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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack Ruby Part III 11 25 2013

Jack Ruby Part III
Continued directly from Jack Ruby II
Kennedy would have figure this out because Franklin Delano Roosevelt was his father’s close friend! FDR’s family money came from Opiate trade with China!  Joe Kennedy his father was Campaign Finance Manager for F.D. Roosevelt’s winning Presidential bid.  Roosevelt’s son and Joe Kennedy secured the rights to sell some foreign based hard liquor (Whiskey and Scotch) in the U.S.  Immediately after they repealed Prohibition!  This tells us that they were well aware of how to secure foreign market rights like was done in the FDR family history with Opiates!  Odd about what the wealthy talk about at their family gatherings at the dinner table?
What a Night Club Operator like Ruby was like or Tavern League Children at the local health clubs:
By the way if you ever work out at a gym or health club in Milwaukee you will find all these bouncer tavern league children types.  They will be bragging about the fights they got in and then you will see the lone sorry eyed Lolita alone at the club!  That behavior should have been done with over and gone before they declared themselves mature adults.  (Interesting concept isn’t it?  At what age did you declare yourself a mature adult?  It was required by age 18 but somehow you flunked out of it?)  She is there prostitute/offering!  Those of us who got a good case of VD in college avoid them like the plague!
And with regard to these bouncer types, a police officer is not even supposed use the force a bouncer commonly does!  They should be barred from any and all health clubs.  He thinks those strippers are his harem of women.  Sure the first time would be free but wait until there is a knock on the “Catcher in the Rye” hotel door or an odd charge appears on your credit card for a bar tab or club membership!
And you might indeed be violating a imposed upon United States ADL regarding their Judea interpretation that prostitution is a religious custom with regard to their wives?  Even though it is slavery?
I can pretty much tell you who the Milwaukee filth is from sight and what should be done about them already!   “You have a mental defect, here is your food stamps, you are confined to your home and not allowed to work with human beings.  You don’t need a car and if you go outside you are considered target practice!” You will also see DA’s there too and even per chance a high ranking judge! 
Jack Ruby might have even had the true Wolf Man split mind whereby one personality commits horrific acts and is much distinct from the dinner table personality at his mother’s kitchen table!  In other words he didn’t know what he did and in the one personality!  No memories of it because of a defective hippo campus!  It’s like a circular hub on a train station whereby some of the rail road tracks radiating out from the center are not congruent with working memory?  Anyhow, you won’t know what one of these people is until it is too late, their eyes flash like a Confederate soldiers and you’ve had it.  “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes?”  That reference really means Confederate mean slave owning people all had the beady eyes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Ina  word, “Honey Booh Booh Satan!”
Michael Tyson’s father was a pimp and his mother an alcoholic!  And he sexually molested Teddy Atlas’s daughter.  Does that tell you what Michael Tyson was also?  Yeah I just gave him free publicity for his new autobiography book; not a single one of you have purchased my novel!  “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”  Not a single one!
You see the young woman that looks apathetic and is associated with them?  She is either Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Souless or a Prostitute; likely both?  That FAS can be considered a mental defect whereby she cannot legally make decisions for herself and is therefore an easy target for abuse; look at the eyes of the porn stars?
At the gym that bouncer type likes nothing better than being a vocalized distracter of a normal person until that normal person loses his sense of self and is locked into an accident because of this form of soul displacement demonic possession!
It was Jewish Rabbis that marked these types “G” on the center of the forehead so that humanity was warned about them and you better start again!
What I have described above is the community that you have been led to!  This analysis brings up a very good point regarding Soviet Based Drug Cartel Operations in Texas and the reason for the Bay of Pigs with Cuba and the Soviet Union!  (More on that later or before)
If good Jews the world over wanted to arm themselves and cap this archetype of drug dealer, pimp, sex abuser, I would not prosecute; you know what and whom Satan is and you did the right thing about it because you didn’t want your children growing up and living in communities like that!  Prostitution and drug dealing of any form are at least one step lower than the standard of humanity!  I have known Jews that wanted to be good but were drawn into criminal activity through pier pressure and money; and this is indeed the reason Jacob Rubenstein’s (AKA Jack “Ice” Ruby’s) family gave for him selling guns to Cuban resistance fighters?  Do you actually believe that Castro or whoever it was did not see that 50 footer boat coming into port?  And where did Ruby get the guns?  From a Military or Army Reserve base in Texas?  Ruby is a gun runner?  And we are told by the Warren commission he was not involved in Organized Crime?  You can’t be more involved than that!  Ruby also stated that if a man named Davis who had Connections to the CIA were to show up at the trial his defense might indeed be in jeopardy!!!  Either you have a solid defense or you don’t!  Either you killed Kennedy or you have nothing to worry about!  Get it?  He was guilty!
New Seesaw direction to the article:
Also Jack Rubies mother had mental illness.  Neither her nor her son Jacob (Jack Rubenstein, his mother’s maiden name is of a Polish Slavic Russian Jewish nature; and that is highly relevant!)…Neither Jack nor her Son Jacob should have ever been exposed to alcohol in any form!  The better the brain the more easily it can get screwed up compromised through drugs?  Maybe that isn’t exactly true, but you get the idea; I don’t want any of you Jews drinking even one drop; just like my father Ambrose didn’t want me to!  Now Jack could have indeed been controlled from the entire beginning of this by what is termed a shadow person; and hence everything looks to me like he is extremely guilty when in reality it is all just plain well planned out coincidence?
Alcohol and drugs are escapism and I want you to be healthy and happy people!  Deprived of drugs of escapism people learn to love themselves for who they are and that leads to better personal development and a better world!
You can’t tell me those boats coming back from Cuba after they have sold the guns to what we are told are resistance fighters were not loaded with to the deck with heroin from Cuba via Russia/Afghanistan; hence Kennedy and The Bay of Pigs incident with Cuba and Russia?  Even if the timing and gaps in years is a little off from the round trips of the 50 foot boat and the Bay of Pigs. The players are the same and the outcome was that Kennedy was in conflict with Russia and Cuba and Jacob Rubenstein was involved in criminal activity in the same modus? It never really makes any sense until you view it in this context! (Oddly enough on the TV in the distance after I published Jack Ruby 1 I immediately saw that Vladimir Putin is going to visit the new Pope Francis regarding Syria!  Have you ever heard of that before?  The last time anyone over there started that was with Nazi Germany, Marconi and Adolf Hitler?)  Many 50 foot boat trips with guns to Cuba?  That many guns don’t move that quickly in the US without military industrial (where they were made) or Government connections knowing!  And the connection to the CIA man named Davis would lead one to believe that it was a CIA Operation to give Cuba (resistance to Castro) the guns??  If so it implicates the CIA front and center in the killing of John Fitzgerald Kennedy!  You may have seen me write on the CIA being the central intelligence gathering operation of the United States Government and what this means in relation to FDR and his Charles Van Hise concept of surrender of individuality?  And where was the NSA and their signals intelligence operations to prevent this from happening?  The NSA is a division of the United States Army; Kennedy did not want us in the Viet Nam War!!!  Motive being; you kill Kennedy or turn your back when he is killed and you make more money.  Jack Ruby of speed?  Could he have made that perfect shot through JFK’s head?  Could even Oswald who was said to not be able to hit maggy’s drawers on the firing range have made that shot?  Highly doubtful, but maybe not concerning Jack “Ice” Ruby.
It is also stated by a mafia person himself that Ruby was in Texas to bribe the Sheriff so that the mafia could expand their business in Texas?  What more G@d Damned proof do we need than that?  It is like Osama Bin Laden reading a tape of how he claims responsibility for U.S. bombings!  And we did indeed use that as all the justification that we needed to kill him!  If indeed we did!
And let’s say I am right that you don’t bring an empty 50 foot boat back from Cuba without something in it like heroin from Afghanistan/Russia? And why is it I equate Hamid Karzai as being in power at the United Nations at some time?  So why in Texas?  We had solar powered space craft technology that was on the brink of putting the oil business out of business for good?  Clean energy, fresh pure air and water?  Nope, somebody had to ruin all that didn’t they!...where did those drugs on the return boat from Cuba go?
And when the defense assertion is made that Jack Ruby was not involved in organized crime activities what is the distinction or definition? And what is meant by organized crime operations in Texas?  It doesn’t mean Operating night clubs.  Sure enough that is the venue for a lot of it though.  It means illegal drugs, prostitution, gambling and child pornography!  And probably crooked government and a lot of stuff we wouldn’t even have thought of like miles long underground drug tunnels from Mexico!
I keep getting off point as I think and type.  But where did those drugs coming in from Cuba go?  Hippies in California and the rest of the United States, while we entered the Viet Nam War!  Where they could be shot but they could not shoot back because it would have violated a zone with a communist country?  That is a designed War!  Kennedy did not want us in Viet Nam.  But what else do you do with all those British Invasion influenced youth hooked on drugs?  Yeah and it was found out that it was a British bank that laundered drug money in Mexico recently, from drugs sold into the United States!  You have to look at Europe/Asia (specifically including England and also German regions) as being an extension of the territory of the Satanic Lead Wine Press Roman Empire in order to correctly understand world history.  And about that Red Russian Army?  They ate German soldiers after WWII!  A red flag with a yellow star?  What is that they eyeball or testicle in the blood soup? 
But again on the point of where those drugs went.  They created a non working goofed up hippy class that every parent of a young child would not miss having around.  Oh Timothy Leary lives next door how nice?  Maybe I can have my children sleep over at his never never house for money?  That is not my parents!
The step down race loves to sire children that will be fatherless and bastards.  Because there is only one way for these children can learn and when they do, in the process of this learning manner:
1.        It hides the nature and identity of the adults of the step down race.
2.       Creates business opportunity for the step down race by what the adult fur ears gleams from the dislocated human soul of an adult man!
3.       It makes members of the step down race actually feel as if they are Men!  Think of Son of Man insult from the Bible!  It makes the adult males of the step down race feel comfortable about themselves in the world because they can share in the mind split from a man!  Again FDR and one must surrender his individuality!
(What company was the first company to add tar to cigarettes?  Was it indeed an English Tobacco Company?  Read what Culpepper says about Pine Tar Oil in his Complete Herbal book of the 16 or 17th century.  It causes abortion of the fetus!  We know that autism has been linked to unnatural folds in the Placenta.  We also know that the British coated all their naval ropes in pine tar to keep them from rotting and the sailors had yellow stained hands from them!  Again the overriding question, who was really mentally retarded in world history but could talk real well that we didn’t know about!
Ruby and his connection to rifles.  He had to have tested them!  Oddly enough a Generals or other high military ranks house was also shot at just before the Kennedy shooting.  Ruby and Rifles?  Boxer eyes?  Quick and accurate!!!  Ruby also stored those guns that went to Cuba on the second floor of a building (in Galveston Texas?)  Ruby has indeed created the sense of place as to how to kill Kennedy?
Ruby or a high ranking military official likely shot Kennedy!  That shot dead center through the back of the head?  But didn’t it have to have entered from the front?  That is what I always thought as a boy???  For some reason the Catholic School 7th or 8th grade teacher really Pooh Poohed everything I ever had to say!
I have quite a bit more to say and write on the topic, including the extremely high tech firm, needing security clearance firm, that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for while he defected to Russia to Russia before killing Kennedy.  That had to be the firm that made the microwave weapons that were beamed at the CIA building in the early 1970’s!  The only reason that is done is for mind control!  Mind control when the United States is debating War in Viet Nam and other foreign policy?  There were quite a few Rubenstein’s or a similar name in Russia, where there any family relations to Gorizont of Oswald or Rubenstein?  Or did Rubenstein figure out that his mother was driven crazy with that technology?  Was indeed it used to dry out the cells of Rubies lungs and give him a pulmonary embolism?  Very hard to find out who was in the management of Gorizont at that time in history.

I also want to say how a leader of the Warren Commission that was responsible for investigating Kennedy’s death was a neighbor to an Organized Crime boss.  We can stop right there, in terms of me accepting the validity of the Warren Commission report.  Is our current Elizabeth Warren related to that Warren?  There is also the surname from a Penny Stock Operator in here of, or maybe it is just a plain old stock broker (Kantor Fitzgerald)  (Kantor and Fitzgerald)  Now I don’t know if they are related either.  I mention those unconfirmed surname relations as a note to further research family lines which is very hard to do.
Wikipedia article on Jack Ruby was used almost exclusively in the source information for this article.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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