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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Does Alcohol Determine Gender in Human Beings 05 25 2014 update

Does Alcohol Determine Gender in Human Beings 05 25 2014

What am I getting at?  Those who are born to fetal alcohol syndrome are often smaller and have defective brain function.  Smaller size also means smaller brain size and skull size more like a female?    We know that heat or something like that determines gender in a species like a turtle but it has never been determined what determines gender in humans.
Was there a woman in history who sought to drink alcohol in order to create males that were not as mentally strong as others?  Is there a historical basis for this assertion?  Pamako is the early word for pharmacy and also witchcraft.  Per my origin analysis it is derived from pam meaning all and ako meaning like the elder brother.
If so “She” would covet sons that had smaller brains or less brain function as if they were her only true offspring.
1.       Perhaps the presence of alcohol determining gender was meant to occur from the presence of fresh foods fermenting in the belly of a pregnant woman?
2.       She used alcohol (pamako) to create a weak minded race of men because she was weak minded?
3.       Alcohol is known to cause birth defects of dwarfism.
Is a body more likely to be born female with alcohol ingestion of a woman?  We already know that the brain is likely to be smaller and therefore not function as well?  Is the female brain smaller?  Yes!  That is a fact.  Has the female brain gotten too small?
Are their many men with large heads and small brain function that should be forced to wear long skirts! J  Yes!  And I believe they are comprised of Professional athletes and homosexuals!  Do we need a dress code to address this issue?  And I am indeed stating that there are men who are born with defective minds that are therefore the equivalent of a smaller brain.  And less energy being put to the brain means that they grow bigger faster!
That way your daughter will know never to marry one!
And maybe that dress code should be tightened?  A long dress that these men cannot run in!  About as fast as they could run would be shuffling along!  And that isn’t far enough!  Long dresses with the elbows of the dress sewed into the sides!  That would be the perfect depiction of the worth of these males to our human society!  Useless!
When I think of German beer do you know what term I want to use to describe it?  Swine juice!
You want to be seen in public you have to wear your bottle uniform!  A long dress that is tight at the feet and only allows you to shuffle walk.  Arms of the dress sewed to the sides!  That will prevent you from influencing human  society!
Canaan will be the label as well as your name and SS number!  Hitler created the SS (Secret Service??) to kill!  The United States created the SS (Social Security) to save!  That is why I am always very suspect of anyone who brings up the issue of eliminating Social Security!
What am I getting at?  Normal levels of natural alcohol in the body from fermentation and digestion was to determine gender and therefore a woman of child bearing age should never drink one single drop!  There is normal gender determination and then there is pushing the issue out of spite for real men with larger heads and brains?  It is racism against men!  A mean and wicked spite!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Alcohol has a drying action.  Hence a woman is a male whose penis did not form because it dried up back into her because of alcohol; in the development stage in the womb?  There are an awful lot of women that want to be men!  Hence this might be of valuable information for them in the direction of what would create happiness for people like them in the future.

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