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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack Ruby part II 11 25 2013

Jack Ruby part II

Jack “Ice” Ruby.  That was his boxing name.  To me that sounds like the name of a hit man!  ICE?  It is a connotation that you killed someone and put them on ice!  In fact that is the exact term that they use!  “Put on ice” Put two and two together with his multitude of organized crime connections and what other connotation can you make?  Other than he might have very well indeed been a hit man himself!  “Hit” man!  Where did he box?  Are there any film recordings of him boxing?  He was in the movie business to, to some extent so you would think there would be recordings?  What boxing matches did he fight in?  Was the nickname warranted for boxing alone?
Night club operator with those connections?
And what was his business of going back and forth with other regions of the countries organized crime members?  No doubt he was looking for women to use to bribe the Sheriff with sex with!  Just the right looking one!  Once they do that they have the Sheriff in their pocket through blackmail!
Night club operator?  What does that mean?  More likely than anything it means he beat women into Prostitution or beat their husbands, sons and fathers silent about it!
If he managed strip clubs he also managed Prostitutes!  That makes him a neo slave master.  He might have even sterilized and heroin overdose retired a few of them!
He took 50 foot boats from Texas to Cuba with guns on them!  If those boats are going to Cuba with guns on them they are likely coming back to the U.S. with something on them too!  And what would that something be?  Heroin!  They were likely coming back to the United States with Heroin from Russia/Afghanistan at that time!
No more time to type this now, got to run errands.  Will publish a lot more on this later.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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