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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yesterday there was an Internet outage 06 18 2014

Yesterday there was an Internet outage 06 18 2014

Included my house and the same computer lab at Whitefish Bay High School that spawned the graduate who had 16 hard drives of sexual victimization of children on them.  Today when I try and distribute my posts to sights like "Schizophrenia is medical fraud,"  the Internet function goes at a snails pace.

I believe that somehow Internet function has been subverted and stalled to a point whereby my Internet function has been violated!  I think that somehow it has been channeled and controlled through an illegal hub function somewhere!

But on a positive note I have to applaud Julia Siegel the President of Whitefish Bay for creating that storm sewer runoff ditch at the park across the street, because of it with as much rain as we have been having today and yesterday my sump pump is barely needed to turn on!  That solution of the ditch worked.  And sure it is a waste of park space but that is just how it is.  Baseball isn't what it used to be anyway!  It used to be a past time!  Totally different meaning!  The meaning of a past time is that first you have to work at a normal job during the day in order to enjoy a past time! One does not seek to covet, profit and exclude others from a past time!  That isn't what a past time was meant to be!  Boys should be raised to believe that they can earn money for a family from a past time!

"I want to grow up to make money from a past time!"  Reasoning?  All I really was good at in school was baseball.  You see even that isn't true because you did not play it with sportsmanship! 

What legitimate father would ever say, "Oh I want that for you too son!"

Because very few actually make it in professional sports.  It creates a nation of overgrown sore losers recalcitrant to work doesn't it! That is just what we need wreaking havoc within our Democracy isn't it!  They make excellent alcohol and drug customers don't they!  I am really a Professional Baseball player!  Or I could have really been a professional baseball player?  Who needs that kind of weight thrown around in their communities?  It was a pastime! 

Do you know exactly what they are going to do next?  Find a way to pay everyone who played sports in High School to play them as their married husbands and that be the source of their income!  Why don't you just write yourself checks from the Government?  When you see $17 trillion in national debt how can you not say that hasn't been the banking and investment function in the United States?

Who needs Cowboy boots like that stomping around in your hose and asking you for $20,000.oo to buy a motorcycle with because they married your daughter?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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