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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fraudulent Supreme Court Rule on Interpretation of the United States Constitution as Defeating the Constitution

Fraudulent Supreme Court Rule on Interpretation of the United States Constitution as Defeating the Constitution

In other words there has never been much reason to rule on the interpretation.  And some of the rules on the interpretation of the United States Constitution are Unconstitutional rulings that a 5 year old could figure out were Unconstitutional!

And what have the done?  Created Federal Laws that Contradict the United States Constitution knowing very well that no United States Citizen has the power and money to challenge the Federal Law that violates the United States Constitution!  They know just as General Custer did that it is never going to get that far along!  Hence it is corrupt justice!

This article might be alternatively titled an Insulated Confederate Legal System. And perhaps the solution when the crime rate becomes untenable is to disbar the entire legal system of a State and have a fresh start.  Young men and women who are not mentally corrupt or mentally corruptible!

It is not meant to be thought of as commensurate with sorority function or a cheer-leading party.  It is not supposed to be an event where a man goes home and then later brags that his wife made that decision for him!  -When later on it will prove to be empirically bad.

If the public had known that FDR's wife was a lesbian would they have had confidence in him? And what is that indicative of?  That isn't a marriage based on love is it!  It was a marriage based solely on money!!!  That was a turning point for the worse in United States History!

The worst thing that could ever happen in world history is if we got a political leader in the United States that was a sissified homosexual that liked it when other men kissed him; telling us we can't have guns!  But due to current diagnosis's and laws that is entirely possible!  And women voters greatly identify with such males because they do not pose a threat to their intelligence or lack of it.

In order to protect the United States Constitution from that risk to it, as every President is sworn in to protect it must do, it means that diagnosis and exclusion from serving in public office must happen.

And in order to protect the Constitution right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution we are also going to have to make other changes.  For example nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have the right to consume poison!  Far to the contrary the Constitution is meant to protect you from poison.  It is also meant to protect children from being born with birth defects related to poison such as fetal alcohol syndrome!  But it has never been addressed by a standing President.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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