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Sunday, June 1, 2014

On Firearm Ownership 06 01 2014 update #2

On Firearm Ownership 06 01 2014
Keep firearms out of the unauthorized, underaged and untrained.  I read that in an advertisement for gun safes.  It is a little misleading because proper training really takes a lifetime of common sense family values instilled upon you.
One thing about firearms is that are not something a minds a learner can just pickup and assume responsible ownership and use of.  In fact that is the worst thing that such an archetype of person can ever do!  Perhaps that is the reason we have the projection of that concept on the rest of us, at some level they know they are not responsible to own one.  And here I am making a distinction between those who learn in their minds eye and no they are not responsible to own one and those who learn in their minds eye and have never had their confidence in personal responsibility tested to know that they cannot own one.  The later is the danger to our Constitution and themselves!
It’s not a mind’s eye immediate learning thing.  And we have a great generation that believes in immediate gratification from mind’s eye gleaming?

It really comes from a learned lifetime of responsibility.  That is the middle class.  The rich neglect their children in favor of escapism rewards of recreational drug use and the poor spend all their money on cheap booh’s to achieve the same effect with regard to their children.  But again the impetus for Gun Control comes from the upper class and the protective mother and ineffectual father!
The United States is about people who can roll up their sleeves and get things done!  In fact that was a key tenet in the founding of the United States at one of the colonies here.  A Mr. Smith declared to the aristocrats that if they did not chip in and work they did not eat!  Now the idea of what that means and personal capability has been distorted because again the wealth class neglects to raise their children themselves.  So it becomes the spoiled child speaking through the body of an adult at the podium.  A transference neurosis to the general American Public that never should be allowed to occur!
We can train an adult how to safely handle a gun.  But we can never train an adult who leapfrogged hierarchical human development through a purchased education to know the appropriate use of them.  Hence that wealth class projects that known realistic fear of ineptitude of themselves onto the rest of us!  And also as a matter of fear of losing wealth for fear of inability to be responsible for dangerous things.  Which makes me wonder why they ever had children.  Because that closed mind formed from a spoiled childhood becomes a very dangerous adult.  Okay so you believe that it is all just pie in the sky talk.  I can guarantee you that the leaders of foreign countries look for opportunities that such wealth class present them with; as if speaking for a population of the weak and easy pickens!  Do you see why gun control is the worst thing a politician can admit is needed in his country?  It makes us look like easy pickens to the predatory communist minded. And you won’t believe in that reality until it is blitzcraiging on us.

And a leader like that actually believes that those from foreign countries are no different than the rest of us.  Well yeah they are!  A lot of their customs create an entirely different mindset.  They might not be any different than that leader who is overstepping his authority and actually breaching the supreme law of the land.  But they are far different than a true American!

War is probably the best example of the wealthy falling victim to the principle of "There is no honor among thieves."

A candy a$$ed yuppie buys one as an adult and then believes in wonderment that a lifetime of candy a$$ed knowledge apply to the ownership and politics (which should be nonexistent) of owning one.  And then what happens the issue becomes even more screwed up because illegal aliens do not belong in the United States.  So to say that they do, when many own guns and commit crimes makes the statistics of violence greater than they are?  And who dragged them into the United States?  Bush Clinton and even Reagen to the benefit of cheap labor for the voyeur California class.   So they make their big money from the movie and television people (glamorizing violence for money) and then their family members steal and commit crimes against the rest of us!  And then it is those same actors and actresses that become outspoken supporters of gun control like Ronald Reagan.  Do you see why he never should have been President?

And then the next favorite thing of the wealth class is to state that the lower classes shouldn't own guns.  Well we are far different than you and please don't speak for the rest of us and apply your pursed lip mentality to the American public.  Why?  Because it incites civil unrest for a lesser mentality race (upper class) to dictate with regard to matters of dangerous items like tools!  And a gun is a dangerous tool!  That person who is afraid of Gun ownership would be just as afraid or more if they had to use a table saw!  The point being is that men are formed through a hierarchy whereby they learn to use dangerous things!  Good God do you actually like political leaders who are inept in those basic male prerequisites?

And one more sticking point!  I don't think you should be required to lock the gun up in your home!  All that should be required is that a father tells his son no and the son listens!  That is how it was in my house.  We had a shotgun in the closet all through childhood and I knew not to look at it without my father showing me it.  Again its not for the candy a$$ed.  So in effect that should be the test in the United States everyone should be required to own one in their home.  If you don't like it leave!  The rest of us will breath a sigh of relief as the irresponsible have done the right thing and left us!  And there is the little 5417 kid who will lure you over to his home and then talk about how he knows where his father keeps the key to the gun cabinet.  At which point your son who is friends with him has to have the common sense to know (from that and other indicators and personal experience with that child) that kid can't be trusted to be his friend.  And it doesn't help when a mother believes her child should have friends no matter what the consequences of that bad kid are to her son.  It's like, no I don't want to go with those three wealthy homos to the whirlpool at the health club off of Silver Spring drive and then after watching them engage in gay behavior without participating get thrown out on thin ice of the Milwaukee River in an attempted drowning.  Anybody get it?

And I already know what candy A$$ed wants to say next.  That my life history is so disturbing to read that I should be put on medicine.  It isn't disturbing to me at all as a mature adult.  In fact the competent newsman should find  it informative and educational!  And that brings up the point how it is disturbing it is for some people to have to learn!  And that includes people that the public has been taught to believe are the wealthiest among us and therefore the smartest.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Gun control is the first step to putting you into the gas chamber.  It is like clearing the table of the liability of those believed in the purchase of your alcohol and made you wealthy from the purchase thereof with what amounts to the countries money and not yours!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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