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Thursday, June 5, 2014

What every punk should ask themselves before they cause trouble 06 05 2014

What every punk should ask themselves before they cause trouble 06 05 2014

Or rather you should think to ask them?

"There isn't anyone in this world that loves me or loved me that would miss me, if I cause trouble."

They never ask themselves that!  Why?  Because they don't love anyone!  If they loved just one single person in the world they would not take that risk that they are going to cause a crime that is going to abruptly end their life.

"No-one loved them."  "No one loved you?"  "No one ever loved you did they?"  "Not even your mother or father?"  "You aren't betraying the family honor of anyone by committing a crime."  "You have no legitimate father or mother you feel that you should honor?"  "No concept of right or wrong."  "No concept of pride from your own achievement."  "No concept of manhood by being learning to be independent and capable."

The concept of family to them is what they believe in.  It really means tribe and organized crime.  And they do not love one another per the reasons above.  So it isn't a family at all.  The concept of family to a feeble minded person is one of family supports crime!

"Nobody ever loved you did they."

And what is the point of this?  When you commit a crime you are likely to be killed while doing so.

"Nobody ever loved you did they."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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There wasn't anything unique and different about you that made you someone to love was there?  That is why you were not truly loved?  Nothing honest and brave about you was there!

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