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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why the Catholic Church is Pro Life 11 03 2013

Why the Catholic Church is Pro Life 11 03 2013

I just read how Pope Francis is surveying public opinion through his Bishops about what changes in the Church should be made with regard to Gays and adopted children of Gays.

First of once you change the religious beliefs of a Religion you have indeed changed the religion!  Hence you have actually nullified and voided the old one and should indeed change the name of that religion!

This is all about money!

1. They want to know how much money they can make with regard to marrying two gay people!

2. A lot of Political parties have received enormous contributions from the Gay's and Lesbians!  The pope is putting a feeler out there with regard to this too!  How much money can he get if he changes the Churches policy regarding gays!

What put me on this line of thinking?

The fact that FDR came into office with the support of the bootlegging family name Joseph Kennedy backing him as his campaign finance minister.  FDR made a call to arms and also made the campaign promise to repeal Prohibition.  His New Deal plan was said to have been greatly inspired by Wisconsin Eugenicist "Van Hise."  Until that time the symptoms of schizophrenia were very rare indeed but what we did have was plenty of feeble minded.  And during poor times the feeble minded who have lots of money shine like spore on steel.

But what did we find out after WWII there was a change of Religion represented by Vatican II!  What does this tell us?  That money was changing the Churches opinion!  The opinion of what religion can be can indeed be bought!

So who bought the Pro Life agenda?  This connects back with the repeal of Prohibition!  Those children that are put up for adoption are ones where there was a one night stand related to alcohol!  Hence it was indeed part of the same money that went to finance FDR's campaign presidency!

Is there a great amount of Gold hidden somewhere in Vatican City, related to the spoils of War?  Deep underground somewhere I ask?

So who are those children that are put up for adoption?  They might be all grouped into the same terminology_ Tavern League Children. TLC for short.  And all Gays and Lesbians are indeed Tavern League Children because the alcohol indeed wiped out the starter seed that transferred or represented the identity that corresponded with their sex.  It has to do with it causing oxygen deprivation damage to the hippo campus.  The area of the brain responsible for learning and forming memories and learning from your own memories!

In summary the Catholic Church is Pro Life because if all those babies put up for adoption were instead aborted because no one would ever take care of them the public would eventually get to the cause of them being conceived in the first place, alcohol!  And that would damage the tavern league.

Think of it this way.  You are a brewery owner during prohibition.  Not only are you no longer making any money but also everyone is looking at your fetal alcohol syndrome children and laughing at those retards. Hence the pro life movement was formed to address your less than normal children too!

The repeal of Prohibition came because those German Brewery owners were desperate and still had a large nest egg of money to put behind their cause.  Selling alcohol is indeed against the United States Constitution because it is addictive and it violates your right of Liberty because once you start using it you are no longer at LIBERTY to stop using it because it is addictive!  Now that unbreakable logic has never been presented to the Supreme Court!

After FDR there came people diagnosed as hearing voices.  What are they or us?  They are victims of the Tavern League Children who never had their own soul!  A soul meaning a healthy and normal hippo campus and the ability to think and learn from ones own memories.  It also means the presence of a human conscience and human reason; how a human being is defined and differentiated from the beast!

What Pope Francis actions are telling us today is that church beliefs are bought and paid for!  Okay in light of the 1000's of sexual molestations by Catholic Priests are you comfortable with Pope Francis polling for opinions on Gay Marriage and the adopted children of Gays?

A woman from Chicago once indeed told me that she had been at private parties and all of the Catholic Priests in Chicago were Gay!  Okay balance this against boys being sexually molested by them?  It would appear that it is an aspect of being gay in some way and some subset of the Gay population.  One males desire to touch another males privates whether caressing or not is a Gay activity to me!

What you don't know about Satan, a TLC with a defective hippo campus???) is he and she are tribal and their souls are formed reactive and reflective upon the minds that are demonized for them in their name.  So indeed if you have a man who has had his soul split those in the tribe that are female could very likely turn out to be Gay as well as the males.  It is based upon how something like that reacts to emotions of the demonized soul that it identifies with!  And the same is true with regard to females that are demonized.

FDR benefited the TLC, and so did Prohibition!  Did you ever notice that some people can tolerate alcohol very well.  Does it have to do with a defective hippo campus in the first place?  If you have adapted to that disorder at birth then you really don't get a headache as much because the memories that formed your mind were never really your own!  To people like this it is all about money!

The other day I heard a story about Gays being sperm donor's.  I just have to ask what planet are you from.

Now when I was younger I thought more in terms of equality with regard to them.  But when you hear odd voices in your head you think a lot differently about people in this world.  And like I said the symptoms were very rare before FDR came into office.  Do you know how those who he relied upon for his New Deal plan defined a person to be Schizophrenic?  It was a man that women wanted to have sex with!

Do you know what I read about schizophrenics when I was a boy?  That they are above average intelligence and they look young for their age.  Have you ever noticed how a person with a hangover or a baby born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum look older for their age!  Now make the comparison of how someone who was born to parents who did not drink alcohol would look?  Do you get it?  They defined normal and healthy men to be schizophrenic for the benefit of the Tavern League Children who were defective!

And I grew up in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  It is a wealthy suburb of Milwaukee.  One of the biggest beer capitals in the world.  With indeed many mansions bought and paid for by beer barons money!  That money did not want to lose its wealth even though it should never have influenced politics in any way.

Another thing that would be interesting to figure out would be?  Charitable organizations are required to keep track of their contributions.  Where their major contributions made before children were sexually molest by Catholic Priests?

I actually believe that any family that had a direct line of benefit from the repeal of Prohibition should have all of their assets sized!

And another thing, when big contributions are made to the Catholic Church do we often see a change in Public policy by them?  We saw a big change after WWII.  Was there a contribution made?

Has there ever been a demographic analysis of the parents of Gay people?  Honest it has been made about everyone else?

Gays say that they were born that way and hence it is normal.  But I would ask the question, if a child can not be diagnosed to be autistic until age 8 how can gays know they are gay at birth?  Do you see how scientific analysis has completely passed them by?  I was a research analyst.  We ask a lot of questions that is what we are good at.  No research department of a legitimate university would have let this pass by them by!  I would completely discredit any scientific research by Masters and Johnson!  Their research might even amount to Fraud.  Indeed much of Merck's research, they wrote the manual that defines someone as being a schizophrenic... much of Merck's research has been fraudulent in many ways- mainly in findings and reports that could not be scientifically repeated or even validated.  And that is what defines science- the ability for anyone coming along in history who uses the exact same protocols as you did in your study to repeat those exact same results!  That is science, what we define something that is fraudulently based on that same level of study to be where human lives are concerned can only be termed Satanic Witchcraft! 

Were Catholic Priests paid to sexually molest children! Were they paid to look the other way when it happened between children?

If those children were to be aborted the Catholic priests would also fear it would get around to them.  Why?  These are often odd men that could not find their way in life! And then it would also get around to the Tavern League Children and entire family lines would be ended.  Why?  No one but one of them would ever want to marry someone that did not have their own mind!  And therefore that could never be known.  Hence the healthy human beings that look younger and the women wanted to have sex with were stigmatized and medicated for their minds!  What does it amount to?  Envy and hatred of MAN!

My father also told me that the Castles in Germany were not touched.  Who owned Castles?  German beer barons?  Did Hitler give the order for the scorched earth policy to (Spear) because he knew he had been betrayed by the German Castle Beer Barons?

And is the Catholic Church also pro life because children in adoption networks and foster care homes can and are sexually molested at will and there is no accountability to it? The instance of hiding that crime has indeed been a rampant Catholic stance!  If they are covering it up in the Church it means they are culpable to all instances of its occurrence!  And yes they are with the Pro-life movement! 

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