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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why you can't record the voices 11 02 2013

In response to “Has anyone ever had any success recording the voices”
You should have a bottle of adrenal gland around for when you read this stuff!  Vital One Adrenal is good brand name!  It will help you from experiencing paranoid exhaustion!

1.       They seem to be part of a background noise that occurs when they do.  So it fluxes their distinction for the silence into the background noise that comes with them; hence can’t be CLEARLY recorded!
2.       I have seen the ELF meter needles arcs and falls in the same pattern as the syllables rise and fall of voices spoken versus background white noise silence of the voices.
3.       Try this, turn on the radio, sit near it and think of something very smart like you have thought of a new invention or are better than everyone else for some reason.  When you do you will hear that AM radio spike static as if a lightning bolt had just hit somewhere.  Lightning bolts create an electromagnetic pulse that has the same crackle to reception!
4.       Magnets can indeed be used to nullify the voices, which means it is electromagnetic field based.  It is modified radio or experimental ham radio technology.
5.       Shielding Faraday cage to the back of your neck and the base of your spine can nullify them to.  That vibration works through the lybmic system to act on your speech!
6.       Also Faraday cage technology on the top of the head lessens their intensity too.  A oil or cream based sunscreen can do this.  Don’t use the clear alcohol hair based sunscreens because they will give you stroke.  Try coconut milk on your hair, about $2.5 a can!  Mix it with a little pure aloe vera gel and a little rosemary powder!  You notice how a proper sunscreen for your hair is not marketed anywhere in the United States?
But the reason you can’t hear the voices on the recording is because they are intelligence based in that your mind is being used to imprint theirs.  Hence those who have been imprinted on yours already get way ahead of you and know when to “hide” the voice.
You should have a bottle of adrenal gland around for when you read this stuff!  Vital One Adrenal is good brand name!  It will help you from experiencing paranoid exhaustion!
I have heard them since 1991 today 2013.  But for one week my neighbors went on vacation to either North or South Carolina, there was complete absence of the voices!  Complete silence.  Not any of that stuff they would label as being tinnitus either.  (another medical fraud)  One day they were working in their garage.  The son became a carpenter. I walked over to talk to them.  Because I my father taught me to be very proficient with tools.  He was a tech five sergeant in WWII in the Corps of engineers!  I have taken completely apart and fixed vacuum cleaners, sump pumps, common radios, sink disposers, washing machines, gas furnaces, (not completely apart), replaced hot water heater anodes, swapped out steering gears and replaced brakes on cars, the list is endless... and what I saw up there in the rafters back around the year 2000 was like nothing I have ever seen before in my life!  Here is what it looks like.  It appears to have been installed or serviced by two Italian looking and speaking men in a white Van.  But after I saw it I made a mental note of it.  Then that neighbor dry walled the walls and ceiling of that garage and moved away!  Some kind of frequency generator that can be voice attenuated from a distance maybe even has its own phone like and call back system!  Likely a product of AT&T!  They funded the complete business of the Investment firm I worked at First Analysis in Chicago!  And it was indeed in the Investment business that I started to lose my ability to concentrate.  There was noise there that prevented me from concentrating first when I worked at Blunt Ellis and Lowe and then it switched to Kemper Securities in Milwaukee.  It was like a oscillating fingernail on a chalkboard noise! At First Analysis the device they sat me next to was made by Southwestern Bell and it put out a field of static like electricity that seemed to displace brain synapses.  I should list the names of all the employees that worked there at the time!
Anyhow it is stuff like what I painted in that ugly picture that is creating your voices.  And I have even seen handheld versions of these pointed at people.  One produced an electric stream that hit me from 25 feet away and I almost fell of the rocks I was walking on at the Lakefront in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  This woman had and dull dogged faced looking English face.  The other time I saw one of these was at the YMCA on Green bay and Brown deer road.  Called the Schroeder Aquatic Center.  Schroeder being a German name.  Also one of my neighbors nee name actually the one that moved in that same house. A black girl with tattoos all over her body pointed it at me and a girl on the bench beside me!  Both of us got an immediate headache and each almost had a stroke right there.  I can guarantee you that they will be used to bring planes down in the United States again and that it will indeed be blamed on someone who is said to have a history of hearing voices in their heads and not who is really causing them!  These devices can indeed give a pilot a stroke.  I believe that they have been given to the FBI, there was an item in the news to that effect some time ago!
But anyhow, the reason they need your mind is because their hippo campus is defective!  And sadly enough some of them are Jews!  Use the search term “Wisconsin Eugenics” and also “Alma Wisconsin”.  As you read about the motives of WI Eugenicists you will also be reading a description of why you are hearing voices!  ~ Your individuality is being surrendered from you!  Read that Alma wording of “The village of a thousand souls,” as being a thousand’s souls from one!  The town was built around a German immigrant’s brewery and they all had feeble minded qualities; accept one!  Eugenics is like one of those doctrines that was used against the main proponent!  He believed they were made that way from alcohol!  He was right!  (Contrast those last two sentences to FDR embracing Eugenics at the bequest of Van Hise and defeating Prohibition!)  FDR also created the Boy Scouts.  All well and good but that is where I was first introduced to alcohol and pot while I was in the 5th grade.  The troupe leader’s names were Taylor and Cryshack and Taylor’s son provided the drugs and alcohol!  It’s true so don’t think you have legal recourse! And what do we know today?  A lot of human being sexually boys were abused in FDR’s Boy Scouts.  FDR and the Eugenicists he relied on often spoke of the term “Adjusting the individual”  To me this sounds a lot like why the Yankees that defeated the British called themselves just that- in response!  An analogy might be if a group of men formed calling themselves the PV’s meaning the pedophilia (pronounced something like peddle and feel yah)  victims and went after them in vengeance of their violated constitutional rights!
ADVICE to the one labeled schizophrenic:
Never drink alcohol or masturbate.  Get plenty of exercise and when you do they will be there!  Use the technique a nun taught my father of muttering an insult based on constructive criticism or otherwise under your breath or not under your breath and look directly at them! 
“Blessed is the one who reads aloud.”  You don’t have to do it in public, just do it in your home like you are practicing public speaking!  Try reading aloud and keep at it and you will raise your mind above the subordinated and empower yourself.  To make it look like you have a reason to read aloud if you are in public, read into a recorder.  Ignore that it is against the law, because you are not publishing it; and I am not responsible if you get prosecuted for recording copyrighted material.  It is a b/s law to prevent you from realizing how intelligent you are in relation to other people.  If you heard your voice before and after the medicine you would be able to confirm this for yourself too!
When Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaks about never letting up for even a moment on Progressive Government he is talking about you and hearing those voices you hear!  The American Progressives were a Eugenics/psychiatry political party!  They caused the rise of Nazi Germany!  And then they actually said that it was Hitler’s concepts they were trying to “Embrace” and “graft” onto the American public!
The voices that you hear will also know if you intend to commit any crime!  Why because they hear your thinking!  And indeed in imprinting themselves on your mind they become faster than your thinking.  This causes a problem when they use your imagination against you as to transform it into reality!  You are really a writer and creative person and they would like to defeat and steal that skill?  To make a criminal out of a victim really hides the fact that they are your victim!  What is the point?  It was likely their idea that you commit the crime in the first place!  It is indeed how and why the Government today has to recreate a fictional trail of evidence in some cases in order to get the facts to fit as to how they were able to catch someone!  It is also how Prohibition forces like the FBI were defeated by this Criminal type of mind!  It knows what you are planning, how you are planning to catch it.  In effect it is the coward that dies a thousand deaths a day and lives in fear!!!!   They consider it what of their greatest personal achievements to create a person that the Bible describes as a “Know not what they do!” out of a thinking and happily independent human being with their own conscience and reason!
Believe it or not you are the victim of the greatest criminal activity in the history of the world, FDR repealed Prohibition.  The Roosevelt family wealth came from the Delano family Opium trade with China!  Do you see why people keep their mouth shut?  No one wants to be poisoned killed with heroin opium!  My elderly 86 year old father was in the hospital before he died.  He really had constipation caused by pharmaceuticals used to treat heart disease and the symptoms and cause are exactly the same as congestive heart failure!  He had a few bouts of it and he was always better after he had a bowel movement.  Can I ask you this, what dries out a mans colon to the point hard round feces the size of a baseball forms in there?  It is a combination of pharmaceuticals and that cornucopia microwave type cell dehydrating weapon.   One day when it first started I said, “Dad there is something different about the air?”  “I feel it to!” my elderly father a retired Milwaukee public school reading teacher replied in his beautiful voice. And a neighbor a few doors down on my block was killed by opiates too!  Neither one said anything!
This is deep rooted in the United States and it is why called named their nuclear missiles the Russian Word for Satan and pointed them at us!
They target for drug use human beings that have their own human souls and can think for themselves.
Prior to FDR  (Democrat but really Progressive, his brother Theodore a Republican but also really a Progressive….. ( Political affiliations are irrelevant! Progressive believed in Van Hise and other Wisconsin Eugenics work and ideals.  A former 7 year cabinet member of FDR stated that his new deal policies were based on Progressive idealism.  And the Progressives themselves contorted the idea of Eugenics to reach the wrong conclusion in action, as you will see further on in this writing.)…. Prior to FDR Schizophrenic symptoms were very rare on earth!  But what we did have was a great many feeble minded from German Beer in Wisconsin and the United States!  That neighbor who had the Cornucopia in his garage was a lawyer and an heir from a German Wisconsin Brewery!!!! (Weber) Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation spectrum disorders in the Western hemisphere.  Retardation is also caused by inbreeding, and cannibalism, and other drug use.  FDR himself was an inbred and so was Adolf Hitler.  (And indeed a family member of yours could very well be of that same satanic minded archetype and you not even be aware of it, the Bible alludes to this to with  something like this, “And some or all of your own family members will persecute you in my name.”
The motivation for medicating and disabling you is that they are absolutely NOTHING without a sacrifice or victim for them!  That is why there were some travel restrictions put in place for us, it has to do with what the Bible said regarding- rapture in the Book of Revelation.  “And those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth!”  And if your computer is not pulling up all those Bible search terms it means that your computer has been tapped and hijacked in some way!  This is what happened to me.  I had tried these search terms many times before but they never came up.  But I never forgot what they were!  And one day I tried searching for them again and they came up with the references!!!!!  That Bible search website probably has the most computer web browsers hijacked than any other; for those of you in our judicial system that want to make a legitimate and positive difference!
But beware Pride is a seven deadly sin.  And hubris is the enemy of the Gods.  Honestly ask yourself what is wrong with taking pride in your personal achievements as a reward for them??? Rather than Roman Catholic Lead Wine or Franklin Delano Roosevelt Heroin?  Who on earth would write that it is a sin to be proud of your achievements?  The guilt is in the accusation isn’t it!  That is a woman’s mind or a souless person that does not have a sound proper hippo campus function. (my song Granny Fieldcorns Boy comes to mind!)
Today is my birthday and I am 47 years old!  I was born on 11-02-1966.  You can make it too!
My grandmother Isabella Roth had it too and she lived to be in her upper 80’s or early 90’s.  But she was medicated and had trouble swallowing!  They don’t like us talking or singing!  Actually the Satanic resent anything that we create and try and market!
Black people did well under FDR!  Stand next to a select one of them and you will notice that your blood pressure and heart rate decrease!
Oddly enough the boiler room of a school seems to put out an electromagnetic field.  And they claim they have to fire them up real early in the morning!
We get gun control laws from Prohibition!  FDR got us into fight in WWII but not the bootlegging mentally retarded!  Do you see what was about to happen?  That research from an Alma Wisconsin Eugenicist was about to label how the mentally retarded are created through alcohol use, even a drop!  WWII was a great distraction!  In 32’ FDR vowed to end Prohibition and also for a “Call to arms” as his Presidential speech on the campaign.   He was of great Opium wealth, he had over one and a half million postage stamps!  Do you see who his supporters around the world were?  His Finance campaign finance minister was of the bootlegging (Joseph) Kennedy family.  And there is indeed how you prove where his family connections were in the world!  Where those stamps came from!  How many came from Germany and China!!!!!  Those are your drug money families! But of course they are separated from the addresses of the envelopes sent to him!
Speaking of which, what American today owns land in Afghanistan where the poppy fields are?  Afghanistan is very near China.  Was it indeed part of China at one time?  There is no quicker way to level down a thinking human being than to give them one try of heroin!  It ruins them!  Any drug that creates Euphoria precedes the person who takes it from their own personal achievement reward system that leads to a better developed hippocampus?  Why?  Because it is reinforcing positive memories based on achievement.  Have you ever worked for or been around someone that will deny you believing in yourself, your potential and even your education!  This is who they are!  And they do indeed populate the management ranks of corporate America and indeed have been rather accurately defined by others to have psychotic personality features.  Psychosis is defined as having a break with reality.  In other words a person cannot make sense of the world based on their own personal memories and goes haywire!  And that is indeed what hearing voices often does to a person- it distracts them from making decisions based on their own personal memories formed through a healthy hippocampus!  Who would do this to a human being, someone that could not form their own because of a hippo campus defect!
When I took the CPA exam I looked to my left at the fellow and he was writing step for step with me and when I paused he paused too!  Many of the Big eight have gone defunct since 1991.  And indeed an American has not won a Nobel prize in literate in 20 years.  This is Reagan and his alien race comment and Bush and his no child left behind false idealism.
Something about the way Barrack pronounces Pakistan.  He gave the I in it the double ee sound of a Y; like a Indian India would.  Barracks face is more narrow than a traditional African Americans.  It looks more like that of Osama Bin Laden in Jaw line!  What would Barracks DNA tell us?  Who really is Barracks father?
Was the War in Viet Nam and agent orange really Viet Nam competing with Afghanistan or Pakistan on heroin production.  A Viet Nam Vet I know told me they all did it.  And the AR-15 is a toy gun compared to what a soldier should have had!!!  Remember FDR’s cabinet was in the Presidential office at least to the Johnson Kennedy Presidencies!  Johnson is a pure English Surname,  Kennedy a pure Irish surname that got his head blown of by a soldier that defected to work in a Russian high tech aerospace company only to return to assassinate Kennedy!   And your Warren Commission hid those facts to this day.  In fact Elizabeth Warren looks to me to be another façade for financial reform that will not happen or be effective.  It is like Barracks appointment to the FDA that allowed a high potency heroin pill to just hit the market!
I really believe that any heroin drug dealer should be shot on sight!  We shot the bootleggers why can’t we shoot the drug dealers of today!  It is against your Constitutional right to be sold or given an addictive substance because it violates your personal LIBERTY to stop using it because it is addictive!
So someone, a character without credibility in a work of pure fiction, make’s the public declaration first?  “Ronald tried to sell or give me drugs!  If I ever see him or his associates again I think that someone might kill them?”
Intentional use of dislocated pronouns!
“Taylor (Eglish surname) made my kid smoke pot, and then put his hand on his knee and told him he had pretty eyes, then him and some other boys tried to rape him in the Boy Scouts while in Catholic School.  It is too bad his house burnt down!”
“Trevor and Hefler were High School drug dealers at Whitefish Bay High School,  I don’t mind that they are not around living anymore.”
If you listen carefully one of the devices that creates the voice it sounds like the background noise that accompanies the voice is being produced by little puffs of air being exploded, like a percussive sound!  That is indeed the description of a high tech weapon our Government has been said to produce, it can vaporize air at a distance.  It could have been used to increase fuel efficiency in cars through a better fuel injection system.  Like using air to be tuned into a directive energy pulse.  As you soon as you hear this in the AM you will also notice that you will start to feel physical disability in your joints.  Like they are being torn up from the inside or a specific frequency is being used to aggravate the disks in your lower back!
Okay back to that part above where I said I would write about it more later on.
What type of males did Eugenics label as being schizophrenic?  Those that women wanted to sleep with!  No lie!  When I was growing up I researched schizophrenia after watching my grandmothers face as she tried to talk, very informative!  My research told me that Schizophrenics had an above average IQ and looked younger for their age!  So what is really going on with regard to the Eugenicists and Psychiatrists and Corporate America---Applied ENVY!  ENVY of pure and healthy human beings, that is you schizophrenic!
So what is your counterpart?  Someone that has had their sexual and personal identity deseeded through the effects of alcohol, or other negative influences.  They prevent and indeed cause a defective hippocampus while in the womb!  I actually herd a homosexual say to me in passing under his voice at the downtown YMCA that, “I can hear any of you I want to.” Or “I can tune into anyone of you I want to.”  Something to that effect!        I am not a homo!
Currently, in my humble opinion only, your son or daughter should be allowed to carry a handgun into school to be able to kill a high school drug dealer!  That is my belief and I have the right to freedom of speech.  I told you why it supports our Constitution!  And I am not telling you to do that!  It is just my belief of how the laws should be created to effectively address the problem of your Constitutional rights being willfully violated! Do you know who was a High School drug dealer at Whitefish Bay High School.  The star athlete, the jock, that had a polish surname.  When I was photographing at the Romney/Ryan campaign, I went there because I could and it was in town, that high school drug dealer’s younger sister was there!  The music and speeches were so loud that they were deafening!  And she yelled to turn it up!  And they did just that!  She was in the middle of the crowd and they obeyed her for some reason.  I don’t think she was real successful after high school.
FDR created the Boy Scouts!   I was indoctrinated into drugs and alcohol in the fifth grade at the Catholic School Holy Family in Whitefish Bay.  I am 47 today! I raised a stink.  My mother went to the police and that Boy Scout tribe was done and gone over!
English Jews and all Protestants (there are great many Protestant Churches and they go under various names.  That is how the British infiltrated and screwed up the U.S.  Through religious abuse and hidden religious abuse!  The fact that the Protestants changed the names of their churches is a sign they wanted to hide their personal identity and worship!  So no one can figure out what is represented by the Tea Party? And what did representatives from satanic Europe do to boys in Catholic Churches and Schools in Ireland and the United States.  They sexually molested them!
A pure Jew likely had to have a different theory with regard to Eugenics!  That beast of a woman called a screech owl in the Bible was likely given a G scribe on her forehead or maybe not? Maybe it was the human thinker that was given the first of the three letter word God as a sign of being God?  A golem really being God?  And what is a golem?  It is like a person that was zombified to do the will of a rabbie!  Cain killed his brother and was marked for it by God, who was his own father!
English Jews and Protestants are Jews that aren’t Jews.  Indeed part of the Satanic Roman Empire that abused and enslaved Jews.  England was populated by Druids that sacrificed people in the woods so that their gods could be satanically devined from them!  Rome founded England!
The original human Jewish tribe had to have fought off and killed any instances of mental retardation in order for the human race to have become a separate and distinct race!  Those labeled schizophrenic have above average IQ’s.  Do you see who we are?  We also look younger for our age as a human being is comfortable living around human beings and does not therefore age fast! Put us on medicine that negates our hippo campus thinking and we degrade!  And we weren’t meant to degrade!  We weren’t born that way!  When they (we) are put on medicine our thinking clears up in the absence of the voices and the next thing some do is grab that American Gun they were given the right to have and assert their Constitutional right to Liberty!  Not only that once on psychiatric medicine they have indeed degraded to the directive of a zombified and therefore controlled mind!  Their thinking is clear but their memories are foggy!  Somewhat just the opposite of someone with excellent verbal ability and not a thread of common sense! 
In effect they want to make a brain dead homo out of your boy in order to create a delusion from their own reality!
Conclusion:  You schizophrenic are a Jewish God!  Hence anything bad that is said about you, or the label schizophrenic, is a defamation of character!  The word schizophrenic, like God, should never be allowed to be used in vein like it is today!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 02 2013 at:
Other expanded ideas. (My Grandmother Isabella (nee Roth) Murphy tittled just like Jesus Christ, a non- duplicitous Jew in the Bible, said she should do!)
Why you can’t record the voices.
Think of it as being a blind person that has nothing better to do all day than stay one step ahead of your mind!  And you may indeed be the savior of the person born blind too.  How?  We know what alcohol does to the eyes of the fetal alcoholic child so it therefore can indeed also cause blindness as a birth defect!  Hence you have the creation of the satanic hippo campus and another, a blind person at the same time!  So much for those wine presses coming from the country of Judah into the country of Israel.  One religion gets its tribal name from the former!  The brothers of the son of Joseph the son of Judah sold him into slavery in Egypt!  Do you see what happened to Israelis and not Jews?  It’s right there in the first book of the Bible Genesis!
Those priests molesting boys in Ireland know why they are doing it!  It is jealousy of the human soul and those who have the potential to develop human thinking and a human soul!  Fi fi foe fum said Skull and Bones Bush as he proceeded to paddle across the Irish Sea to enslave the minds of Ireland!

A Catholic priest once said that satan is all around us.  What does that mean in practical terms without being too paranoid?  It means be very careful of who you allow to prepare food for you!   A drug dealer owned three McDonalds in the suburbs I have lived in for 47 years, every time I ate there I got sick.  I watched the billionaire son of a wealthy life insurance company drip snot from his nose onto the grill at a popular 3 store restaurant franchise in Milwaukee.  My father and his relative by the last name of Roth were food poisoned at a restaurant after they graduated from Marquette!  And don’t drink those energy drinks because you  have so much energy already that that additional expense create will kill you with a heart arrhythmia!

So you feel none of this applies to you and it doesn't make sense?  Wait until your child is given drugs, you'll see!  Wait until your child is confronted with children that we can't understand why they are mean?  And indeed that is also how Eugenics was contorted and abused.  Those mean children are the product of alcohols destructive influence on the formation of the hippo campus.

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