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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drunk Drivers not guilty of murder???? 11 05 2013

Drunk Drivers not guilty of murder???? 11 05 2013

So if you want to kill someone and not be guilty of it you should get drunk first?  So we know that is not true or right!  Then the conclusion becomes Drunk driver are twice as guilty of murder!

Twice as guilty because they chose to surrender their right to act in a legal capacity while at the same time murdering someone.  It doesn't apply in the reverse either like one might think it should, If a drunk threatens you and your family and you shoot him you are still guilty of murder even though he had willfully surrendered his legal capacity to make decisions while at the same time threatening you!  And how will the children of someone like that treat other people; assuming they are indoctrinated with his same belief system; of escapism from personal responsibility?

Assumes they got in an accident that killed someone.

And what would happen if every drunk driver who killed a mother and her children in another car were executed for murder?  Pretty soon you would have to ban alcohol!

Alcohol is unconstitutional anyhow, because it is addictive one is not at LIBERTY to stop using it because it is addictive; so in effect their right to LIBERTY has been taken from them!  It is true of any addictive substance.  Addictive means something far different that necessary for life such as clean water.  We don't drink water because we are addicted to it!

And what can we define those that use substances of escapism to be? Those who can not handle the pressure and responsibility of being a mature adult because they weren't raised to be one?  A mature adult enjoys life and does not seek escapism from it! He embraces life because it was a wonderful gift to him from his father and mother!  And he does not seek to make hard for other people either; why?  Because he was raised to be responsible any normal problems can be confronted with a calm, cool and collective if not pragmatic and positive solutions based approach!  He enjoys solving common problems because he likes to think and has always been raised to think as a responsible adult!

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