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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Box with an X on It 11 23 2013 A Short Story

The Box with an X on it 11 23 2013

"He spent the entirety of his life in a box with an X printed on the outside of it."

I could go on with this, I don't really want to but the Ire is with me.  "In fact he couldn't get out of it!  That shell of a box with an X printed on the outside, for every time that he tried his shell was broken and he had to retreat and find comfort in the Box with the X on it again.  So indeed when it came time for him to act like an adult human being he somehow ended up buried in a box with an X printed on the top of it.  He had some friends that could not climb the wall of their boxes with the X on the outside of them and they all elected to have a X mark on the forehead because they were so proud of their affiliation!  In fact they came to consider having an X mark on the forehead as a sign of Elitism.  It came to be that many who did not even have a box with an X on it could not get out of their box, but they were placed on high chairs with window views. Their coffins all had X's on them too!  As if to say we have done and taken care of all the needs of this item of a child on our list of things to do.  There is an X right there by the idea.

Some of them found ways so that they could walk with the Boxes with an X around them to find others that also walked in boxes.  When they found a group like themselves they sat in their boxes with an X printed on them and popped their heads up and played peek a boo with one another.  This was indeed what was called socializing.  Whenever they came across anyone who did not walk in a box they insulted them to let them know of their inferiority.  "Look at him!! Hah Hah!  He thinks outside of his box with an X on it!  What a fool!"

One day someone without a box with an X printed on it went for a walk.  To his surprise all he found everywhere was empty boxes and no evidence that their had ever been anything inside.  And he was glad that he would no longer be insulted by those who walked in boxes, but sad to find that he was the last man left on earth.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 23 2013 at:
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sure it is copyrighted but that won't prevent it from willfully being aped in the name of a show of boxes that must go on?

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