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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prompting someone for that answer; two bad leaders hand in hand 06 18 2014

Prompting someone for that answer; two bad leaders hand in hand 06 18 2014
Leader #
1.       If a leader doesn’t care about whether we live or die in the future it means that they don’t like themselves today!
Because they don’t like themselves today, why are they a leader?
You should think you are the same as the norm but for some undeniable reason you know it isn’t true!  It is not something that other people made you believe it is something that you know!  For if it were true you would care about everyone's future.
2.        Television horror.  If that television star is an alcoholic or drug user so will be the family members that watch them!  That is the way that idolatry works; all faults are transferred!  Why was no-one concerned as to how they became that way?
Discussion section:
When you hear voices do you often feel it is like they are prompting you to provide an answer?
Prompting for what the issues is so that it can declare a solution is not needed and seem to be a hero or savior for that ability to express that initiative  doesn’t need to be commenced; that is exactly how (it) found a woman who would marry it!
You have to know the next important issue without prompting someone for that answer!
It would rather persecute the people who always knew it was a false authority than let the general people see it didn’t have any answers!  That is the true nature of innaccountablity. We can’t make it that easy for them!  It is like i told a family member that was arguing with me the other day, one doesn’t graduate with a degree in accounting and finance for missing small details (or large ones!)
That voice in your head is prompting you for answers?  Or prompting you for what issues you think there are so that it can make a mockery of them and seem to be the cool and popular one!  That is a fool telling us to follow it down a path isn’t it!
Sometimes when you think of the gestalt or aura of a person you are then able to write something that describes them; this may have been influenced by what i think about Mitt Romney and also the local news anchors in Milwaukee.  In other words when you have thoughts about people put them on paper.  Don’t be like the person that stated if you can’t say something bad about someone don’t say anything.  Why not?  Because if you take that attitude there will always be people who will be lifetime victims of hearing voices.  Instead be the person that believes if i hadn’t said something we would be in a lot worse shape!  It is your civic duty to express yourself and to shame those who would prompt you in order to portend your issues are laughable and weak persons concern!  They are not!  Just the opposite is true!  If you didn’t admonish that person no one else would!  In fact that is a sign that they were never admonished or properly disciplined in their life because their parents didn’t care about them!  So if their parents didn’t care about them, as evidenced by them resenting all concerns, then how can they be responsible leaders of the people!  Even though they have the positions of authority they do not have the authority!  What was granted to them was the authority to state that there aren’t any issues!  That is the nature of a coward?  To grant someone the authority to pose as a human shield; they love it when people don't like them!  (many managers will tell you that they know that is the exact reason they were hired!   Or rather to eke out those among us who have the right concerns the solution being to then demonize the person with the concerns as if that is the solution.  To compete not fairly but by eliminating others from competing.  That is a false win! Reverts back to sentence #3 in the archetype of a bad leader number 1 above!

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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Doesn’t anyone else have the belief that their writings or content thereof are plagiarized in high school and college essay assignment's?
And that concept of managers knowing they were hired because they liked it when people didn't like them flowed right through into government too didn't it!!!  It is called inciting civil unrest and it is listed in the constitution as an impeachable offense! So what does it really mean when you pair the corporation and the government together with that construct?  It means that the corporation really seeks to drain the money from the government create debt and bilk the taxpayer through the pass through provision!  That is why you see that bad management construct in both the corporation and government!  The corporate management knows without a shadow of a doubt they themselves lack the ability to create sustainable economic growth!  The fear being that government spends money that excludes them or their business from receiving and collecting money or rather they do not want the middle and lower class to compete for government money or new businesses to come along and compete with them for that money!  They put a puppet in place of Uncle Sam!  Somehow they granted themselves the belief system that government money is really their own; it isn't!  So we have to bring the straight edged ruler down very hard on the fingers of the upper class in terms of banking accountability! How many businesses did you have financed that went bankrupt?  You personally (your future family lineage) and your company are no longer allowed to lend!  How many businesses did you fund that created an untenable future environmental liability?
You personally (your future family lineage) and your company are no longer allowed to lend! What is the value of someones money if they are not allowed to lend it?

Does anyone feel that they have been willfully and falsely discredited with the labeling of mental illness in medical fraud so that someone else or their tribe could rise on the socioeconomic ladder? The symptoms being really and horrific but the source of those voices being consistent with the archetype of bad leadership?

Aha!  The implication is that the government is the source teet of all money because that is a projection belief system of those who cannot truly earn their own money!  It is true of the wealthy but not of the rest of us!  They believe the Government is the source of all money because they do not believe in themselves!  And it would be of extreme detriment to their egos to believe that citizens are actually smarter than them and can earn their own money and would be a greater benefit to the United States than they are!  They don't want that to happen!  If the only thing that supports your sense of self is money is money that you did not personally earn then you are highly motivated to believe that the Government money is really your own money and that you should control it!  It is a self serving belief system of those who are truly and vilely mentally defective! The next thing they then want to do to control the economy is raise prices on imports and get the American Consumer in debt so that he/she can not realize the American dream from applying their own skill set!  The idea of every individual in the United States not being prevented from applying their own complete skill sets is the greatest horror the beast of a person ever faces in life!

And with smaller Government there is less recognition of who is wrong or right or rather who is just plain wrong!  So that is also the goal of smaller government!  It is almost as if the mentally defective found a means to loot our Country of money and then shut down the function of Government at the same time!  One of the greatest crimes that has been committed in the United States is the abuse of our Freedom for profit!  They don't view freedom with respect to other people they view it is the opportunity to make money from other peoples lives!  That is a flaw in economic theory and capitalism that contradicts our Constitution!  And it did not always exist after the Constitution was written and signed it came about after FDR and WWII and the rise of the Corporation with limited liability that did not serve the best interest of democracy meaning freedom!  You are not free to divert labor from the United States to a foreign country that does not have our standard of living that comes from the Constitution- that makes the use of foreign labor by United States Corporations Unconstitutional!  Any money transfer from profits made in those foreign countries should never make it back to the United States and be converted to our Currency!  In other words you should be able to profit from doing that; which is in effect depriving an American from a right to work.  Hmm you can't find a job because I increased my personal coffers by having that work done in a country were marriages are based on money, where pills are made of ground babies, where the water and air is polluted beyond recognition, etc etc.  And yet these are the types of men that get great applause in colleges when they are visiting speakers!  They really believe in the conditions precedent of third world less developed countries so that too is where they should live!  But you really wouldn't want them to escape to go there because any threat to our freedom will always be a threat to our freedom and we don't want it to fester and grow and come back stronger at us!

In fact that is all we really see on television!  Disassociating problems from the real cause via distraction and redirection!  In other words not accurately pointing to the cause of a problem or pointing to a fraudulent cause! That is another sign of a coward among us isn't it!  In fact all of the above are the archetype of a coward are they not!
And what about the manager that likes to soak up hatred from employees?  How did a coward like that form?  They had an older brother laying on top of them every day fiddling about until the point they just stopped crying told themselves they should enjoy it?  They got buggered every single day so they enjoy it when a human being expresses a lesser concern and they can or get to say NO to THEM!  Why do I want to say that the South should be stripped of Statehood?
The most valid psychological construct is to ask yourself what did this person personally experience that would lead them to treat others that way and project that behavior on them!

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