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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guns and Farming 06 11 2014

Guns and Farming  06 11 2014

You will be amazed at how uniteligent the gun control advocates are after I explain this to you.  And I am speaking about the liberal minded types who might work in a new age shop or organic grocery store, etc.

It would seem to me that a lot of people have a goal of organic farming and produce and healthy living.  That same faction also does not believe in harming animals.

What you never realize is that if you had your own personal farm animals would compete for that produce!  The only way to rid your field of them would be to kill them.  The best way to do that is with a rifle.

You really want at fox running off with your chicken in its mouth?  Do you want a wolf or bear to saunter off with you child in its jowls?  I don't know what your doing here! You have no ability to conceptual cause and effect as it relates to the future!

Do you actually believe you can make friends with bear or wolf?  If so your mental developement has been greatly compromised.  And deer they look so sweat don't they?

Would you really want to eat a vegetable that a deer with Chronic Wasting Disease has slobbered on?

Impracticality comes from lack of intelligence!  Please stay out of our politics and don't shame the human race to extinction!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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