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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Milwaukee Mental Health Complex 06 14 2014

Milwaukee Mental Health Complex 06 14 2014

If the CIA {Central Intelligence Agency} (and other High Level Government Buildings do too!!!!)can have lead lined shielding on all of its buildings in order to prevent them from being remotely influenced from microwave type weapons as they were by Communist Russians located a block away in the early 1970’s then so should every single mental health complex in the United States!  They did not put up that lead shielding for no reason!!!!!  And the reason was that they were being remotely influenced via directed microwave energy type weapons!!!!!
There could be no better and more cost effective place for a human being to heal from what is currently classified and mental illness than a facility that is shielded with lead against emf and other forms of radio spectrum wireless waves that do indeed effect (interfere, block, control) the electrical synapses of the human brain!
I also believe that externally shielding, in that manner, Mental Health complexes provides the greatest benefit to National Security that can be achieved!
All cell phones and portable electronic devices are to be left at the door and checked in.  In a separate shielded building with individual workspace use shielding they may be used.

No one has ever quantified the risk to the American Citizen that communist threat caused after it was discovered to exist at the highest levels of our Government!  And that is negligence at the highest levels of Government function!  Our Government is Captain of the Ship and hence it should take care of its Citizens first!

Could their soon be a new economic renaissance and boom in the United States as a result of initiatives like that?  Who would find that to be a threat?  What leader would find that a threat?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And one more point!!! Because the risk to the patient of violent death or other physical harm from unidentified causes is so high at a place like the Milwaukee Mental Health complex or even our prison system, I don't see how you can let someone be put in there without having some kind of personal defense!  True justice would be those who were repeat threats must be executed!  If the person is a threat to other inmates while in prison then they will always be a threat to the human population and must be executed.

One more point.  We see a lot of video cameras in taverns today.  What is the purpose to see who through the first punch and therefore is deemed guilty of causing violence?  The person to through the first punch often is not the guilty one!  Let me provide you an example.  You are a witness to a crime, you are sitting at a soda counter, a thug sits along side of you and whispers in your ear, "If you don't change your testimony I am going to rape molest and kill your family."  Now you throw the first punch, you are not the one that caused that violence in any shape or form!  In fact by your doing so you were enforcing justice!  Right?  Because you go on to testify in the proper and truthful manner after the criminal organization element has been dispatched; and that is how justice is preserved.  But that is not what goody two shoe's will show from the video monitor footage as convicting evidence against you!  And what kind of a nature is that that basks in the fact that it has got you to be guilty of a crime you did not commit?  What type of biped would enjoy that?  It is one that lives an entire life of crime isn't it!  Every waking and breathing moment!  In effect it blames the human being for its own lack of capability?  It views the human being as prey to use to form a basis for its life?

That and the power into the building should have an inline capacitor.

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