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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Does Miscegenation lead to birth defects of the Hippo Campus 11 26 2013 UPDATE #2

Does Miscegenation lead to birth defects of the Hippo Campus 11 26 2013

It might indeed serve to explain a lot of conflicts in world history.

In that article above that part about the Romani people being of the India subcontinent and about Jewish Priests named Cohen family line is also very interesting.  Somebody have something they need to confess about??????  He could not even learn how to type on a keyboard!!!!

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Okay I have done a little reading on this and here is what I am coming up with.  It was noticed by one culture that children of miscegenation were more vicious! That is a very good reason to ban the practice.  But first we must delve into a scientific understanding of why.  (Disclaimer: And by golly I do indeed  find extremely attractive women to be in all colors and races.)
The combining of DNA to form a fetus is a very complex process.  Therefore a lot of energy goes into the process of ordering a new being?  In terms of melding the two different physical races my concern that some identity of humanity in the brain is lost!  For example the physical processes of melding might be straight forward but what of brain and mind formation?  How does a hippo campus of a miscegenation child form?  Assuming my theory of some element of human immunity factor with regard to a human soul is to be transferred; which I claim is lost due to oxygen depreivation cell death in fetal alcohol syndrome mentally retarded children. I need an acronym for that such as OCDD?  What is implied by the complex process already is that Miscegenation parents should never be allowed to touch one drop of alcohol.  But what I am also implying is in that complex combining process the element that makes us good human beings is lost in the process?  Has nothing to with me being a mean streaked person it has to do with the offspring being meanstreaked because of a malformed hippo campus!  And what we might indeed find out is that races are a lot more different than we thought such that it is impossible to form a miscegenation child that has its own human soul passed down?  I think of it like putting pieces of two disparate puzzles together and trying to form one out of it.  In human aging the first thing to go is the memory, it is a function of the hippo campus.  And again it is readily damaged by alcohol at all stages of life.  Fetal alcohol syndrome in newborn, means mental retardation and birth defects, limits on brain development during teenage drinking years and also Alzheimer patients.  And what do they say about Alzheimer's patients?  They are at first very quick tempered!  Does that sound a lot like your beer drinking Nazi's and your Protestant German Americans?  You bet it does.  That German temper can indeed be traced to alcohol.  I started off looking anti-jewish in this article but you can indeed see how I am very fair.  That German temper arises because that person does not have the capacity to think through a problem to a solution.  Temper is really the need for a scapegoat?  Temper necessitates scape goat based religions!  Temper is caused by OCDD!

 Middle easterners, oil men, all have that pale gauntly looking face from miscegenation!  And so do some American Jews; only mention it after reading about the Cohen gene.  And the fact that I just read they brought some slaves to the United States?

My main concern being that these children cannot be raised in a traditional manner by their parents!

So why would anti-miscegenation laws be overpoweringly Constitutional?  Because miscegenation has been proven to lead to inequality!  Again that temper necessitating slavery of some type.

Oh lets see, that child formed and looks normal but what is it missing?  A human soul!  So what do we need to do next per FDR to get around the issue?  Through slight of hand and eugenics/psychiatry we get real live human beings to abandon their individuality!  Okay that is my main gripe!  And that is why the world over needs both anti miscegenation laws and the Prohibition of alcohol!

And I do very well indeed agree with the minister Farakan that some white people, indeed a great many were bread from blacks.  On the Island of Patmos?  Who knows.  But did you know that the likely suspects then took you as slaves?

What am I getting at?  Life is hard enough for the human being race already without further burdening it by those who are not born with their  own human soul and will indeed participate in the medical fraud of making a person hear voices until they are subjected to the Vondoon practice of psychiatry as zombification!  And members of all races have had this happen to them to the benefit and wealth of those who did not have their own human soul.

Oddly enough and I am not sure I understand it, the south promoted the idea that the North wanted interracial marriage in false propaganda labeled as being written by the Republican party when it wasn't.  They did this to discourage the civil war against slavery?  It was the South all along that was diddling their black women slaves!  And they were likely doing so after they got mean drunk!If they were trying to discourage the civil war it backfired didn't it!  Maybe they hated the blacks because they were whites who were miscegenation blacks offspring from that Patmos concept?  I will go on record, without mentioning religion,  as saying those pale faced whites are inherently miserable and always will be! Whether it be that Middle Eastern Oil Prince, the Druid Englishman that hates freedom or that Cohen Family Priest lineage!  That Cohen Priest line coming out of blood thirsty Romania?  I will have to read up on that my printer is out of toner midway through printing that.

I will also go on record as stating the miscegenation white line is very prevalent in the United States today!  They are all likely descendents of the lead wine press Judah Roman empire that extended to Germany and Great Britain.  That is indeed where you get the beer drinking German Protestants in the United States that hated the Irish and started Eugenics?  They can be thought of as that monster of a person who would bash his head through the drywall of your house to see what you are doing in their?  Speaking of which we have not heard from Snowden lately?  Hey Snowden why don't you comment on this?  The Ukraine has one of the largest armies in the world.  These are Russian that ate German soldiers after WWII!  That live flesh cannibalism being about the same as miscegenation children.  Near Romania that was bread from Gypsie India Indians, and there is some black in that blood line too.  And they all have those pale white faces, smiling is not natural for them!  And perhaps that is the best gauge.  How easy a person smiles.  If you are not happy with what you do and never will be what are you doing there?  It only makes you happy that you deprive someone that should be there from being there?  A kuru concept of a workforce?  I have more research to do on this but my printer ran out of toner and I can't afford a new cartridge!

Hey Germany?  That German beer has caused an economic liability related to Fetal alcohol syndrome and Alzheimer's in the United States?  If I were President of the United States I would hold you accountable for the influx and economic liability?  I have more qualms with you as I have written about already!  Italy and your wine?  You owe us too!  We accepted all your immigrants after they were mentally retarded, and now they are well entrenched and their is little we can do to stop them from screwing us up over here!  What are you going to do about it Pope?

And also is miscegenation causing the large increase in Asexual homosexual identity in the United States, for the same reason as listed above?  Should Lesbians be termed Gay?  Gay means to be happy and I have not seen a Lesbian yet that didn't have that vicious mean streak mentioned above.  Speaking of which doesn't a mean streak lead one to want to play the game of dominance and submission of same sex?  What else can be said about it.

Are children of Autism really of miscegenation couples and people are reluctant to admit it?  The primate does not think about itself introspectively and these questions are hence taboo to ask?  The point being has that even entered into the study of autism children?  How many of them are from miscegenation?

For what I really think of inbreeding I wrote an article a long time ago titled something like, "Two snakes in one head!"  Do an internet search for it!  Two snakes in one head and many snake holes because of it, might be more appropriate?

And indeed I get along better with all these races than I do with whatever is my own.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 11 26 2013 at:

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

To be brutally candid it looks like a black man tore the flesh off a white mans face and is wearing it as his own!

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