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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Off With Your Nuts 11 27 2013

Off With Your Nuts 11 27 2013
1.       If you sire a child and do not raise it yourself; off with your nuts!
2.       If you adopt a child and seek not to raise it yourself; off with your nuts!
3.       If you drink alcohol and have a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (mental retardation and birth defects (Or Drug Related Fetal Syndrome Spectrum Disorders); off with your nuts!  You had your chance and get to tend to that child’s needs with your own money.  Under CURRENT law you are guilty of murder if you kill it; even though it doesn’t meet the definition of human being having its own human conscience and human reason!
4.       If you chose an asexual lifestyle (impossible but you argue that it isn’t) I don’t need to compete with your odd testosterone based aggression in the workforce; off with your nuts!
5.       A child is sexually molested and lives his/her whole life knowing he/she will never be able to have children; then the noose around your neck and blunt gravity to you!
This will make you think harder with regard to who you marry and seek to have children with or unprotected sex with.
Saying that alcohol caused you to do these things is not a valid defense for nut removal.  The law is straight forward in each of those five cases!
Also we don’t need to hear the details about your sexual escapades at work, how you rode your vernacular “old lady” or have you show us naked pictures of that whore on a rocking horse.
And don’t laugh too hard because I am serious!
And if you get Alzheimer’s off with your nuts too!  It might be found to lessen aggression and violence related to it!  So you better give up drinking! Maybe as you look down there and try to figure out what has been taken from you; your memory will become active again and you will be cured of your Alzheimer’s!
You will be required to go to the hospital to have them removed or automatically be opted in to the shot gun removal method!  With guaranteed lack of precision!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

And if you do not believe in list item number 1 or 2 above then off with your nuts too!

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