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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Insurance and Replacement Value 06 05 2014

Insurance and Replacement Value  06 05 2014

If insurance covers me for replacement value why can't I use the sum of all I paid in insurance to replace the item when it has aged and needs replacement?

Because it is a pooled money business why does it have to be pooled by a businessman for profit?
In other words, why does my responsible behavior benefit the Insurance man and not myself?
Why can't it be a Government function?

So and so ruined something under circumstances involving alcohol whereas I don't drink.  He doesn't get replacement money from the Gov Insurance fund whereas I do.

When I look at the entire financial industry of the world it looks like monkeys' squatting on nations treasuries. They got that Washington monument stuck right up their A$$ don't they!

In fact that would be a good theme for a painting a monkey with its a$$ stuck on the Washington monument.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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