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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jezebels’ Belief System 06 14 2014

Jezebels’ Belief System 06 14 2014

If you are a woman that hears voices the archetype of the following female is your greatest enemy.  She does not just seek to trick and dominate human males but finds an even greater source of empowerment by picking at and dominating human females.  Dominating and controlling human females is standard and her norm and it provides a baseline to her ego.
This is the archetype of a woman who defeated polytheism.
Jezebel likes to believe that when an adult male has the mind of a female that it is really to the level of him having the mind of a man!
This has allowed her to elevate her sense of importance in the world.
It is a complete delusion, she will also have other errors of “Reason” and this can easily be cognitively tested for and proved:
1.       The spoiled desire to defeat the human mind by talking to it directly, as if you were its origin and not a gleaner.
2.       The desire to control and limit its development because it is a threat to you.
3.       The delusion of dominant superiority over men because they came from a pregnant female; when the males brain is indeed 10% greater in size.
4.       The delusion that you are smarter than a sex whose brain is 10% larger; and the active desire to always prove that and also make it true.
5.       The denial of other human beings capacity for individual intelligence; as a projection of her own limitations.
6.       The horror of monotheism as human beings being dominated by those who are by comparison mentally retarded.
7.       The delusion of superiority fostered by unpunished abuse of the human soul, coupled with the shame and cowardliness of not admitting your defect!   Perhaps that aspect of cowardliness defines her best!
8.       Medical fraud created resultant to an unchallenged and cowardly projection of delusion of self in greatness.  The most egregious case of, “No-one will ever be able to catch me so it isn’t a crime.”
9.       Dominating human men through fear and a perverted sexual reward system and infantizing their emotions!  (with regard to her sons and husband(‘sJ)

All human progress and development greatly affects her sense of self which is derived from domination, hence she seeks to limit human progress and development as if it is taboo.  And her male sons although having a 10% greater brain size are never allowed to experience the freedom or liberty of what that means- expressions of that greater capacity are a direct threat to her self esteem.

Odd vocalizations and expressions of emotional outbursts of personal frustration designed to assert dominance through the fostering of sexual perversion.  (It is almost as if she was an animal in queue for a human soul to be delivered to her and wants to start over with a new one ejaculated?  That would be her motivation for creating  sexual interest in her and then making it unattainable.  Somehow her “Nose” as a mind is tuned into that?)

Off topic but meaningful with regard to this archetype.  Should a man have to pay alimony to a woman who had a child in order to create an annuity equivalent to limited prostitution and lifetime annuity from it?  In other words, she doesn’t care for those children like a human mother would, he sons won’t be raised to be men, nor will their minds ever be imprinted by a legitimate biological father;….should all children conceived as part of a night at a bar be deemed to have fetal alcohol syndrome (sometimes very hard to detect mental retardation with strong verbal manipulative ability lacking human reason and human conscience.)  and therefore be undeniably aborted?  Did she purchase alcohol or attend a bar in the past 9 months concurrent or after initial learning of pregnancy.  We need a national alcohol ID to ferret and figure this out.
Having a fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome son is HIGHLY CONSISTENT with her desire to achieve control of sense of self through domination and control of human beings.  It is her way of defeating the 10% larger brain size a human male would pose as a threat to her; learned both from life experience and the denial of personal gender Tom Boy desire to be a man.
And here is a key to defeating the beast that brought about the advent of monotheism; meaning only one man (per tribe?).
A woman of this archetype does not want you to have even a fantasy that conflicts with their empowered sense of self.  That fantasy of yours is more real to her no matter what it is because of monotheism and their minds origination from yours!  (Someone asked if anyone incorporates schizophrenia into their writing.  The entire Bible is exactly that!)  To support that fantasy notion Jesus Christ also stated that, even if you only have sex in your mind with her (fantasy) to her it is as if you actually did.  Now that has to come from both the 10% less brain size but also with a maintained less than ideal belief system supported by daily memory loss from daily alcohol consumption.  In other words she chooses to be that way and take it out on human beings!
So we must indeed make that reality of her believing you are giving her a terrible dream (the Procula assertion) a reality that we must actively implement!  In other words never hold back on your imagination!  No matter how much medicine that heathen child has stuffed in your gullet!  And always know imagination from reality yourself while you do it so it doesn’t boomerang back to you!
So here are some tips that allow polytheism to reemerge and also free those afflicted with schizophrenia to think freely again without the threat of the howlers and yelpers interjecting and drowning out your mind.  Here are some scenes that you can use to dis-empower them through the use of your human imagination.  (And human imagination is the hallmark of one’s ability to compare and therefore learn!)
1.        Seeing them as verbally and pragmatically incompetent. (No matter how much confidence they attempt to elicit to the contrary.)  Some of this stuff was used on you wasn’t it!!!
2.       Seeing in your imagination whereby they personally must identify with the waste that they created.
3.       Terrible dreams of parents and adults being subjected to control and domination by their Down’s Syndrome children.
4.       Dyslexia scenes where if their child could have read and comprehensively understood with the application of first person knowledge, their own lives, as parents, would not have been put in danger or they could have been saved.
(Don’t worry about religion or be ashamed by these thoughts of your imagination.  It is like showing the troglodytes in Socrates cave a moving pictures something that they can’t stand to look at! Amen!)  In terms of religion Jesus thought of people as SHEEP and in monotheism he could read the minds of his own Gods or sheep, witness him meeting the whore and the whore stating “He told me all that I am.”
Does my instruction set to you seem like it implies I am a great horror?  No!  It is the equivalent of the Ghost of Christmas future telling Ebenezer to shape up!
Consider yourself to be defeating the voyeur nature of the mentally retarded.  What is that?  Freedom of thought!  And that is THE GREATEST POTENTIAL FOR LITERARY HUMOR.
We can bring this down and create a New World Order! 
More scenes to create:
5.       People in positions of high levels of authority fired for incompetence and prevented from being in the public eye or influence again.
6.       Men and women resigning for guilt, shame and incompetence.
7.       Presumed great intellects decrying they are only capable of manual labor!
8.       Hospitals shutting their doors because Doctors admit they are not qualified to the standard of the Hippocratic Oath!
9.       Government officials resigning because they admit that their time in office of stonewalling has been detrimental to the needs of free human society.
10.   Imagery of the hateful terminally imploding rather than abusing human families.
11.   Child molesters, drug dealers and pimps surrendering their own lives from guilt and shame resultant from a free will that no health care worker of any discipline wants to attempt to treat and reform.  The nurse will state, “We will recommend and give you a prescription for these fast acting hospice alternative pills.”
12.   Well established comedians crying in shame as the false laughter and applause machines are turned off and they are rejected.
13.   Billionaires donating all their money to create high efficient solar energy electricity on every Americans rooftop!  (Illegible writing in next sentence.

(Is there anything wrong with saying A PRAYER that every criminal is brought to justice?  NO!)
14.   Owners of breweries no longer accepting grains and instead distilling glass bottled water.
15.   Use the following coping scene in your imagination. 
The chin and contorted brain stroked face of a lifetime whore writhing in anger as she cannot form her own thoughts and ideas and therefore seeks to dominate and control those who can!!!
And one more final point!!! If you think that you have it bad by hearing voices imagine how awful it would be to be the henpecked son of such a woman as that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published o 06 14 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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