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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Law Enforcement isn't about 06 01 2014

Law Enforcement isn't about 06 01 2014

Law Enforcement isn't about allowing crime to flourish unabated (and therefore a participant and profiteer from it) and then having anyone who states you are a bad law enforcement agent involuntarily medicated.

Which brings up the next issue.  I have to wonder how many cases of financial fraud brought to the justice system have not been properly addressed by the police force.  It didn't use to be that way!  They had the competence to handle any sort of that matter.  But we had the greatest mortgage fraud in U.S. history (that means American citizens lost their homes due to crime) and yet their was no involvement by the police force to protect them.  In fact often when a mortgage goes bad it is the sheriff that arrives with guns to remove that person from the house under the fear of death.  Just the opposite of what should have happened with regard to mortgage (again means Americans homes) fraud. 

The networking function erodes democracy by the principle of, "If he blindly does what he is told he keeps his job.  And therefore not much intelligence is required to be hired."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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