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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Monkey’s Tale 11 19 2013

The Monkey’s Tale 11 19 2013
These are the thoughts that I am coming up with regard to successful people in the United States as I woke up this morning.  And I base this opinion on subtle innuendo’s that have been presented to me throughout my life.  Is that they were paired gays and lesbians as children!  It might have even been an activity that was sponsored by their parents!  And as adults it “seals” their business networking connections at each step they take on the ladder to success!  That is the story I woke up seeing this morning!  How people you would swear are straight are linked to one another in this manner!!!  Linked through what is termed bisexuality, which really means gay, and also is asexuality which is not part of the human race!  That is right asexuality is not normal for the human race; despite what Masters and Johnson have passed off as false science; they were really voyeurs.  (Just invented a new literary concept to address speech to writing---the double semicolon!!!!!)  I base this opinion on being surprised to see two boy’s kissing as children when I was a boy.  One of them was Jewish.  And also the prevalence of homosexuality and highly successful people; in this case success (networking and promotion) really means money GIVEN doesn’t it?  It was as if the kissing created a bond between them!!!  Contrast this to a normal father and son male bond!
The Monkey’s Tale
Monkeys didn’t evolve, like humans did, because they can grab each other by long tales and sodomize one another!  Or rather humans evolved to not have tales because they were the monkeys that did not grab each other by the tale and sodomize one another in that manner!  That is indeed a belief I have had all my life; I am 47.  But I have never heard of anyone else having that same belief!
This concept is also alluded to in the Book of Matthew when describing the Satanic that drove the true Israelites out of Israel!
Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.’”e 8Then the devil took him up to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their magnificence,
10At this, Jesus said to him, “Get away, Satan! It is written:
‘The Lord, your God, shall you worship
It was after that that we first see Jesus use the phrase, “I have come to rule by sword!”
Is there a scientific basis why monkeys that grabbed each other by the long tale and sodomized one another did not evolve?  (What we know as the homosexual today?)  Yes!  It causes the spread of disease that could contribute to brain defects!  (Off topic to remember; Whiskey is said to have first arrived in Ireland in 600 ad from the influence of Monks.  It does not appear that it was mainstream until a long time after that? I think that you would be fair to substitute the word queers for monks or even Fairies.)
There was a science fiction book written about children that engaged in Erotic, play with one another, maybe it was Orwell, 1984 or Fahrenheit 451or one of those, my memory doesn’t serve me well in the presence of voices.  But I believe that is why we have the terminology where bisexualism is not considered being gay!  It is used to seal business deals!  Indeed I heard this very concept confirmed on a highly influential talk show!  Highly successful gay men not admitting they are gay, and not considering gay sex as homosexuality!
I believe that the condition has to do with a lack of normal personal identity transfer to conception and both fetal and childhood development.
Memories of how there was a nuance of this on every first rung of the ladder to corporate/networking success- that I would not take!
Sex Luxuria  What God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for!  Why the destruction?  Groin to mouth to vagina fungus transference leading to idiot head somewhere along the way?  Leading to devolution?  The anus is never clean enough to have sex with!  There is a high chance that mouths and even vaginas are not either!  But the importance of sanctity and personal hygiene has been deemphasized!   Fetal development in the presence of fermenting bacteria (Vagina Candida, think white tongues) could indeed lead to a whole generation that needs to be quarantined!  How do we know when it is over?  When the last of us no longer hear “scheduled” voices!
Streptococci is a fermenting type of bacteria!  They give off toxins that break down human cell walls and then infect the cell!  Those that developed in this manner are not normal human beings that are equal.
False Concepts of Equality:
To say that they are equal means that you contribute to inequality!
Therefore to say they are equal means that you don’t really believe in equality!
And here is the worst of it:  To say they are equal means that you participate in the profiting from creation and abuse of the inequality!!!!!
It also means, to profit from inequality means that you yourself are not equal.  (The psychological concept of what a person projects implies about themselves.)
To profit from inequality means that you do not believe in a woman’s right to have an abortion!
To profit from inequality means that you are blood money!
To profit from inequality means you are a proponent of the birth defects caused by alcohol!
Are there any German Americans that do not believe in Alcohol???  Those that do, do not belong in the United States!  (Off Topic: FDR repealed Prohibition; Joseph Kennedy his campaign finance minister lobotomized his own daughter.  And if you read about her you will see that she was about as smart as 90 percent of the women are today!  Joseph Kennedy formed a business with Roosevelt’s son and they secured the rights to bring Whiskey and Scotch into the U.S.  Joe Kennedy financed FDR’s Presidential campaign with money he made from the Stock Market Crash!!!!  And here is the kicker, Joe Kennedy did not even want his sons to drink until they were 21!  Had he had known the research on alcohol and birth defects he might have stated they never drank!  The daughter that was lobotomized was believed to be that way because the nurse waited for the doctor while she was coming out of the womb, and hence oxygen deprivation to the brain!  She had the ability to write in a diary and also practice and win contests.  Like I said that is better than about 90 percent of the women today!  Her disability might have been caused by alcohol too!  They did not have trouble with her until she started stepping out at night while a young adult.  Which tells me that someone who has that mental defect should never drink alcohol.  The technique that was used to lobotomize her was to ask her questions as they were severing the frontal lobes of her brain with a scalpel.  When she could no longer answer them they were done!  Seems like a high price to pay for getting in the alcohol business.  I also wonder if Catholic Nuns didn’t teach her witchcraft and that was the reason for the lobotomy?  Joe Kennedy will never know of the harm he did to the human race or the Irish!)
The odd thing about the unequal is that they are so stubborn that they will never admit they are unequal!  Hence the rights of the normal are abused by them!  (As seen in the book of Matthew reference above. )
Bastard son’s are indeed a mal-adaptation of the unequal!  Those who sired them won’t raise them themselves, but the more they create the more equal they believe themselves to be? We need a worldwide DNA database!
This is the driving force behind the Pro-Life movement! 
1.      The unequally created bastard sons.
2.      Bastard son’s stubborn to admit what they are.
3.      The unequal stubbornly refusing to address the cause of their inequality.
(For you with the fortitude to do the research.)  Have their ever been beer commercials with pregnant women drinking in them?  Has alcohol ever been marketed to new young couples presumed to be going to have children?
I read that someone stated that Jimmy Carter was actually sired by Joe Kennedy!  When I look at the pictures of the two, the lower part of the face I believe it to be true!  Carter gave us something called future nuclear liability!
Where do we get some of our gun control laws from?  Bill Clinton isn’t even blood Irish he is the son of an Englishman named Blythe!  He was raised by a stepfather.  That is the reason we have the stance on gays and also gun control- he didn’t have a normal father son relationship.  And I have to wonder if he has been involved in homosexual acts!  Something about the way his chops salivate and his jaw moves when he starts to talk?  We also get more gun control and gay rights issues from another fatherless son Barrack Obama!  Fatherless sons being caused by alcohol?  We also have gun control because another false Irishman Reagan likely had a lifelong adaptation to the condition that eventually led to Alzheimer’s!    Reagan was the first to admit that somehow when he lost visual footage of a live game he was sports broadcasting about that he made up what would happen next; and was right!  What is this evidence of?  He was not basing his commentary on his own immediate memory but that of a dislocated human soul?  And the reason he couldn’t use his memory was evidence of a defective hippo campus at that early age in life!
Sure it is a lot of phrases and unedited but that is all the time I am going to spend on it!  Somehow a lot of wrong words get substituted in for the ones that I have just typed correctly too!
If you were equal some of us would not be hearing scheduled voices from you in our heads!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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