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Friday, June 6, 2014

How did drug users become commonplace on television 06 06 2014

How did drug users become commonplace on television 06 06 2014

The music and entertainment industry.  Specifically the British (means tattoo) Music invasion.

And for us to believe that music/entertainment and drugs go hand in hand means that has been corrupted by the propaganda of organized crime.

And the drug invasion occurred at the same time Kennedy was shot in Texas.  Mexico on the border of Texas is known to be where a great many drugs enter the United States from and Jack Ruby was stated to have been in charge with establishing organized crime in Texas for the mafia in some function?  So that proximity of Texas is close to the land of dissociative personality disorder Hollywood?  And the drugs were needed to keep them happy?

If you can't achieve a sense of personal success through personal achievement you become an actor and pretend to be someone else!  And it appears that acting does not lead to that sense of success through personal achievement and that is why drugs of escapism are needed.

And basically that is a great indicator of who in our society is incapable of personal achievement; those who use drugs of escapism.

"The Broken Shield"

For example a sense of personal achievement in Law Enforcement should always come from doing the right thing and therefore never having any cognitive dissonance about it and the need for a drug of escapism like alcohol; which use of might be said to make one less able to do the right thing?  How many are a disgrace to the shield because they drink?  How can you be a shield to the public when your shield has already been broken!

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