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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bible Law with regard to Unwanted Babies 11 05 2013

Bible Law with regard to Unwanted Babies 11 05 2013

They are to be immediately put to death!  And if a woman comes forth crying and begs for the baby not to be killed it means its her baby!

To make any law to the contrary of this is a violation of the separation of Church and state in our Constitution!

Any how many women have RIGHTFULLY tried to abort babies because they knew they were drunk when they were conceived or knew that baby was exposed to alcohol!  

Fits the theme of shut your mouth and be glad you were allowed to live like in my Tammy Baldwin article!  I could go into why body transplants also violate Gods law and hence are illegal!  As well as a child born more of bestiality or of the beast; than of man! 

This is what Thomas Jefferson knew, when he wrote that clause to the Constitution!  And that is how it should be interpreted!  You indeed need to have a very in depth interpretation of the Bible with regard to correct motivations to make any laws put forth in the Bible or alluded to!  That has not been done!  In fact just the exact opposite motivation has taken place!

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