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Friday, June 20, 2014

Gun Control is a Belief in Inequality 06 20 2014

Gun Control is a Belief in Inequality 06 20 2014

Inequality is not something we believe in in the United States of America!

To declare that someone should not get their gun back after they have served their sentence for a crime is to assert that they are unequal without addressing the cause of that inequality.

And the only reason someone would seek to prevent them would be if at some level they considered themselves to be in that same boat of inequality!  Hence the accusation of inequality of others hides ones own inequality!  Again it provides a human shield to the born and raised coward!  It is sometimes referred to as posturing or leveling?

So if you are going to have to declare the felon defacto unequal by not allowing them to have a gun post punishment then a responsible man would say that you have to truly address the cause of that inequality in order to prevent further crimes!  But if you believe they are unequal it also means that you believe that they can never be reformed no matter how long their prison sentence!  So to free them is a projection of self pity?  What kind of pity is that?  You are identifying with the criminal as being unequal!

So again what is the accurate cause of that inequality?  And that is in the article that I wrote and published here titled, "Societies most feared question."

And what do the unequal need in society so that they are not eliminated through natural selection?  A scapegoat!  And who would that be?  What type of person would you point to as a scapegoat?   Who do you blame for your own problems and limitations?

That is like a woman's point of view.  They will be okay in society if they are just not allowed to have a gun?  That isn't true!  It is wishful thinking.  If you believe that they will be safe in society if they do not have a gun do you also believe that you are a safer person in society if you yourself were prevented from having a gun?  Then you should have made that personal choice early in life and also never joined the police force or criminal justice system.

It is disassociated reasoning isn't which means that you don't have human reason!  Dissociated reasoning means that you cannot truly attribute effect from its cause!  Material things do not commit the action!  It might be a little more complicated than your mind can figure out!  Hence the degradation to wishful thinking!

We believe that all men are equal also means that we create the conditions precedent in the United States that all men are equal.  Now if a male acts, behaves and thinks like a woman is he equal?  That isn't what the phrase is meant to imply by our founding fathers!  It states all men are created equal!  In fact they took that a step further from their experience with a Queens monarchy to never allow women to vote!  Like it or not it means just men and not homosexuals, women or lesbians who believe they are men!  They knew full well what kind of problems a belief in inequality by males, such as gun control,  causes!  They were readily able to accurately pair cause and effect.

Do I respect women?  Yes!  But again when you look at the great framework that the Founding Fathers put forth it was created in exclusion of them!  And what does the woman say of her criminal son?  Don't harm him.  Why?  Because she raised him to be that way and he is an extension of her and not his biological father!  And per her female point of view as if she was a man she raised him to be that criminal!

Do you know what the current state of the United States is today?  It is as if the most important 10% of every concept has been willfully and spitefully omitted!  That 10% omission lays the foundation for rule by the "inequality class"!

Now here are some of the dismissive mental constructs of the unequal:

"I'll just say this and it will be okay."  "It is just like painting a fence isn't it.  Just cover everything per your ability and you are done with the issue, and have done just a good job as anyone else ever could at it."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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You know what needs to happen here?  The people that say other people shouldn't own guns and the people that they say shouldn't own guns should get in a boat together and leave this country!

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