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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Patenting something you didn't think of so no one else can afford to have it 11 05 2013

Patenting something you didn't think of so no one else can afford to have it 11 05 2013

It would seem to me that would be a crime that holds back democracy and therefore freedom?

And somehow our Government of Corporate America gets away with it every single day!  The legal system by how it happens is to define a business entity as a person having rights to receive and yet no rights with regard to responsibility!  Part of the New Deal system whereby the Responsibility belonged to the scape goat that had her or his individualism surrendered through Eugenics!

  Eugenics really means psychiatry and in effect it means creating a half dead person out of a normal human being for the benefit of the children spawned from alcohol.  The Egyptians were not the only Eugenicists at that time!  There were also the lead wine Romans!  They fed their own population lead wine in order to make them have shorter distanced limbs and therefore more muscle.  Think of how an ape is likely more than 4 times stronger than a man.  And the lead wine also made them mentally retarded and therefore being prone to acts or a culture of horrific violence.  And that indeed did become the emperor of Romes army force.

And if you are semi mentally retarded you might be of the belief that it doesn't matter if you drink because it never appeared to make any negative difference in your own life?  And hence you find it rather easy to persuade others to drink; and also take drugs???

My writing seems like it jumps around but it isn't because it is all highly related, much like that History Program on PBS titled "Connections" was.


Why did I write this?  Because I have invented a great many things that I will never be able to patent because of the distraction of the voices. And I am going to tell you how to make something very great in another article. Those voices are indeed implemented by technology.  Imagine if you will if someone could invent a technology that weaponized the sound of their voice????   They could use it to take over the entire world and no one would ever believe their victims!  That is the reality of today! 

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