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Sunday, June 15, 2014

How many straight People look at Gay people and think 06 15 2014

How many straight People look at Gay people and think 06 15 2014

How many straight People look at Gay people and think I would never want to be that!

I could never be that!

I thank my lucky stars I am not that!

I am glad that I am not that!

We know that it is normal for a man and a woman to conceive a child so that is human normalcy.  Same sex couples cannot!  So that is one step less than normalcy!  It does not need to be legitimized as normal.  Human rights apply to those who have human reason and human conscience.  Humans procreate through heterosexual mating!

The standard to uphold here is that ...I am going to assert, most normal people look at a gay person and say I am glad I am not that!

A human conscience is like an inner voice that tells you what not to do!  It is defined by those who are heterosexual as is how normal procreation can only result.  Therefore the desire for homosexual mating is indicative of lacking that human conscience!

And I really have nothing against gays and lesbians.  However I would define sexual molestation as the desire to touch, fondle and abuse the sex organs of a same sex human being as being something that can only originate from a homosexual or a lesbian: even if the person committing those crimes against humanity denies that is what they are!  It falls into the same spectrum of defective or less than normal motivation!

Why do they push for the normacly of it?  If they are happy together then they do not need everyone else to know it?  Perhaps they are not happy together and want to widen the pool of potential lovers by a manipulating type of convincing as if the next new one will make them happy!  We already know that is typical homosexual behavior to have multiple sex partners!  Now I am going to tell you again that a straight man (normal heterosexual reproduction) abhors that idea!  It it filth, it is sloth, it is disgusting, it is deadly disease transmitting, it is perversion, it is feminized introversion, it is horrific dominance.

Aha here it is I flushed it out!  That gay man believes he will be able to find a much more happy partner for him if it is legitimized!

It is a spoiled rotten and manipulative belief system to me!

It is males minds imprinted by the 10% smaller female brain.

Even one crime of a homosexual parent sexually molesting should have been enough to prevent them from being allowed to adopt!  (I think of Richard Hatch from the television show Survivor, who insisted on walking around naked!)  Did he believe that straight males on the set would see him naked and desire him if they saw his groin?  And that maybe a little rubbing of the shoulders and touching might help facilitate it? That is sickness!

Lets say your adult son is new to town and a charming man takes him in.  That charming man gives him a meal.  That charming man provides emotional support as if he is a father.  That charming man then is in the same bed.  That charming man is sodomizing your son.  Your son has been turned into a homosexual by a homosexual.

Lets say a man that takes an oath not to marry and becomes a Catholic Priests sexually molests your son and disfigures him so that your son believes he cannot have normal sexual relations as a man with a woman.  That sons mind has been warped by the trauma hasn't it!  That homosexual made a homosexual out of your son!  Your son didn't chose to be that way!  He did not go to school praying to be sexually harmed on that day.  In effect the homosexual has just prevented a normal human being from breeding more normal human beings!  What kind of mentality is that?  It is the mentality of the beast!  No normal man would want someone like that near his children or anyone else's children!

And what about the Tom Boy Lesbian who only wants a woman because in her minds eye men want her?

I don't think that the gay or lesbian even has the slightest mental capacity to understand and respect this point of view!

It is so spoiled that it can't understand why a straight man would never want to be them!  Does that come from having their minds imprinted by a woman?  Now there are many factors that lead to their development but every single one of those factors has been denied scientific inquiry or scientific legitimacy!   Any scientific evidence that supports the legitimacy of them is likely medical fraud, false reasoning and falsified documents!  And that research was indeed done by two English perverts Masters and Johnson!  None of it is credible! It is well scientifically well worded gobbledygook!

And they are very hard to argue with because their minds are intentionally closed; and that is a sign of a mental defect?  They do not argue like men they argue like women; emotionally, spiteful, insulting, vitriolic and mean.  As if they have their hands over their ears while you are talking to them!  As if they could read something and not comprehend it but instead view its origin as something to attack!  I have just established that the term neurosis applies to them haven't I!

"To gain further acceptance," really means to establish a larger pool of potential gay mates to attempt to find happiness with?  I will never accept you in that regard because I would never want to be you!  NEVER!  How can you make us accept that when we would never want to be you!  How can you make us legitimize you when, again those of us who are normal, would never want to be like you?

And sure some older women sympathize with the homosexual.  But when they watch two of them kissing on television they roar in laughter at the absurdity and grotesqueness of it and say, "I don't get that."  What am I getting at?  When normal women get a visual depiction of what it really means they too are abhorred from it in spite of how jealous they are with penis envy of the straight male sex and also in envy of the way that the straight male brain works!  I am getting at female envy of men as a means of propaganda that has promoted homosexuality as normalcy!  The female as being jealous of the man?  Men tend to forget that straight females need good straight men in their lives to complete them and support them in our ogre dominated world, hence the desire to see a man in a sense of normalcy as less than what they truly are and should be is a very powerful force! (against real men!)

A real man does not want to be kissed and mated by other males!  That is why we call you gays!  So that you are segregated and not considered normal! The human species is not a sexual spectrum species identity in normalcy!  You don't want to even be called gay do you?  And if you get your way it de-evolves to monkeys in trees doesn't it, where normalcy is everyone of them f@cking each other at any age and or sex!

And by and large when you look at a pair of homosexuals or listen to them undoubtedly you will notice there is something different about them.  Some of their faces look like the wax dripping Frenchmen Rh- blood-types I wrote about a while back.

And so happy to get married,  So happy to get married!"  That is how women think more-so than men, to that degree, or double degree!  This is the drive-set of a woman's mind!

Isn't that a complete delusion that they have with regard to reality and a delusion is a diagnostic criteria for mental illness.  Here is their delusion, "I am gay and I don't understand how anyone wouldn't want to be me!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 15 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Other notes:

A person's mind is transformed into delusion when the personal validity of truth and reality are too hard for them to accept?

The effeminate type can't understand why a (any) man wouldn't want to dominate them.  And the Butch type believes all males want to be dominated by them!  Neither of those beliefs are true!  Hence the suffer from delusion.  Does it come from a mother that acts like a pansy sex pot?  A candy brained mother?

What Masters and Johnson's contribution to society was, is a lot of psychology indoctrinated from a pair of screwed up brains!  So how do we preclude those who suffer from a delusions belief system from influencing our society with well paid for college degrees?

And as I remember that Survivor series where Richard Hatch insisted on walking around naked I think what if that old military guy had said to him, "Put your pants back on or I beat the pulp out of you?"  That would be hate speech today wouldn't it?  But that utterance might have saved one boy from sexual abuse; Homosexual Richard Hatches readily adopted son!

Another delusional belief system is that a Corporation is a person.  Anyone who believes in that needs to have their college degrees rescinded!  

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