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Monday, June 9, 2014

The best treatment option for drug abuse victims 06 09 2014

The best treatment option for drug abuse victims 06 09 2014

Because people make money by giving and then selling addictive drugs to your children it doesn’t really mean they are their own victims does it.  Because there is money involved it means that they did not do that to themselves.  Somebody made money when it was done to them.  So just as a women who is a victim of domestic violence cannot be said to have “violented” herself a drug abuse victim can not be said to have done that to themselves rather they are drug abuse victims in the same connotation as a woman is a domestic violence abuse victim.
The person that abused them is the drug dealer who made money from the process of first giving to get them hooked and then charging them money for it.  Which brings up another point.  How many men treat a white women well and make them their girlfriend only in order to make a drug abuse victim and source of profit or career out of them as they then go to the next one.  The origin of where the drugs come’s from is the same and not the initial drug dealer.  So that initial drug dealer that floats from girl to girl getting them hooked would be called a what???  I don’t know if there is a term, but I think “Stinger” might be appropriate.
What are the treatment options for drug users?  Do they ever get better?  What is that cost of those treatment options for society?
I believe that a large portion of people who have drugs pushed on them have it done because the drug dealing occult wants to slow down that mind they are dependent to so the feeling is that they own the human being thinker.  And this nature of dependent minded person to human being can indeed be proven! Why hasn’t Barrack Obama done it yet?  If he ever really cared about those mass shooting victims like he claims to he would have!  And this brings up the counter side of the argument.  When that drug dealer can’t get your children hooked on drugs does he become a mass shooter of them?  That is why the nature of dependent mindedness needs to be scientifically proven and documented.
Do you know what they say about the kids who take the AR-15, modify it to full automatic and go on a shooting spree is?  That they are never happier in their lives then at that very moment!
In the future the least costly drug treatment option might be to give that drug abuse victim a fully automatic military type rifle and tell him/her to go Hog Wild on the drug dealer!
To give the reformed prostitute who was physically beaten to be one a fully automatic rifle and tell her to go Hog Wild on the pimp and yes, even the trick!  It is illegal and they are participants.  She might be called a Trick Hunter.
That would indeed be the most effective treatment option.
And I know what this might be said to be inciting.  But you know what else?  It is my belief!  And my freedom of speech protects me for the sole and express purpose of stating my belief!  For not to be able to express beliefs really means that you are not to have personal beliefs.  Isn’t that also the function of the drug dealer in our society?  To deny you not only personal beliefs but also the ability to have goals in life?  The drug gives immediate satisfaction and hence prevents you from attempting to realize the satisfaction from achievement.  Your pursuit of happiness has been violated!  The pursuit of happiness is Guaranteed to you in the Declaration of Independence (it arose from the War between the United States and England.)   (England, Great Britain, The UK…how many times does a leopard island adopt a new name in order to adopt a new identity that obscures the old one, those names all mean the same thing.)  Because it is a Pursuit of Happiness violation to your personal rights does it automatically mean it is being caused by England?  What does this mean in terms of England/ United States relations and foreign policy?
“Here Mary Apple Pie, this is a bullet proof suit.  In that building there they are producing the drugs that ruined your life and forced you into prostitution, “Go to it!”
Nobody writes fiction quite like I do.  There isn’t anything like that on the black listed American Market today.  So I give it to you here for free.
I don’t really think parents know when their children are first offered drugs to.  It follows a pattern!  They want to get them hooked very young, about the 5th grade or less!  Why?  Because it increases the chances that their life will be ruined for good!  Now I wouldn’t mind it if a father took that gun and raided a drug house with it either.  But we have never seen that happen.  And be honest with me American public, if you saw a story like that in the news wouldn’t it give you just the slightest sense of happiness?  Be true to your feelings.  Wouldn’t you really say AMEN! You wouldn’t do it but in your memory you would be proud or have sense of pride for the person who did it?  Okay so if the American public agrees that is what the justice should be based on that feeling, how come it isn’t?  It is a democracy where the real people are supposed to decide.
Now do you really want to know what would happen?  There would be a nationwide manhunt for that father and the people on television would say he had a history of mental illness.  When they caught him he would be locked up and medicated.  And the newscasters would present the article like he got what he deserved.  Not a single bit of evidence to the contrary would ever be known by the public.  His name would be mentioned in shame while billionaire members or beneficiaries of organized crime in the elite social circles get their own reality television show. 
Off topic.  Anyone ever watch that Hulk Hogan reality television show and say to themselves what a G@d D@mned womanly wuss that is?  What type of woman would think that is a manly man?  The way he whined to his wife like he was helpless and she was his spoiling mother…  Unbelievable isn’t it!  He and a great many like him are a relic from FDR's New Deal Eugenics program that attempted to address the issue of genetic down-mutation due to alcohol abuse.  Alcohol causes genetic mutations which means that it potentially causes every single form of cancer and birth defect that their ever was.   We cannot say that something that causes genetic mutation only does so selectively.  That is irresponsible science for profit which means it isn't science at all.  Now if you were a King of a Kingdom and knew that, would you allow it to happen?

There I did it again, I showed you my true ugly self.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 09 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

I am not a Law School Graduate.  However the CPA exam was 1/4 law when I took it and I passed it the first time I took it in 1991.  But that Declaration of Independence is such an important document that its provisions and EXACT WORDING should be directly in the United States Constitution. So maybe we need a Constitutional amendment that add it the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution?  To codify it in law.  We take it for granted that it is codified in law but it isn't?  Did the Federalists have a five fingered hand in that?  The amendment would stay these provisions to United States Law are what the Constitution was based on and hence interpretation of the Constitution is to be made in reference to the Declaration of Independence.  It absolutely amazes me how many people are writing books on Constitutional law without getting the spirit of that law correct as to the Declaration of Independence resulting from the Revolutionary war with England.  If we don't act soon all those papers are likely to be burned!!!!

Here is a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  You ought to read it!  There is more to it than you might realize.  Quite a few of the concepts in it are what they would label you paranoid and insane for and attempt to involuntarily medicate you for today; if you made accusations of.

As I read their accusations of the King of England I state, "Think of all the great things we could do in the United States today in the absence of drug dealers, pimps, organized crime and medical fraud!"

And what did that King that our Founding Fathers referred to in the Declaration of Independence?  That the greatest threat to his wealth of Kingdom was intelligent human beings that could think for themselves.  And they left to come to the United States to be able to think in Freedom!  And when they left he knew that the mind he was dependent to left with them!

And when you read about the Boston Tea Party.  The markup that Britian was taking on Tea to the United States 25% resembles the markup that organized crime is said to have on all textiles coming into the United States 10%.   But more specifically what is the markup of Gasoline coming into the United States from British Petroleum today.  No follow the logic on this one very closely.  The only costs to get the oil here are transportation costs and those amount to using the very same oil that you produce and sell to power your boats!!!  Do you get it?  There should be no difference in costs of gasoline into the United States today that costs us $4.00 a gallon compared to say 36 cents a gallon years ago!  The costs to transport it comes from the same FREE TAP!  The only good thing about high gas prices would be if solar energy had been adopted on every rooftop in order to prevent air and water pollution, but that has been prevented from happening for fear of losing money from gas and oil.  The Saudi Royal Family was educated in England.  And what about China?  They come over hear to study and go back to China to bilk the American Economy in every way possible.  What if we put an end to that?

And what does the Saudi Royal Family do with all that money?  They rape and sodomize American women who stay as guests.  Now those Arabs all look like Magog to me.  So I would have to ask what American woman would want to have a child with that?  Which brings up the next point, how many marriages in the United States are to Magog men, not out of love but for Magog money?  A marriage not out of love creates an illegitimate child.  And the son of a mariage like that can best be described as being a Fredrick Krugerrland.

That Wikipedia article mentions that the British freed the slaves of the masters that would help them in the Revolutionary War.  Why did they do that?  1. Because the slaves would not make goof fighters; beaten to docile. 2. They new that the North (in the next war)  where abolitionists would arise from wanted them freed and therefore the slaves would help the Colonist side?  The North found that slave labor made them economically uncompetitive in the Civil War?  I wonder what Americans would say if they knew that Corporations did not invent their own inventions or profit from their own ideas; but that they were stolen from minds demonized in the medical fraud of Schizophrenia?  The Revolutionary War and the Civil War might both be stated to have started from uncompetitive economic reasons?

My father grew up in Loyal Wisconsin.  Those loyal to the King were called Loyalists or Torries.  I wonder if that had anything to do with my grandmother (Isabel Murphy nee Roth) becoming sick around 40 and hearing voices?  So we do indeed see some basis for Confederacy in the North?  Also the medical fraud of schizophrenia.

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