb clucks lying in bed and waiting for a third member of their marriage to come along?  That is how dumb the dumb cluck is.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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