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Monday, November 4, 2013

World Economy and Organ Donation 11 04 2013

World Economy and Organ Donation 11 04 2013

Because we are in a world economy Organ Donation in the United States might indeed be Unconstitutional!  Why?  Because organs have been taken at will from those accused of political crimes who were executed prisoners in China!

Also if the Donation of organs is used to support a life habit that violates your Liberty because it is an addiction and you therefore are not at liberty to stop it means that Organs donated to you such as a new liver support the violation of human Liberty!  And that is a violation of the most basic and highest weighted Constitutional Rights!

We do not violate the Liberty of people in other countries either!  The Spirit of the Constitution with regard to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is really a statement that we don't want those who violate Liberty living near, around or with us!  That is what it means!  And not something the brethren of the grandson of an Opium Dealer Franklin Delano Roosevelt would declare it should be in a comfortable fireside chat; with the pretense that he is a father figure!  Do you get it?  That was part of the psychological propaganda that was used to defeat prohibition! (Hitler wasn't the only participant) A bad comparison to the founding fathers.  Much like the current Tea Party shames United States History by being the exact opposite where we rose up together and stated "Give me Liberty or Give me death!"  The drug dealer also wants its junkie to believe it is a father figure!  And the drug dealer is one who believes in might makes right and beats people up until they are so unhappy they turn to drugs!  The principle of Might makes right was exactly what the Eugenicist believed!

The bottom line is that it can't be regulated as to where and how they come from and who goes where to get them!  Also it leads to more responsibility in our society when we realize that we could die of liver failure if we drink alcohol, that we will indeed die if we get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes.  Contrast this to a woman the tobacco companies would seek to use in an advertising campaign, Waving her hands in the air and smiling, "I smoked for years and got lung cancer but it is okay because they had plenty of new lungs to replace mine!"  What it amounts to is one crime, supporting another crime that supports another!  Makes for a great and sustainable American economy doesn't it!(facetious)

Not only that organ donation is often necessitated by car accidents resulting from alcohol and substance abuse!  "Let me sell you alcohol and I will also give you new body parts.  I have everything you need!" Those are the men that you married!

The pen makes write!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on11 04 2013

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